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Lady Alessia Mazetti

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Fierce yet lovely
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 29
Birthday: 9/01
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Glaivedancer
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Amber
Skintone: Bronze

Titles: The Glaivedancer of Ostria, Crazy Cat Lady of Arx, Disciple of Gloria

Description: Lustrous, dark brown hair cascading in waves frames a face which possess eyes that gleam like that of a serpent. It's not hard to imagine how prey feels when trapped within their beguiling gaze, beneath long lashes and perfectly shaped brows. Her smooth skin is often a sun-kissed bronze with a rosy tint owed to many years growing up under the Ostrian sun. Her frame is supple, and she moves with a near effortless feminine grace. Alessia is indeed lovely to behold, but it's clear that to get too close is not without its danger. It is, as no few men have said, only too easy to lose oneself to her wiles and the curve of her lips when she smiles.

Personality: Silk over steel. As tired as the trope may be, and Alessia admits that it is tired, it is nevertheless an appropriate descriptor. Rather than immediately meet opposition with brute force, she prefers to win both friends and enemies over with her charisma, subtle wit, and cultured Lycene refinement. That said, there comes a time when none of those things are the right tool to reach for...

Background: For Alessia, one of her happiest days came at thirteen. A precocious child, Alessia had always known she was destined for great things. Becoming a glaivedancer was just the first step on that path. The years of training required, however, tempered that youthful pride with instruction that shaped core virtues rather than simply training the body in the ways of a warrior. Today, Alessia knows that greatness doesn't come without hard work and dedication - whether in the field, or in the court of politics.

There have been setbacks, of course, such as that time when her scheme to win favor with a particular lord fell into disarray when he discovered she had been seducing his son as well. She admits that it was poorly done, but surely the man should have known not to conflate business with pleasure. Then there was the time Vitalis asked Dianna to travel with him into that Shav-infested valley and didn't ask her...but they have agreed not to talk about that any more.

These days, Alessia has set her sights on Arx. With a few of the Mazetti doing the unprecedented and leaving their beloved Walled City on the Sea, she has made sure that her uncle includes her name in that number. After all, they couldn't possibly get by without her.

Relationship Summary

  • Lianne - Drawn by mutual interests.

  • Family:
  • Theron - Cousin, the hair of Ostria.
  • Antea - Cousin, as stalwart as they come.
  • Marzio - Cousin, cavalry-man.
  • Braith - In time we'll grow to be sisters.
  • Cambria - Duchess, My faith knows no bounds.
  • Hadrian - Duke-Consort, As good as blood.
  • Miranda - Fellow cat-person.
  • Strozza - Cousin, big-boat man.

  • Patron:
  • Roxana - I am truly grateful for her highness' generosity.

  • Sibling:
  • Valerio - My dear uncle, always missed.
  • Driskell - What happened?
  • Giulio - I owe so much to you.
  • Dianna - I don't know where you went but I'll always love you.

  • Friend:
  • Mabelle - As sweet as she looks and so much more.
  • Valdemar - His company is always a pleasure.
  • Anisha - Soothing words, comforting presence.
  • Sebastian - It's hard to feel lonely, with him around.
  • Porter - Consistently delightful company.
  • Preston - A worthy ally, devoted to his calling, and a great friend.
  • Tyche - Sometimes I wonder if we share a soul.
  • Auda - Astounding alchemist.

  • Crownlands:
  • Mayir - Not one to underestimate.
  • Magpie - Some friendships are hard to predict.
  • Nash - Worth the risk.

  • Rival:
  • Sydney - I don't know whether to thank her or detest her.

  • Frenemy:
  • Donatello - Oh, how we all change.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana I look forward to seeing what other liquors of my lands she will enjoy and seeing what else we may have in common besides out love for 'sweet freedom'
    Adalyn Poised and refined in social situations, fierce and focused on the fighting grounds. Likely a good ally in either setting.
    Aedin A true beauty, sharp as diamonds, soft as velvet-sheathed steel.
    Aethan Lady Dianna's twin. Similar in looks, of course -- as for manner, that remains to be seen.
    Agostino A fellow protege of Princess Roxana, she is a charming one, for all that she seems like she could be dangerous if provoked.
    Aindre A self-professed enabler. At least the Lady Alessia Mazetti is honest about her inclination toward helping those around her become their most troublesome selves. It's probably worse then that she's lovelier even than the ways one might imagine after hearing tales of southern women. Cautionary tales, I'm beginning to think.
    Ajax A proper lady, a joy to interact with. I do look forward to our next interaction.
    Alarissa I have yet to meet a Mazetti that I don't like and this one is no different. An aspiring scholar, I shall have to drag her onto the ships with us when Thrax sends them out.
    Alecstazi Cousin, glaivedancer. In her I see the ghost of my mother, and while there is pain there, it is a comfort to see the memories as well. On her own she is bright, playful and it warms me to see her.
    Alessandro A Lady of House Mazetti, and quite lovely. I was very happy to meet her at my wedding.
    Alexio Unlike her DEVIL of a sister...she seems rather nice. Kind, understanding and so very considerate. It's ridiculous they look so much alike when they are evidently /nothing/ alike. She seems safe to be around...I think. Who can be sure?
    Alexis Lady Alessia strikes me as carefully restrained. I wonder what makes her unleash her power. I feel pity for those that become the target of it.
    Alrec The glaive is a divine weapon and fighting her felt religious. What an experience. I need a lot of drink.
    Amantha The only one to brave my invention of rum and cider. So I like her by default.
    Amari Very pleasant to speak with and skilled with a glaive, which I wouldn't have expected. She made it all look so effortless and fun. If only I were half as graceful.
    Anisha The second Mazetti Twin is every bit as formidable as the first. Or is Lady Alessia the first? Either way, I adore her - the way she thinks and the way she talks. I suspect we could get lost for hours exploring the shadowy corners of our mutual discipleship...
    Antea Cousin. She is someone I would trust to have at my back.
    Apollo She seems sharp and kind all at once. A Mazetti trait, or her own? I like her.
    Appolonia Alessia reminds me of the Lyceum in all its beauty and mystique, and also of what we may have lost a little bit of. Nevertheless, you always miss what you don't have, even if "having" is a numinous sort of idea.
    Arcadia I'm unsure of her still after meeting her a handful of times. She is certainly one of the most lycene women I've ever met. I am never sure if she is complimenting me or insulting. I suppose time will tell.
    Arianna She possesses a certain decorum you don't see often in the Lyceum. Or she is very, very good at throwing shade and I just would never be able to tell. In any case I respect this woman for that and appreciate her presence in a room. She is one I don't have to /tolerate/.
    Artur The fierce Mazzeti with the lovely smile and strong grip. She bested me in arm-wrestling, but I find myself wondering what other strengths she may have. Perhaps I will find the courage to ask her such.
    Ashur She appears a lovely lady, but at a closer look, I believe she may be lethal indeed.
    Aslaug Elegance and beauty - not to mention a stunning marmot coat - is what comes to mind with this Mazetti Lady. She is darkness - the shadow so lovely that you do not know if it is real or not. Dark hair with eyes of amber, she is that which makes one weep. Moved by her presence alone, one could believe she is the muse of all muses. Artists cannot fathom the art they would create as they are too stunned to look away, so moved are they by her.
    Astyr As courteous as you'd expect from a noblewoman, and loyal to those she knows, it seems.
    Aswin The Mazetti Lady seems to be a thoughtful sort, which certainly speaks positively of her. She does not seem like one to underestimate, even if I have not seen her fight yet. I would imagine that she has more martial talent than it may first appear.
    Auda Maybe one day, I can be as amazing as she is!
    Behtuk There are two types of noble Arvani. Those that come with questions. Those that come with swords. Neither are easy to avoid, but I much prefer the former. The Lady is much preferable to the sword.
    Belladonna So beautiful and graceful, she must be a warrior without parallel. I am quite intriqued about these glaivedancers, and I am sure I will learn more about them from Lady Mazetti.
    Berenice It's too bad I have to hate her.
    Bhandn I enjoyed our time spent conversing, particularly her insights on foreign trade. I had not really considered the point about competing goods.
    Bianca Inquisitive and curious, as all that follow the teachings of the Thirteenth ought to be. She seems to know quite a lot about the world around us and is able to make precise points during conversation, I enjoy talking with people like her.
    Bianca It's heartening to see Alessia is well. It's been too long since we last had a chance for spirited conversation.
    Blacktongue Attentive and Clever, and expensive taste in fragrance.
    Braelynn Beautiful, well connected Lady. She seems sweet.
    Braith Alessia is multitalented as I have found out. Impressive in every way. I look forward to having a chance to make music with her.
    Brigida She seems a pleasant enough young Lady and I'd wager that there is more to her than the usual empty headedness too many seem to have.
    Cabrera Training hard when I met her and remained focused on that. I would be careful to disrupt her from that
    Cahal I remember two things. That perfume and her amazing armwrestling skills.
    Calandra What a beautiful fighter! From the stands, it seemed like a dance, deadly and graceful.
    Calista Ever so lovely, she has a wonderful eye for fashion and is exquisitely charismatic.
    Calla Met her by chance on the beach. Ooops, I totally forgot to ask her house name!
    Calypso There's a line a person crosses when they spend enough time drink where they go from a riot of fun to not much fun at all. It's not my business what's driven her across that line, but something has.
    Cambria Beautiful as well as deadly, not to mention keenly intelligent. Not just a kindred spirit, but like a sister to me. I am so glad she is here in Arx.
    Caspian She seems like an alright sort. I like her.
    Cassandra Someone with a fondness of cats. But she seems to have very good connections and each time I have been in her company, it has been pleasant.
    Catalana The quieter of the Mazetti sisters. Smart and sharp and kind. I appreciate her company
    Celeste Lady Alessia is why I enjoy going to the Cathedral from time to time. She makes an excellent example of the quiet and pleasurable conversation you can find to distract from your own thoughts.
    Col A charming and knowledgable young woman. Very helpful in coming up with ideas for ideas in order to make Steelhart be a more well known House in Arx and the Compact as a whole. I look forwards to further encounters.
    Coraline A truly charming lady and one who is delightful company, I look forward to many happy returns.
    Cornelius I would think her quite clever and knowledgeable did she not speak of the Gods in such a personal manner. Everyone knows they are naught but ideas.
    Corrigan Took 'being noble' as a compliment, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant that way. So far, so Silk.
    Cristoph A friend of my cousin Mabelle, I can see how they get along so well. Patiently set through the surprise promotion of one of my other cousins right in the midst of our coffee break. I appreciate anyone who can help me name a new position for the army.
    Cullen Quite the interesting and beautiful woman possessed of a grace and confidence that speaks of a warrior beneath her elegance and charm. Also had the bravery to go ice skating with me, a dangerous activity to take part in!
    Damiana She is as her house's namesake, a guardian. Her ability to convey her beliefs and code show that she has grown since embracing it while still being able to use her background to question. Honor transcends all sides, and she is truly a knight.
    Damik We owe her our life! Still curious about the manner we were saved, however.
    Dante Well-spoken and doesn't act foolish. Has a healthy appreciation for poison pools and felines. I ought to know her better, the Mazettis are fine people.
    Delia Confident, calm and proud. The very example of noble poise and beauty.
    Delilah Delightful, a charming woman in full command of courteous wit and stories to share.
    Dianna You are a wonder to me still.
    Dimitri An absolutely charming Lady, which is not surprising, considering her heritage. Confident, friendly, personable. I do look forward to crossing paths with her again.
    Domonico A glaivedancer and one with the right idea to training, especially regarding suitable attire. I hope to train against her with that weapon soon!
    Drake A woman of social grace. And a charmer... much like her sister. I have to begin the difficult task of deciding which I like more...
    Drusila Glaivedancer, mirrormask and absolutely charming. I'm still eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch her in motion.
    Dycard Graceful and elegant, softly spoken and charming. A typical cultured noblewoman, and yet - there's a certain edge to her I can't quite put my finger on. One to be careful around.
    Ember A charming woman, very free with her flattery, but keen to understand the issues we face as times change around us. I approve.
    Emilia A very pleasant person to talk to. She is an attentive and encouraging listener.
    Emily The Mazetti lady has a keen mind and adept at conversation. I can see she will be a good one to know in the coming years.
    Eshra Pleasant enough lady with an open curiousity. There is nothing wrong with curiousity.
    Esme She is like her sister on their mischief (which I love) but completely her own person. I am excited to get to know her more. Now to get her to help with my clothing.
    Evangeline The lighter version of her sister, but no less beautiful and refined.
    Evaristo She's certainlly equipped to be in the Lowers and got that dangerous air about her. I like it!
    Ezra Lady Gown? Lady Hydra? Whatever I should use to remember her by, she appears slightly more laid back than many of the nobles in the city. This could be one of two reasons that I can think of, either she's more the type who's naturally relaxed around people or she's the type who gets people to reveal information by getting them relaxed. Somehow neither of these really seems to fit her though so there is likely a third reason that fits her. She appears to be nice company.
    Faruq I have not the words to properly convey the effect this one has on me. She doesn't even need to speak, but when she does, it is... I haven't the words. Her eyes steal them from me.
    Faye An interesting woman to talk to, even if our conversation seems more for turning over points rather than reaching a conclusion. Still, her points are thought-provoking, and I could see myself going to her for advice sometime.
    Fecundo Intruiging discussions around weddings and arranged marriages. Love versus duty, courting and other interesting topics over a drink at the Ambassador Salon
    Fiora A militaristic minded Mazetti. We would probably get along if we ever talked. But I probably won't ever talk to her. Oh well!
    Flavien She saw the very in depth process of me becoming Admiral. I will have to find an occasion to see similar looks cross her face.
    Gabriella She is calm and inquisitive and full of her own, unseen depths that makes one wish to look deeper. A true pleasure to converse with; and I have always held a fascination with the glaivedancers of House Mazetti.
    Galatea Minister of Efficiency. It sounds like a job that would make me tear my hair out with boredom. At least Alessia herself is nice enough. And not bad-looking, either!
    Galen Mild, pleasant - A joy to share a drink with.
    Gaspar Stunning, of course. But she took to an instrument like nothing I've experienced in some time. A true treasure in the city. Perhaps we will actually speak next time.
    Gaspard A knowledgeable lady who seems open minded about trying new things and visiting interesting places.
    Gawain A very classy and elegant Lady. Surely a woman whose grace was a natural gift.
    Giada A former mirrormask. I like the way that she questions.
    Gianna I always like silk over steel.
    Giulio She's stood by my side and there is so much more to learn. Whatever else I might feel... she's blood. And there are dark truths here... let us find a better world.
    Gwenna An exceptional noblewoman who is both polite as well as fierce. It is obvious she is finely trained in the martial arts, and yet there is an elegance in the way she holds herself.
    Haakon Runs like the bloody wind, even in a rich gown and heeled boots. Smells like a basket of flowers got drunk and fucked, though.
    Hadrian After all this time, I'm still not sure which one is the better twin. Alessia or Dianna?
    Hamish All of the grace and wit I'd expect from her, given her sister, though somewhat more restrained, I think.
    Harlex A young woman from Ostria. She has a quietness about her and some tragedy. As ever, few who take up blades are spared life's great shadow.
    Herbert Astute. It's challenging to ever hide secrets from the sharp witted Lady Alessia Mazetti.
    Hickson A witty, charming Lady of House Mazetti, who seems comfortable among those born high and low.
    Ian Dianna's sister.
    Ignacio A beautiful young woman whom is noble and composed. No doubt she is as deadly as she is beautiful with that glaive of her's.
    Iliana Likes seats by the fire; dislikes mud; probably can't stand cold, wet rain... her affinity for felines seems like more than just a preference.
    Ilira Warmth, refinement, and smiles over steel.
    Ingvar One of the mysterious and deadly glaivedancers of Ostria. Beautiful and charming as well. Clearly not all of the best features are hidden behind the walls.
    Iroh A kind and intelligent woman. Apparently a lover of liquor rather than tea, something we will have to change in the future, I also notice that many consider her to be rather beautiful: a trait I happen to agree with. Nevertheless, I have a feeling there is much more than meets the eye with her, yet I wonder if I will ever discover it.
    Iseulet A beautiful and pleasant conversationalist! I can't wait to get to know her a bit better in the future.
    Jasper Surprisingly quick and sharp with that glaive, a battle well-won by a worthy foe.
    Jeffeth A very lovely lady. The glaivedancer, it was a delight getting to meet her, but I have not seen her in the city in quite sometime. I hope she is well!
    Jordan Mysterious Lycene lady from Lord Giulio's house. I heard she dances with glaives. I wonder how that looks like.
    Jules You like the lady, her sister scares you. You're glad she's not upset with you and you'd be glad to speak with her again.
    Julian Quite stunning and cunning. Even if she likes to tease me already. One could point to her if anyone needs proof why Southern women are the best.
    Jyri That's some gown, even I notice. Likes cats, a lot - almost felt bad she didn't win that painting.
    Korka Sister of a glaivedancer and apparently one herself. I wonder how much practice a person actually gets with such a thing.
    Kritr Another Mazetti, just as kind and considerate as the last one. I doubt she'd want to visit the Everwinter, but she listens to stories about it with interest.
    Kutazer A fantastic companion and someone who enjoys my stories, I hope one day she gets to see more of Arvum and beyond.
    Lianne A rare and genuine delight. Our first proper conversation improved my mood markedly, and I am entirely grateful.
    Liara Polite, possessed of a fine grasp of proper etiquette, and easy to chat with. Dresses well, too.
    Lorenzo A charming woman, intresting to talk to. She seems kind and friendly, which is always nice to find in a new friend.
    Lou I have had the chance to speak to Lady Alessia several times. She has always been inquisitive and never afraid to ask questions.
    Luca This one is preceded by the stories of herself and her twin sister. Glaivedancing, a curious art. It would be a lie to say I did not wish to test her on the field of battle. You never know where you might find a challenge. Then again, having spoken with the woman if just briefly, I think we might get along off the field of battle as well.
    Lucene We keep meeting each other in passing. A woman with excellent taste in liquor and she has a pleasant air about her.
    Lucita Dianna's sister, a glaivedancer. Amicable, holds up her side of a conversation well and is fun to talk with. I hope we will become friends just as Dianna and I are.
    Mabelle Not afraid to get her hands messy! I like her already!
    Macda She's an enabler. She said so herself. I'm positive I'd be happily able to do anything she chose to enable me for! I bet she could make mucking out stables sound fun. Silver tongue.
    Martino Recently met the well dressed, but also polearm trained, Lady. Well, let's not get on the wrong end of that
    Marvella It is so wonderful to see my dear cousin again, but it would have been even more wonderful if she hadn't been the bearer of bad news. Still, someone has to do it.
    Marzio Always a fun cousin to spend some time with. Whether that be drinking or just hanging around in a social occasion. She is certainly one of my favorites.
    Mason A kind, friendly woman that is pleasant conversation. She seems to have a willingness to learn, listen, and change her opinions accordingly. A powerful skill that not many have. It will serve her well.
    Medeia Some might sneer at ambition, but I find it admirable. The lady is quite admirable - and fierce, strong, courageous, insightful. Sit a spell and indulge in conversation with her. You won't regret it.
    Meesha A quite amicable and engaging silk; a fellow performer, though on another field -she claims to be a glaive dancer! I'll be looking forward to seeing her perform.
    Melody Equal parts charming and playful, a woman with an eye for fashion and a a noble who is rather easy to talk to.
    Merek A woman with knowledge of things, mysterious, likes kitties!
    Miella She has a great sense of humor and holds her own in conversations with the King, something I am in awe of at this point!
    Miella Very charming and hopefully a potential customer as business expands. I could totally believe she'd smell great in leather.
    Mikani If you are interested in a fascinating story, look no further.
    Miranda She came carrying whiskey. Nuf said.
    Mirari Oh she's a clever, crafty one. I like her. I hope to get to know her better in the future.
    Mirella Quick sharp blade, from what I've heard. Quick sharp mind, from what I've seen. Pleasant company too.
    Mirk Out of her element, here, but armed and ready to unconfront the unknown and the unfamiliar. It's something I can respect, even in a Lycene noblewoman.
    Monique Co-conspirator in party coercing, with a level head. Good ally to have.
    Mydas An interesting meeting at the Queensrest Inn, Lady Alessia Mazetti will no doubt see her name grow in future months. I'd be shocked if her abilities did not gather future acclaim.
    Narcissa All of the Lyceum dances, all of the Lyceum smiles. At least she has a way of making that curl of lips her own.
    Nash Faster than I expected. One to watch.
    Nijah Beautiful and with kind words, she offered comfort to Rowenova, and myself even. Seems a kind soul.
    Niklas Another delightful Mazetti. Friendly and clever, though I hear she's something of a whirlwind with her glaive.
    Niklas A fine companion for an evening of drinking and chat. One day I'll have to see her fight.
    Nina A noblewoman who seems quite popular and well-traveled. It's brave to come all the way out to a Lowers party and join we commoners in an obstacle course!
    Noah This one. This one I like. That could be good or bad.
    Norwood Her willingness to offer house Mazetti's aid to Lady Zoey Kennex is a mark in her favor.
    Nuala A capable southern sea eagle. I am too sensible to think she would not be a dangerous combatant on the field with that quick wit.
    Orelia To understand what makes a good story is to understand human nature, and to understand that puts you ahead of the curve.
    Orland I was expecting more barriers to my questions. Sometimes, learning, comes with finding the right people willing to teach. If she is one that I can further learn from, undoubtedly yes. At the very least, she was not offended by my directness.
    Orrin She's got quite a sturdy constitution - I might not have guessed it to look at her, there are men twice her size who can't stomach Rocky Coast.
    Otto Very friendly to a simple smith like me. Nice to know that some of the Highborns can be down to earth.
    Petal She seems very kind and is willing to talk to others. I think she has an empathy
    Piccola The Lady of House Mazetti whom I have met several times, yet until today I had not known we shared one love in common: that of cats. For this alone, she holds favor with me; for everything else, more so.
    Porter Porter can definitely maybe get Ian to sing someday somehow. Or not. Anyway, Alessia is a friendly face that Porter has met a few times over now across the city.
    Preston One of the Lycene - but one who seems to value and respect our differences, not wish to argue for supremacy of either. Clearly of value to the Faith.
    Quenia Another delightful member of the Mazetti family that I've had the chance to meet. I certainly hope we get to talk further sometime soon, either in a dinner or another engagement.
    Quintin I'll admit to being curious as to what glaivedancing entails.
    Raimon A friendly enough Lady. Charming.
    Ras She's funny and it seems like she knows what she's talking about. There's uh... an elegance, about her. But it's not the easily breakable sort.
    Raymesin A Lady I encountered down in the Lower Boroughs. At least she had the wit to bring some guards.
    Reese A welcoming and charming Lady
    Reigna A graceful and well comported young lady of the Mazetti. She possesses their easy charm and her grace brings to mind a spirit of the wind, so easy and flowing are her movements.
    Renata A clever woman, I feel. I'd like to speak more with her should our paths cross again.
    Revell I've lost track of how many times I've met her in passing at this point, but she seems friendly. She is absolutely nothing like her sister, though, which I find fascinating.
    Roran We share a love of cats, and it was a delightful meet.
    Rosalie She's seems well-spoken and kind, and has a curiosity for at least some subjects, which is always good. I would love to speak with her more.
    Rosalind A lycene. A possibly friendly one? Maybe! She seems nice, so we will see!
    Roxana So friendly and welcoming, even with strangers. Polite and mirthful all at once, the best kinds of guests at parties.
    Rysen A skilled and resilient glaivedancer in whom courage and strength burn brightly.
    Sabella She seems utterly delightful and I am glad that she was able to come to the wedding! That she is interested in Niklas' play just means she has amazing taste, which I already knew from her clothing and choice of seamstress. I would definitely like to get to know her more, I think we could be great friends!
    Samira She holds to her own opinions and ideas, not just those she's expected to cling to. I can appreciate that. Seems able to withstand scrutiny too, didn't get overly upset when I was critical.
    Samithel She seems a woman of many talents; it would not surprise me in the least if she is skilled with both the spear and the knife. And words, of course, but that seems a given.
    Santiago Lady Alessia Mazetti is the kind of beauty, poise, grace, and intelligence I expect of House Mazetti and Duchess Cambria. She engages socializing with the ease of an Ostrian breeze, but the hard knock of First Wall. It is a performance I could watch for hours.
    Savio Beautiful. Scary. I learned valuable information about which internal organs I don't really need though, and knowledge is power, right?
    Scipio A mirrormask that I crossed paths with recently and had a pleasant discussion regarding doctrine. She is certainly a smart one, and her views are interesting. Long conversations with her likely would not become a bore. With any luck we will have an excuse to have more.
    Sebastian A talented young woman, who is quite the dancer, and very convincing.
    Shard It's possible for us to interact without me losing my temper, that's an improvement over a whole lot of other people. More thoughtful than my initial impression.
    Sigurd A glaivedancer, which would be some sort of polearm usually, I am intrigued.
    Sirius An alarmingly precise, acute noblewoman with ease of speech. She's certainly more shrewd than she appears to be, for it's like a fox to hide its twelve other tails from its thirteenth.
    Sophie I should like to speak to her more fully one day. I can picture us being friends some day.
    Sparte A woman who enjoys literature, social events, and many of the same people I do.
    Sudara Intelligent, informative, and interesting - and with no cats in sight at all!
    Sunaia A Mazetti lady whose friendship with a commoner seemed rather one-sided - as she seemed to genuinely care.
    Svana Spunky, funny, and great fashion sense. I think that I will come to like her if we should get to spend more time together.
    Sven Greatest glaive dancer in Arx according to her cousin. I think her taste is subtle danger.
    Svoli I feel like this is what a Lady should be.
    Sydney Some ladies are afraid to get their hands dirty. This one came down to the cruddiest parts of the Lowers without even looking uncomfortable. Definitely more than a pretty face.
    Talwyn Learning the way of the musician to go along with their reputation as a glaivedancer. Dangerous, sweet, playful and smart. Wrapped all in one.
    Tanith A Mazetti! They do seem to find me these days. Sweet, but the chuckle says 'not too sweet'.
    Tatienne A disciple of the thirteenth, seemingly quite enthusiastic. It does feel a bit like she should take her own lessons to heart more, but self-reflection is hard even for the best of us, so I don't blame her for having her weak spots.
    Teireno She is kind, very thoughtful, and helpful. It was quite lovely meeting her.
    Tescelina Would for I sit a while longer on the beach, witness to the stars, am I then graced with the rising of the sun and its fire across the sea. This day dream for the dancer of glaives. How I shall hope it catch another glimpse.
    Thea Well---I think left together at our own game should relatively scared. This has been learned early on.
    Tomwell Ah-ha! I've found someone as intrigued by the complexities of the gods as I am. Or at least willing to indulge me. A most excellent theological pondering partner.
    Tynan I met Lady Alessia in the Salon and found her a charming conversationalist with insightful questions, and a good bit of humor. Our meeting was brief, but I certainly wouldn't mind making her acquaintance again and finding out more about her.
    Tyrus A curious soul at ease in a social setting that suddenly becomes academic. There are hidden depths to her that were not revealed in a first meeting, but perhaps the future ones shall shed further light.
    Valarian She looks both sexy and deadly, and graceful on top of it. And I've heard of those Ostrian ladies! Danger, beware!
    Valdemar My fellow Mirrormask's insight is something to admire, and her company a pleasure. It is a shame it took so long for me discover these things.
    Valenzo A very sweet and helpful noblewoman, who extended her aid without being asked! Y'see, not all of them are so bad!
    Vanora This Mazetti lady is polite and friendly, and I should hope to meet her again one day when I've more time to linger.
    Vasile The friendly face of House Mazetti, and someone who knows how to use her words quite well.
    Vayne She should be an excellent addition to the rolls of the Shrine of Tehom. It's always a great day to welcome someone into the Shrine who is passionate about the precepts of Tehom and wants to help others understand them as well.
    Vercyn They call her Glaivedancer, which hints at her martial abilities. Of course there is no opportunity to see her in action at a wedding reception, but perhaps I will have an opportunity to witness it soon.
    Verity I'm pleased that Lady Alessia continues to enjoy our shared pastime: trying to keep up with Princess Roxana's sense of fashion. We are united by challenging hemlines.
    Vitalis I am glad to be home, if not for the circumstance to see my cousin. I may call through her portait soon.
    Vittorio My initial impression was one of a quiet person, reserved. Underneath that, however, I have the impression of stories that have yet to be heard. As a bonus, she has a fine preference for white wines.
    Vittorio A beautiful woman who is a fighter. I'd let her practice on me anytime.
    Wash Flattering and well-spoken. Either a better breed of Lycene or a kinder one.
    Ysabel Oh my, it's like a mirror.
    Zara She's clever, charming, and excellent breakfast company. She's thoughtful in her approach to her faith, at least.
    Zebulon Sharp as a blade, she's going to break my heart.
    Zoey A warm and friendly adventurer.
    Zoya She knows quite a bit about well, things that apparently there are quite a bit to know about. Quite opinionated.
    Zyanya The roots of judgment go deep. It can be hard to draw them up again when the soil proves not fertile.