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Sir Corban Telmar

A ruler sits in comfort and safety, ordering his men to bleed in battle on his behalf. A leader takes the field to bleed with them.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Honorable Commander
Fealty: Crown
Family: Telmar
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 11/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: light brown
Eye Color: cerulean blue
Skintone: medium

Titles: First Captain of the King's Own

Description: Corban stands broad of shoulder with a warrior's muscled build, toned and built from years spent at practice for battle. He moves with a soldier's confident, easy gait, assured of every purposeful step and calculated movement. Light, colorful eyes glint brightly when the lord's features register happiness, and flash with electricity when anger overtakes his expression. He sports a smart, well-groomed goatee that covers his jaw, framing the man's handsome features pleasantly. He wears his hair longer on the top than the sides, brushed back loosely over the top of the Telmar's head.

Personality: A paragon of the Oathlanders' sense of nobility and honor, Lord Corban Telmar often gives the impression that he's seen much of the world and the people therein. An Oathlander knight through and through, he believes resolutely in the responsibility of the strong to defend the weak. The man approaches everything he does with an evident passion, whether it's leading men into the din of battle, or enjoying a a drink at the bar following a day of training. He's dependable, loyal, and brave. A soldier's soldier.

Background:     Born the second son of Lucas Telmar, Corban grew up the nephew of Duke Arn Telmar in the hostile, unwelcoming Duchy of the Telmarch. From an early age, Corban showed an affinity for martial skills, training alongside his cousins Ansel and Tobias, the two treated more like brothers than like cousins, given the common hardship that the three faced under the stern tutelage of the Duke Arn Telmar. After the passing of Lucas Telmar, Corban's mother decided to return to her family to assume a modest station as a deputy minister, leaving the young Telmar to be raised alongside his cousins by Duke Arn and the rest of the Telmars.

    As a young leader with the Telmarch army, Corban was already a favored captain of the Telmar armsmen, knowing the lord would always be the first sword rushing into the most dangerous frays. He quickly grew a reputation as one of the Telmarch's most capable military commanders, assuming increasing levels of responsibility within the powerful duchy, leading the forces of the Telmar and their vassals to break the shav hordes crashing against the Telmarch fortress walls.

    Now older, and with years of experience leading men into battle, Corban has come to the city to lend his sword to his family's assistance. With dark times on the horizon, he knows it may well be needed, and he plans to do fulfill his duty to his house.

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