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Prince Niklas Grayson

Life is a story. Write your own ending!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Wild-hearted Dreamer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 27
Birthday: 2/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: ash blonde
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: cream

Titles: Grayson Minister of Income, The Playwright, Legendary Playwright

Description: Fair hair falls in light waves around the chiseled sculpt of Niklas's face, with bangs that fall in a fluff across his high brow. His eyes are pale blue, a kind of crystalline bright, with a passionate warmth within the frame of his sootily thick eyelashes. He has high, broad cheekbones and a soft, bowed mouth. A touch of sun has warmed the milky fairness of his skin to a richer cream, beneath the ash crown of his gleaming fluffy hair. He is tall and slender, with a native breadth to a frame more inclined to stockiness that almost makes him appear unfinished.

Personality: Niklas is a restless, adventurous soul, with tremendous creative force within him to channel. Sometimes he flirts with becoming a Devotion of Limerance, because that is how much he finds that he loves writing. Yet sometimes they still fall short of encompassing the broad swath of dream that drives him. Generally warm and good-humored, he struggles sometimes with finding deeper meaning, yet the outlet of his creative work has made him more centered and confident, and there is a great deal of passion behind his use of imagination to create an engaged world. Niklas always wants to do, be and dream more than he does, but looks to the world with a kind of unfailing inner optimism even at his most irresolute.

Background: The heir and the spare is pretty traditional, so it was a relief to get a second son for Stormward. The coffers of the march were not unlimited as to his education, though. While his eldest son was educated on the mainland, his second son primarily had to make do with a series of tutors, particularly an adventuresome seraph, Wallis, who never 100% abandoned his House Ashford leanings, even if he was godsworn. Niklas grew up on tales of adventure and excitement and really wild things, with romantic dreams about traveling the world and discovering vast new places, exploring the far reaches of Cardia and Eurus and who knows where else.

The reality of what was expected of him as future Voice and his brother's second in life didn't really set in for him until Ford Kennex returned better-traveled than he was. Envy led to a rocky tie between them, defined by rivalry as much as loyalty. Niklas struggled generally with wanting to Prove Himself to a world that didn't really require it of him. Though he lacked a lot of the more warrior qualities of the traditional Thrax, his family was not really expecting him to /be/ a traditional Thrax, so rebellion was a little ... not worth it.

What he eventually found solace in was, of all things, pen and ink.

It started when Niklas was in Arx and caught a play at the theater while a little drunk. That night, in the privacy of his room at the inn, he started writing.

Niklas imagined whole adventures in his mind, the ones that had captured him in his boyhood, and wrote them into plays. It started that night, but it grew from there. For years he kept them hoarded in a trunk and never showed them to anyone. It was another irresolute, dissolute night in a tavern in Arx that led him to showing his favorite to someone he was drinking with.

Now, at 25, he is a known playwright of some acclaim for creating wild adventure stories full of thrill and romance and excitement, and the outlet has helped him flower into new confidence. Still not a very political animal, he might at least be a contented one.

Relationship Summary

  • Derovai - Master Voss says I talk too much. I say that's not a vice! But I say it in two thousand words.

  • Family:
  • Catalana - My favorite cousin. (Sorry, other cousins.)
  • Jan - My most martial cousin. Still, always good for a drink or two.
  • Aethan - Ian's oldest brother and the most practical of that set of cousins.
  • Wash - Catalana's husband and a former Grayson, not that I'd hold that against him. Quick wits and down one banjo. A good friend.
  • Christine - My scholarly cousin. Always seems to be a bit ill.
  • Victoria - Auntie Vic! Come home!
  • Porter - Ian's other brother. The one likely to be in trouble.
  • Ian - The first Sword of Stormward. I couldn't be prouder.
  • Relara - I hope I can help make this world beautiful for you, my daughter.
  • Gareth 2 - You will become as good a man as your namesake, though perhaps a little friendlier.
  • Zoey - The glue that holds House Kennex together. Motherhood has made her a bit less serious. Good.
  • My Other Two Kids - Which is which?

  • Rival:
  • Bastien - We will both be remembered. But I will be remembered fondly!

  • Sibling:
  • Octavia - Too much like mother. Too much a mother.
  • Constantine - Everything that was expected of me. I am so very proud of him.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Caith - The Princess of Hugs and Puppies.
  • Monique - She has done a lot for me, and I appreciate it all.

  • Deceased:
  • Elara - Everyone leaves.
  • Titania - Has anyone else noticed that whenever Coraline leaves the city someone dies? That's weird, right?
  • Renatta - Gone, but never forgotten.
  • Gareth - A better man than most thought he was.
  • Gailin - I told him that he should kill himself. Less than a week later he did. Such a people pleaser!
  • Ford - A seemingly irreparable rift had formed between us before he died, but I will see the good he did remembered.
  • Luca - My frequent companion in trouble. Taken far too soon.

  • Spouse:
  • Sabella - The sun around which I rotate. My beautiful wife.

  • Friend:
  • Margret - Margret and Alessandro are good friends and seeing them together makes me happy.
  • Alessandro - My best friend, no matter what anyone else thinks.
  • Gianna - The Nightgale has cold eyes and a sweet smile, but she is a friend nonetheless.

  • Protege:
  • Carita - The Countess of Darkwater is of humble origins, but is now a formidable lady.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne The Playwright is someone that everyone knows. He is irreverent, brilliant, and never ill-at-ease. In short, he is my exact opposite, and I could not be happier than I am when in his company.
    Aethan Often right about a lot of things.
    Aine All artists are a little temperamental, but I have read Prince Niklas' works and he is brilliant.
    Alaric Cool Prince!
    Alarissa Once a Kennex, and long since a Grayson. He fits right in.
    Alecstazi Grayson Prince, former Kennex, the author of many of those plays that trickled back to Maelstrom.
    Alessandro Those who do not look beyond the surface of things might call Niklas frivolous, but nothing could be further from the truth. One would be hard-pressed to find someone kinder and more generous, or a more staunch supporter of his friends.
    Alessia Charismatic and entertaining company as always.
    Anisha Prince Niklas Grayson is everything you'd expect from a legendary playwright. Keen wit, sharp tongue, and a creative mind. His insight isn't half-bad either.
    Appolonia Some people's blades are their tongues... his highness has a rather large one, I'd say. Effective, too.
    Artur Sabella's husband - a charmer in his own right. He's very good at what he does though, and I hope to call him my friend in the future as his wife has been helpful in getting me settled in the city!
    Asher There's something to be said about most of the nobility in Arx. Compassionate, reasonable, even well-mannered! But there's a reason that Boroughs-folk don't think too well of nobility in general. Enter Niklas.
    Bahiya Devoted, supportive, and very tolerant of his wife. No. NO they are very tolerant of each other. I can see they make an impressive team.
    Beatrice Ah, but does anyone live with the flair and charm of the Playwright? Even I seem to sparkle in his presence.
    Behtuk I was wrong. There are three types of Arvani. This is the easiest kind to deal with.
    Berenice There are few couples who match and enhance each other quite so well as Prince Niklas and Princess Sabella. His talent for writing is remarkably entertaining.
    Bianca Everything I heard about this Prince Grayson has been true so far, his artistic vein is certainly noticeable, but what impressed me the most was his vast language knowledge.
    Bianca Prince Niklas seems to remain as I remember him -- sharp, and full of curious knowledge that piques my curiosity, such as the nature of dwarves. I regret I have not had time of late to indulge in plays -- but perhaps sometime I might at least find the time spare enough to catch up.
    Blacktongue Witty and Clever. Watch that one.
    Brigida I do believe he may be in love with the sound of his own voice.
    Cabrera Fine Prince who seems to be known by everyone around. A playwrite as well for some lovely children I'd expect
    Caith It's so nice to have him back in the city! I have missed his sarcastic humor -- although the time away has improved his hugging skills. I will have to train my arms and my heart to make certain that Nik and his wife do not overthrow me as Arx's Best Hugger.
    Calista The Prince and I share more than the mere interest in the arts. He is an intellectual and a dreamer. I like to fancy myself similarly. He is always engaging and inviting and his plays are always entertaining.
    Cambria He asks good questions. He has great answers. Come for the plays. Stay for the White Journals.
    Caspian The only man with an ego that rivals mines!
    Catalana My almost favorite cousin. Grayson suits him better than it would of ever done me.
    Celine It sounds like he has a hard time keeping his pants on, though that doesn't stop him from pontificating eloquently on the finer points of self-preservation.
    Clara ...okay then.
    Cornelius He is grimmer than I remember him. I suppose the cruel murder of one's brother will do that to a man, among much else I am doubtless not privy to yet. He is no youngster anymore.
    Corrigan A clever artist. I look forward to seeing his work.
    Delia Not afraid to share his own embarrassing stories. Amusing company both times we have met.
    Denica Prince Niklas is truly a knowledgeable soul, I think I could listen to him talking about art for hours and I'd learn more than reading a whole library in a year.
    Dianna Such a kindhearted and forthright prince. I shall look forward to knowing him and his lovely wife better.
    Dio A prince of many talents by all accounts, and one possessed of a great sense of humor.
    Domonico I cannot understand fashion and particular those who wear pumpkin orange.
    Drake Graceful at social graces in regal company, and well spoken, but not as graceful at dodging. We all have our talents. He and his wife do make a good match it seems... they have a good sense of fun.
    Elgana Charisma and such witticism all in one, it would be difficult to find a talent equal to Prince Niklas in all of Arvum. Perhaps even in all this world of ours. I look forward to every inspired production more than the last. He is genuinely one of the greatest minds of our age.
    Elizabetha Fomenter of Rebellions, Wearer of Fancy Hats, Consumer of Ham? I sense one of these is not like the other!
    Elora It was good to catch up with Prince Niklas and to hear about his upcoming work. I do hope to cross paths with him again soon, even if it's just to praise our nannies!
    Ember It is a rare person who can draw words from the ether so effortlessly. So many, many words. Written, spoken... especially spoken...
    Esme Met him at the Ambassador when he was dancing with his wife. He has a display of humor in life and affection for his wife. I think I shall like him, maybe call them both friend.
    Estil He seems to have written his own place in the world. He had enough good sense not to go with his original play idea. That's one good decision made, at least.
    Evander My cousin. Provides some sage advice although not so good at rescuing when needed.
    Evaristo His plays are brilliant, his performances amazing and he's an all around delight to be around.
    Evonleigh As someone I look up to artistically, his support means the world to me in matters artistic and otherwise.
    Faye A Grayson prince and ally. He may not be entirely serious all the time, but he knows when things are important.
    Grazia Once my favorite person to feud with, the prince has proven that he is more than the man I initially thought him to be. He's wittier than most give him credit for, and most think he's pretty witty.
    Haakon Strange, chatty thing. Seems to think out loud, and doesn't make a great deal of sense to me. ...He's like Arx the city, in a person.
    Hiram I can admire a man who will go chasing out into the winter streets of Arx in search of his missing companion. When I first laid eyes on Prince Niklas I thought him to be more of a daisy than I would imagine from a man whose reputation as a soldier of renown percedes him, but hearing about his hardship in search of his mysteriously vanished wife and the worry that overtook him righted my perception faster even than hearing the Princess Sabella go on about his aspirations toward being a playwright. He is no daisy at all, but pleasant as a peach to match his cheeks also when they're alive with cold and brandy both.
    Ian I wonder if I could get away with numbering the Kennex kids.
    Imogene A kind-seeming and quite humorous prince. Also forgiving, as he didn't let slip a hint of mockery at my struggle with his challenge!
    Jaenelle Any chance I have to enjoy Prince Niklas' company I am entertained. Even if I always find myself cursed by his presence.
    Josephine The husband of one of the most beautiful women in the compact.
    Jules The prince seems a delightful sort. He probably was having a bad day and was misunderstood the first brief encounter you had but the truth is he seems very kind to the commoners.
    Jyri I don't know what it is with Prince Niklas but he just sort of sweeps you up in passing and suddenly you're laughing and cheering.
    Kaldur The Playwright is as I ever remember him: witty. Though if he's stooped to casting me in a play the End Times have truly come.
    Korka A Grayson prince that's also a painter and would be utterly murdered if he stepped foot in the Lowers for one of his boots.
    Lou At first, I didn't know what to think about Niklas, but over time I feel he's become an invaluable asset to House Grayson, and he also makes my sister happy, and the last is what's most important.
    Lucene He's a playwright in the same way that some people are Knights. It is difficult to get a good idea of the man behind his preferred profession. Perhaps watching some of his plays is the best way for someone such as myself to get to know him.
    Lucita Talented, amusing, fun to watch him engaging with others in different circumstances.
    Mabelle A very quick minded actor. Sharp with his responses. Interesting family.
    Maja Niklas Grayson! /THE/ Niklas Grayson! I saw one of his plays back when he was Niklas Kennex! How one person can be so creative, I do not know. He and Princess Sabella seem so perfect together; they are destiny personified.
    Maren A prince of Grayson, formerly of the Mourning Isles, and one pursuing his gifts as a playwright and entertainer, with what seems to be the full support of his lovely wife and kin. Though my head reels with some of the changes I have witnessed, in this young man I see the blossoming of hopes that I could have never imagined, when I was so young.
    Marina Level-headed about appreciating what he has and everything else we hope for from royalty.
    Martino A truly gallant, kind and fair Prince for House Grayson. The living embodiment of so many Chivalric values
    Medeia This man has the personality of ten men, the appetite of ten men, and the sheer charisma to pull it off as charming.
    Mercedes Irrepressible. Terrible. Painful. But there's a good heart beneath it. We may need some of that 'humor', all too soon...
    Mia You can indeed annoy someone into being your friend. Or at least into disliking you less than everyone else.
    Mikani Amazing writer. I could barely take my eyes from the stage. A night to remember.
    Miranda The Prince threw me from a horse when we first met - a joust. Now, we're at a tea party. I almost wish we were back jousting! The familiar territory would do me a world of good. At least he remembers me... I suppose hitting the ground with a loud thud would make an impression on anyone...
    Mirk The famed playwright, who always seems to have a pithy saying for the situation.
    Monique Stylish, dashing and has a way with wits and words that I've always admired. Friend.
    Narcissa At least the Playwright's ego is well earned. It is so much more infuriating when they haven't the talent to back up the brass.
    Nazmir Charming and funny, or at least I do so happen to think so. And well versed, in many ways. A good one to know.
    Nina I am so very enamored with his plays. Though often when I see him he seems a bit disorganized...
    Orrin An opinionated sort, and he'll make sure you know it if you're anywhere in range.
    Orvyn '...rhyme guts with butts...' which is pretty much the best way to come into meeting of another person. The phrase does explain and emphasize the creativity of the Grayson Prince and does encourage a further meeting.
    Petal A charming prince who should keep safe for Sabella and probably needs lots of clothing.
    Pharamond They say that opposites attract, but for Niklas and Sabella the two are the half that make the whole of one of the greatest couples in all of the Arvum. Glad to be friends with he and his beautiful bride.
    Porter So maybe he showed up dressed for the wrong party, there's still a pool, it's still technically summer. So he's technically dressed for the right one both times even if the-- fuck, I'm really drunk. I still think he can push me off the couch.
    Quenia I have managed to run into Prince Niklas a time or two, and message him. He's made some hints about a thing we may share, here and there, and I find him an interesting fellow. Now, if only I could find more information on . . . .
    Rafael What a funny and charming man. He eats well. Hey, when did the Kennexes marry everybody? I feel like we've been colonized!
    Ras A guy you gotta watch. Something's goin on with him. Problem is he's got eyes sharp enough to watch you back if you really try to hide.
    Raziel The Playwright is a man rather my opposite. Socially, at least, where we are night and day. Alike, one hopes, in loyalty to the Crown. I'll have to witness his work, when next able.
    Reese At my sister's side so loyally a ever. It is nice to have him back in town and well Sabella did make a great marriage!
    Revell I can't believe someone of his standing came out and informed me that everyone goes to the bathroom. Niklas, was it? Just you wait, the Lowers are going to know all about it within a week!
    Rinel A kind nobleman who has ascended in rank and status--and through what appears to be a true and honest love. He deserves such happiness.
    Rorik Don't tell all the other cousins, but Niklas is my favorite one. They say you can't pick your family, only your nose, but if you COULD, I'd definitely pick Niklas. As family. Not pick his nose.
    Rowenova If you want entertaining company who also talks sense, this Grayson prince is the one stop shop for all your needs. An epic playwright in his own right as well as an old friend from years past, too.
    Rowynna A Grayson prince who has an interest in moray eels and their uses. I won't say I'm not intrigued, especially when he linked them so beautifully with the name of Ivan the Apostate.
    Roxana He's a bard, and was once a Kennex, but most importantly he is married to Sabella, who is one of my favorite people. And they have twins!
    Rysen A genius playwrite, and Arvum's greatest wit.
    Sabella To say that he was unexpected would be a lie because from the moment I met him I knew he was extraordinary even if I didn't know who he was at the time. He is the best and brightest part of my life!
    Samira Prince Niklas Grayson, famed playwright, former Kennex and the patron of my patron. I'm most intrigued by his work and hopeful that I can offer my artistic skills to help with future productions.
    Sanya It probably doesn't need to be said that his storytelling is unmatched. I am so pleased to have been a part of his play.
    Saoirse He's very happy.
    Selah A playwright, a Grayson prince (by marriage), and ... somehow related through Cousin Zoey? Loud.
    Sorrel The most fashionable man I know. Possibly the most fashionable in the city. He's so styling the peacocks ask him what colors are in. He's a dear friend and confidant.
    Sunaia I learned something new about Prince Niklas and find I am less surprised at how much I appreciate him and his writing abilities.
    Talwyn Talented when it comes to the arts and being a snide piece of work. Good. Needs more like him to remind that people can always do better and disappoint us.
    Tanith Never ever get caught by this man in an open space, he will remember I assaulted his wife with ball-shaped leather and arrest me.
    Tescelina I am very glad he did not mistake my profession too. As witty as they say, I should tell him next time that I am quite a fan of his work.
    Thea Awfully energetic. Compliment his wife well when he's not dressed like a vegetable.
    Valdemar He has done well for himself, no doubt his elder brother would be proud of him. It was a pleasure hosting him and his lovely wife at our longhouse.
    Vanora Too amusing for his own good sometimes, but I do like his company
    Verity There's no fun in being a writer if you don't write things that make people talk. This is to say that I approve of his sassmouth.
    Victus Prince Niklas may find his home on the mainland now, but it's clear to me that his love for the Isles hasn't faded. I count him as a valuable ally in these times of change and uncertainty.
    Vittorio The most famous playwright in all of Arvum, imagine my surprise at his casual appearance at the ward's bar. I consdier myself lucky to have run into him.
    Wash Fatherhood has not dulled his wit, it has given him a honing stone. Relara may surpass her father one day.
    Wylla He's the same legend in his own mind.
    Zoey Ever the life of the party! I fear what would happen if you were angry instead.