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Prey to none.

Posted by Tyche on 09/08/19

"...and yet the house has persisted through stubbornness and self-reliance."

With that same persistence, I come to you again to draw attention to some awesome characters of House Inverno on the roster. We are small but mighty, and have a great little RP community going on. Please feel free to @mail me or page me if you have any questions, but here's a sampling for you:

Lady Oriana Inverno, the Religious Noble -

Lady Aisha Inverno, the Dutiful and Whimsical Noble -

Val Marino, the Downward Slope (and Sword of Caina) -

Iksander Dawkins, the Prescient Purser -

Lady Beatrice Malespero, the Reformed Smuggler -

Miella Corsetina, the Adopted Girl -

If any of these appeal to you, jump right in!