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House Ravenseye

Posted by Rosalind on 11/28/19
Rulers of a small County, the Northern prodigal family connected to the seas are still learning how to be upstanding members of the Compact. The family has a strong sense of self, and strong ties to their accepted fealty. Adventures are planned, mysteries ready to be solved, and a small County to be increased over time into something so much more.

Lord Bran Ravenseye

Father of the current Countess, and former head of the family, this man is prized for his knowledge, advice, and experience. A man of distinguished age, he has seen so much change, and shepherded the family into a new era beneath the banners of Redrain and part of the Compact. Diplomacy, trade, and war, he is a triple threat in assisting the Ravenseye House into greatness.

Lord Triton Ravenseye

Younger twin to Rosalind, Triton is the calm, serious sibling in the family. The one who is basically the adult in every situation, he tried to keep his siblings from trouble, though for some reason it is always them who drags him into it. A brawler, Triton might have been kicked out of the Spirits a time or two for fighting...but really, they always started it first.

Lord Danvir Ranvrneye

Cousin to the siblings, Danvir is quick to smile. He wants to be a commander of a ship one day. Just under that? He believes in Shamnanism. Just barely though.

Branwen Stormfeather

A healer of both spirit and flesh, Branwen is someone who is very close to the Ravenseye family, and someone the family considers one of them without hesitation. Empathetic to the needs of people, places, and animals, Branwen can often be seen with the Ravenseye family on their crazy adventures.

Carrick Squallborn

Sword of Stormheart, Carrick is a commoner who has spent his life on ships, raiding and protecting his village. Selected by the Countess and Ravenseye family for his skills and the reputation he has gained throughout the years to be their Sword. Though the new title is something different, and he plans to make Arx home, Aella has certainly promised him that his life at sea has not come to and end and there is plenty of raiding...legally...left to do.


A shaman of House Ravenseye. Enid is valued for her spiritual guidance, and respected for her desire to keep traditions alive while still moving into the new world of Compact living. An ambassador to make sure that the Ravenseye family doesn't screw up too badly. Maybe.

Kaede Starfinder

A tried and true captain of the sea, Kaede assists the Ravenseye family with running their Navy, trades, and anything else that might include a ship. More comfortable of the water than at land, it might take her some time to get used to the politics of Arx, but the dock isnt so far away that she can't take one of the Ravenseye ships out for joyrides or pirate killing adventures.