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Seeking the Ambitious, Driven and Bold

Posted by Yasmine on 12/20/19
I’m not very good with advertisements, but I’d love to have more people to play with in House Champagne. We’re a Crownsworn family tied together by shared drive to succeed in the society of the Compact, stack our silver and resources, and amass influence and clout to help achieve our delightfully bold and crazy plans.

What I’m looking for: Commoner characters (established, as new OCs are currently closed) of various backgrounds and skills who have crazy aspirations and dreams looking to turn them into reality. Clout-chasers, influence-accumulators, money move making moguls, etc. Let’s do it all together and enjoy the story of how high we can climb!

What I’m offering: Ridiculous amount of support in helping you achieve your individual story and character goals, an “in” on rich and interesting plot seeds, and a fancy mansion you can live in in the Crown Ward!

Work hard, play hard!

If any of this interests you or you have questions, feel free to reach out to me in a mail or page!