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Why can't we be friends?

Posted by Silvana on 01/07/20
Silvana is a noblewoman who focuses on herself before anyone else. However, she does have a thing for animal related things (I haven't decided on if she prefers a specific type of animal or not) and she does alchemy. Absolutely for apothecary reasons and no others. She has recently come to Arx

I would like her to have a friend or two.

Best (Closest?) Friend: Male or female, noble or commoner. Someone she has spent a lot of time with. Likely due to similar interests. They could even be the best pals despite being opposits.

Frenemy: Someone she plays at being a friend with but they really aren't friends they just act like it but seek to work against the other. Though, they do, in their kind of unpleasant way, care for eac other. Kind of a 'Only I can do aweful things to you but no one else can and get away with it' situation.

Past Love Interests: At most two, male or female. I doubt it was overly romantic, as she isn't really a romantic, and I doubt it was long term. This was more likely another noble than a commoner. They can be on good terms or bad, what ever sounds more fun.

Other: Any other type of relationship is fine with me too. She has an older sister, cousins, aunts and uncles. I am pretty easy on this.