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House Melaeris Wants YOU

Posted by Llewella on 01/12/20

Look at the Morning Isles and you'll find a hearty people, full of addventure, passion, and seafaring spirit. Look upon the Leviathan fleet of Thrax and know that you've seen one of the world's premiere navies. Behold the trading prowess of islanders. Get that scent of sea in your nose and feel the spray of it on your face. Can you hear the creak of the ship, the sway of it beneath your feet?


Now start imaging yourself participating in all of that, while belonging to one of the outlier houses of that fealty. One that places the need to challenge traditions, to fight all forms of slavery, and to succeed even when at odds with the powers and cultures that surrounds it.

That is what it is like to be a Melaeris, and we want you to come join us!

Roster - Amir
Amir is the firebrand House Sword of Melaeris. He's an advocate of liberty, following the traditions of the Great Liberator and being one of Skald's Disciples. He wields the house sword with flare and pinache while seeking change and greatness in those around him.

OCs - Ministers
We would love to fill the rest of our House Ministers. Specifically, those with military command experience would be a great boon! As would those who can focus on agriculture, infrastructure, or diplomacy. Consider mixing your concept with a Faith Discipleship or by being a further outlier and following Shamanic traditions. Melaeris is open and welcoming as long as you follow their morals and ethics.

OCs - Family and Friends
Don't want to take on the challenge of being a Minister of the House? Then join us as family or friend, servant or ally.

Other - Marrying In
Ok, so this is a limited time offer. There is the chance to marry into Melaeris, as long as it's a political match that brings benefit.

Just catch Llewella or Cyril if you have questions!