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House Difidante

Posted by Lora on 01/14/20
House DiFidante is relatively new, created as a cadet branch of House Fidante in response to the destruction of its vassal, Volkov. Since its founding, the house has been very busy trying to restore order in a troubled area. Aside from being a border territory right up there againt the Oathlands, the Roseward has developed a terrible Abandoned problem, and is still in the thick of dealing with the thing that wiped out its predecessor.

We are currently seeking OCs of all shapes and sizes and would be happy to discuss potential concepts, offer hooks, and suggest ties to plot and metaplot. Contact Lora or Dante for additional details.

Very broadly, we're looking for:

* Fidante di Fidante! House Fidante is an ancient, sprawling garden of cousins, but the Duchess of Roses has given dispensation for those who are moved to do so to join the cadet house, which offers ample opportunities for the ambitious to make names for themselves.

* We have one rostered Fidante di Fidante, Angelo: He ventured into the Roseward shortly after DiFidante was established and came out quite a bit worse for the wear.

* Prodigals! LYCENE Prodigals! Both commoners and low tier nobles from some of the recently sworn houses, including Longfeather and Limeranshi. No, those aren't orgs, don't bother looking, but they've been big players in our recent PRPs and might should send some of their scions to Arx. (Side plug for House Corvini who has TWO roster characters open, and might also be keen on an OC or two.)

* Crafters of various shapes and sizes and focuses.

* Rangers and other outdoorsy folk. It wasn't called the Volkov Woods for nothing! There are plans in the works for a branch of the Lodge of Petrichor, so plenty of opportunity in the future for such RP.

* The Volkov were horselords, and while they are no more, their bloodstock remains. We would love to get someone with an interest in horses to pick up where they left off.

* Adventurers and scholars! Who knows what else is hidden in the ancient forests? There are plenty of ways to find out.