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Tournament of Thorns Path Games

Posted by Monique on 03/16/20
The first of the Tournament of Thorns Path games is this evening! A very exciting time! In the interest of clarification, ANYONE may participate in the Path games, whether they have Thorns from the pre-games or not. You may select only ONE Path game to compete in, whether that be tonight's game (@cal 3927), Wednesday's (@cal 3967) or Friday's (@cal 3929). The top three contestants from each Path game will then go on to compete in the Tournament of Thorns Banquet Finale on Saturday night (@cal 3968). If for some reason one of the top three can't make the event on Saturday night, the next runner up from their Path will be given the chance to compete in their place.

In other news, the Tournament of Thorn Pre-Games are now completed, and I'm happy to announce the finalists for Ardent, the alaricite-and-dragonweep prize cane in memory of Josephine Arcuri! Lady Alessia Mazetti, Lady Juliana Igniseri, Prince Niklas Grayson, Sir Merek Black, and Marquessa Quenia Igniseri have all been invited to challenge the Archlector Brigida for this breathtaking prize, in an event that will be held in the days following the Tournament Banquet.

Any questions can be direction to Lady Monique Greenmarch. We wish the best of luck to everyone competing!