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A Taste of Arx - Vassals take note!

Posted by Sabella on 04/12/20
Hi Everyone,

A Taste of Arx kicks off on the 20th! This is a great time for vassal houses to shine and show off maybe something that you'd like to be known for: special alcohol? A type of clothing? Animals? Jewelry? Wood carvings? Fancy dancing? Anything goes though tchotchkes to hand out are always popular! Since cron is tonight start thinking about what you might want to make to hand out at your fealty's event and plan to spread out the AP spend over two weeks or between a few people. Here's a list of the great houses that signed up and the dates of your events:

4/20 - Velenosa
4/21 - Thrax
4/22 - Grayson
4/23 - Redrain
4/24 - Valardin

Last year the tchotchkes that were made went SUPER fast so have fun with it! And if you have any questions send them my way!