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Golden Buckle Tourney Explanation

Posted by Medeia on 09/25/20
The Golden Buckle Tourney Official Bull Riding Rules/Explanation

The winner of the tourney is determined by a series of 3 progressive difficulty rolls (see below). The idea is to stay on the bull the longest! Every 5 points (cumulative across rolls, subtracting fails, rounded down to the nearest 5) will count as 1 second of ride time. If any roll fails, no more rolls are to be made and the time is counted as is (examples below).

The rolls:
Dexterity + Athletics or Ride at 30
Strength + Athletics or Ride at 35
Stamina + Athletics or Ride at 40

1. Susan checks Dexterity + Athletics at 30 and rolls 23 higher, checks Strength + Athletics at 35 and rolls 8 higher, and checks stamina + Athletics at 40 and rolls 17 higher. Susan has a total of 48 points (rounded down to 45), which translates into 9 seconds on the bull.
2. David checks Dexterity + Ride at 30 and rolls 32 higher, checks Strength + Ride at 35 and rolls 3 lower, then does not make the Stamina roll. David has a total of 29 points (rounded down to 25), which translates into 5 seconds on the bull.

In the event of a tie for longest ride, the winner will be determined by a Luck roll at 10, with the highest roll being the winner (or, should all rolls fail, the least failed fail).

Before the Event:
If you are planning on entering the contest, you may log your rolls ahead of time to help streamline the process and reduce event downtime. Contact Medeia any time before the event to page your initial 3 rolls to be logged.

At the Event:
Riders will be called upon using the Line feature. Once it is your turn in line, you will page your rolls to Medeia to get your results OR have your results given to you from being previously logged. You will then pose your turn on the bull - ensuring the time is stated in your pose! Once all riders have posed, if there is a tie, those riders will perform their luck roll and then pose a second round of rides.