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A Flyte of Fancy - The Last Laugh

The Compact has been rocked by tragedy and conflict as of late -- it's something that can't immediately be solved, and most certainly cannot be stopped. It is at War, and the cost of such things comes as dramatically in spirit as it does in coin, leaving the masses to mourn their losses without the belief that any are listening, and even fewer will care about their emotional devestation.

Pravus cares.

Whilst the champions of the Great House are off holding the storm at bay, or in bay as the case may be, others less fit for the front have taken to attempting to raise the spirits of those left behind the Compact over. How do they mean to do this?

Why, insulting their cowardly foes, of course!

Imagine the look on ol' Skal'Daj-Annie's face when he finds out how cruelly he's been mocked! How weak his form! How flaccid his ... rejoinders! That's right, let's get creative and really tell those chain-born bastards what we think of them in: A FLYTE OF FANCY!

An event is to be held in which Avita Seraceni, dressed as ol' Skal'Daj-Annie theirself, will pose to the room of nobility and commoner alike a most scathing of insult, and the cleverest flyte in retort -- voted by all whom are in attendance -- will win the Golden Grin of Ischia, and will have a donation in their name made to the ongoing pursuit of freedom for all thralls, and the support of Eurusi refugees that have made the Compact their home in the wake of these tragic and turbulent times.

So, come one, come all! Let your pain be made into tears of laughter, rather than drown in your sea of sorrows.

OOC: This will be my first time hosting, I will do my best, but please be patient. :)


March 8, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Seraceni Manor - Triclinium

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