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The common people of Arvum wouldn't really call the last thousand years a 'golden age'. Since the founding of the Compact of Arvum, the five great noble houses of the realm have schemed and warred against one another, locked in a millennium-old struggle for dominance kept only in check by the occasional powerful monarch. But even as the fragile peace frays with the latest dynastic crisis, creating courtly intrigues in the capital city of Arx, ancient foes that took mankind to the brink of extinction a thousand years ago stir once more.

Latest News

Game Updates: 10/31 - Actions, pets, and usability changes

By tehom on 1:23 p.m.

Actions: Actions have been turned back on. Sort of. Actions can now be made for personal plots for a player, …

Game Updates: 5/31 - Book Changes

By tehom on 1:59 a.m.

Player-written books have changed in how they work. You no longer use the write command solely to imprint a description …

Current Story

Heroes and Other Fables: 5. A Fable of Songs

The war with the Dune Kingdom of Skal'daja is over, and the Arvani celebrate a waxing Compact that now stands powerful on the world stage. With a hard won peace, the commons and peers of Arvum welcome their new respite that sees foreigners stop meddling in their own affairs, but perhaps not all is what it seems. Superstition, long suppressed in the Compact, has begun to stir and with it an age-old enemy is finally beginning to move.

Long …

Upcoming Events

Masquerade of the Plants

June 29, 2022, 8 p.m.

Not all plants are bad. Some merely have their own way of acquiring sustenance that might be deadly to those …

Mirrorguard Meeting - December 1017

June 30, 2022, 8 p.m.

Marquessa Quenie Igniseri calls together a meeting of the Mirrorguard to discuss the various recent events that have taken place …

Salon Discussion: Slavery vs. Justice

June 30, 2022, 9 p.m.

In lieu of an outward threat, complacency has settled in once more and thralldom has become a topic of interest. …


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