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The common people of Arvum wouldn't really call the last thousand years a 'golden age'. Since the founding of the Compact of Arvum, the five great noble houses of the realm have schemed and warred against one another, locked in a millennium-old struggle for dominance kept only in check by the occasional powerful monarch. But even as the fragile peace frays with the latest dynastic crisis, creating courtly intrigues in the capital city of Arx, ancient foes that took mankind to the brink of extinction a thousand years ago stir once more.

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Game Updates: Arx Sandbox and Thank You

By Apostate on 12:39 p.m.

So with the wrap of the final big story of the game, Arx goes into a GMing hiatus as work …

Game Updates: Arx Finale

By Apostate on 3:56 p.m.

Moving into the final storytelling of Arx 1, and the finale of the story that will end this iteration of …

Current Story

Heroes and Other Fables: 6. A Fable of Heroes

Magic is real and is returning to the Compact. The great magic that held Arvum under a veil of skepticism and carefully concealed truths has fractured, allowing long buried secrets to be discovered. A centuries old enemy called The Horned God has been defeated, his plans to trap the world in an eternal story by resurrecting the dead god Destiny has been dashed, and the Compact is bruised but unbowed. And long held chains around the world, magical bonds of …

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