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Breccan Malere

"Give me the splendid, silent sun with all his beams full-dazzling."

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Green Man
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Malere
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 32
Birthday: 2/17
Religion: Pantheon (Petrichor)
Vocation: Farmer
Height: tall
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: light blue
Skintone: sun touched

Description: Skin is tan from the sun with a dusting of freckles patterned here and there across the finely sculpted lines of a handsome face - large thick lashed eyes house light blue irises that border on a ghostly grey given the light. Falling loosely just beneath the nape of neck is hair of a golden auburn shade that is either kept in a tail when long or cut short with a troublesome strand or two falling before sky warm gaze. Body is tapered and cut for one who is keen on survival, back and shoulders are muscled in such a way that would suggest deft skill with a bow and legs toned to indicate swift knowledge over difficult forest terrain.

Hands were lightly calloused, as if periods of labor come and go but don't always stick. There are several scars upon his body, all hidden easily beneath clothing but the most prominent that might reveal itself along his forearm is a parallel mark that looks as if something was trying to be removed.

Personality: Known to smile often and with an infectious personality that seeks to get a grin from even the most austere, Breccan is unabashed in all sorts of company. Not one to seek confrontation, he instead searches for reasoning and solutions. While not easily given in to anger with a patience that has been tested through many trials, there are very few who have been able to push him far enough where wrath is presented - but Pantheon bless the poor soul who does.

Background: Born to a family of successful farmers, Breccan grew up understanding and learning the land like all people of Acorn Hill. But what developed was a deeper understanding of nature itself and more often than not the impressionable youth found his time idling out into the woods where he was oftentimes scolded for being so careless by his father who compared him often to his older brother, Everett, as the eldest took to the agriculture life and found it suitable.

It was after a fight that resulted in blows, the brashness of youth calling his old man out, that he ran off to the woods and wasn't heard from in weeks. What happened exactly was unknown but Breccan came back changed, throwing himself headlong into the family affairs but from a different angle. Instead, his charm and good nature was put forward to help bring prosperity and trade, having made several connections throughout Arvum- houses ranging from Setarco to Clearlake. It was after the death of his father, that Breccan told his brother the truth of where he had been for those many weeks ( as it had always been a mystery ) and it is with the passing of their father that he now must devote his life to another path for something is coming that will test their family and all of Acorn Hill.

That something did come, however, it came with the arrival of shavs who destroyed all of Acorn Hill. It was luck that had Breccan away, devoting his life to helping build Lodges of Petrichor in other areas that he deemed would need the protection.With a brother and nephew still alive, he aims to devote his life to Pretrichor and seeing the land of forest and homestead safe from any that would defile it.

Relationship Summary

  • Daria - Met when she was scouting Acorn Hill. Have that whole homeland-destroyed thing in common.

  • Family:
  • Everett - The brawny brother.

  • Patron:
  • Norwood - Mentor and friend.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A man of great skill for the beauty he brings to the gardens, and a valued member of the Clement household. He's willing to try new experiences and manages to maintain a pleasant outlook even when things prove challenging - a trait I can appreciate.
    Aella A better gardener than hurdler, but of good humor about the latter.
    Anisha Messere Breccan makes for a colourful addition to the markets of Arx, and to see him and his brother in action is a delight. One does wonder if, perhaps, such talents are wasted in a simple produce stand - but I am sure the good messere will have plenty of room for growth, with Lagoma's will and Gild's fortune.
    Ariella An honest farmer, with honestly good produce. How 'bout them apples?
    Audgrim Solid sort of man, the one you lean on, I suspect. Probably takes on too much work and promises too much and is all around freaking nice and he'll get himself killed over it. Well, I'll get him the armor to make that less likely.
    Cesare Perhaps 'down-to-earth' is too on-the-nose a descriptor for this farmer, but it is accurate, regardless. He shows a great deal of care for those he is close to, and has an undeniable talent for the culinary arts.
    Cirroch An amazing opponent to run with and spends a considerable amount of time in gardens with a good nose for guiding bees.
    Cristoph I'm afraid that I might have made this poor man nervous on my first meeting with him. I'm sure he's going to do a perfectly fine job on Lady Mabelle's apiary.
    Everett I've known him all his life. He's my brother. He's awesome.
    Fairen A lively and gregarious sort, he seemed well-suited for the contest with knees and grapes. I do believe he has interesting tales we can exchange over a bottle of whiskey sometime. A friendly fellow!
    Faye Knowledgeable and experienced with growing things, and quite pleasant to talk to. I'm sure he will be a great help to me for certain projects.
    Giada Thank gods for the busy people. And the people who like bees.
    Isabeau A gardener? Perhaps he can help with some of Telmar's coming projects.
    Iseulet Reaching out to me after he lost track of my sister, we bonded over cookies and notes. I hope he got what he came for and what his heart needed. A sweet man, and very lovable, he will find his true love soon. I'm sure of it.
    Ivy I will be interested to see what comes of this farmer from Acorn Hill. He's seen much in a short time, and will likely see more before its through. I'll have to make sure that I'm on hand for future injuries.
    Jamie The salt of the earth, with a story all-too familiar to me, these days. I fear a greater darkness treads the lands of Acorn Hill; but perhaps together we can still hold it back.
    Mabelle A gentle giant. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Raimon First seen at the 'Bee Gardens' of the Clement Family Estate in the Ward of House Valardin, Breccan is a considerate and open-hearted man willing to show folks around his gardens, . . . which are -beautiful-. Truly he's a man who knows his vocation, and he knows it well! Kind and generous, he even offered to help with -our- garden!
    Rook He calls himself a farmer, but he has a far higher level of sophistication than one who works the dirt. Looking forward to seeing what sort of "business advice" he is seeking...
    Sira A gardener, and a beekeeper? I believe that's what I learned of him. He's humble and friendly, no one could complain about that!
    Thesbe I was in the Clearlake Archery Tourney as a participant along with him and a few others. He really impressed me when he hit a bullseye at sixty yards at the range!!! Not only that buts he seems down to earth and friendly. I hope we can be friends!
    Zakhar Good to see that not all that are associated with that house are terrified of the wind.