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Lady Anabelle Lyonesse

I was once voted 'Most Likely To Talk To A Wall' in the 1001 AR Etiquette Contest...

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Mondaine Confidant
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Lyonesse
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 10/8
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: fair amber
Eye Color: chill blue
Skintone: warm ivory

Description: A few inches taller than average height in Arvum, Anabelle exemplifies Oathlander nobility. Slender in all the right places, her build is slightly more generous than usual to the neverending consternation of her tailors. Her hair reaches to her shoulders, a tantalizing mixture of golden brown and honey blond strands to create a dazzling amber effect, and is always styled to perfection. Fine, delicately arched brows are set over an almond-shaped pair of blue-gray eyes that would be chilling if they weren't so filled with warmth and zeal. Her nose is slender and straight, flaring out just a touch towards the end. Lastly, she has a full, generous mouth capable of great mobility in her smiles.

Personality: Anabelle is a chipper, bubbly, and altogether exuberant person. Easy to like, easy to smile. Nothing excites her more than encountering new people, places, and things! She enjoys people and they tend to enjoy her in return. A gossip at heart, she loves the opportunity to pick up the latest news and rumors of the social circles of the world. Despite all of her energy and enthusiasm, she still knows the necessary times to be serious. Which instills in her the ability to be a valuable friend and confidant. Lyonesse's Luck? Fictional, at best! Bad luck and misfortune can't overcome the force of positivity and good cheer! Until it does.

Background: One of the earliest memories that Anabelle can readily recall is cold and hunger. Not something one would expect of a noble family. In 990 AR, as winter was beginning to make itself evident in the Oathlands, a caravan of food and furs was robbed. Which in turn caused a crisis within Lyon's Redoubt, the home of the Lyonesse family. It was a long winter, cold and full of rumbling bellies. Yet such petty complications couldn't dampen the spirits of a young Anabelle! Upon reflecting on the cold and hunger she felt at the time, she implored her parents to ration out her own meals to the people of Lyon's Redoubt. That winter taught her a valuable lesson at a young age; everyone deserves a warm meal and bed. Which in turn has caused her to grow into an adult with a mind toward helping others. Naturally she has her own ambitions and desires, but at the end of the day she understands the intrinsic value of helping another.

Never one to take studies too seriously and having no particular interest in the sword, it was the realm of social activity that called like a siren to Anabelle. As she grew older she was often the centerpiece of a throng of young noble girls and at times those of the common class. It was likely this penchant for being social, understand people, and generally being the most willing to extend a hand in welcome to another that she became the Voice of House Lyonesse upon her only slightly older sister, Demura, becoming the Marquessa of Lyonesse following the departure of their older brother and Marquis, to join the King's Own.

'Little Lady Perfect' became a moniker of sorts, often utilized as a teasing barb cast from one sister to the perceived favorite young child of the family. She strives to be perfection personified, though as her older brother so regularly told it: it's unattainable. Anabelle will try though! Trying is always worth the fun and story of it!

She's come to Arx with Autumn transitioning to Winter in 1005 AR alongside Marquessa Demura Lyonesse with the intent to represent their family within her role as the Voice of the Marquessa and an effort to do what good she finds herself able while within the city walls.

Relationship Summary

  • Demura - Sister - Every choice I make, you and the family come first. Not because you're Marquessa, but because you're my sister.
  • Rymarr - Brother - Your choice was surprising, but I'm proud of you either way.
  • Jenessa - Sister - You are far too serious for your won good, I need to drag you out of the Library sometime.

  • Ally:
  • Ruslan - We had our moment, and I cherish it still. Rest easy now.
  • Elrych - Nevermore...
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