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Emara Grayhope

Don't worry about what I'm doing. Worry about why you're worried about what I'm doing.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Quick Witted Anthophile
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 4/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: average height
Hair Color: warm black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: olive

Description: Emara grew up from a skinny kid into a woman with a body shaped by hard work and travel, though not without curves to add a little interest. Long, dark hair is usually tied back in a braid to keep out of her face and there is a perpetually world weary expression in her dark eyes, as if bracing herself for whatever trouble someone is going to give her next. Her olive toned skin bears a few tattoos, which indicate that she's perhaps wandered into unconventional territory in her travels around the Compact.

Personality: Life would probably be a whole lot easier for Emara if she hadn't been blessed with a terrible temper and a sharp tongue. While those traits got her into plenty of trouble when she was young, they've been mellowed over time. Though, if looks could kill, she'd have an even worse reputation than she already does. For all that her ability to eviscerate someone with words is well known, she's also considered kind in her way and wise. She's never really wrong in her observations even if she doesn't sugar coat them.

Background: Emara's life started in the Lower Boroughs, the daughter of a Grayhope and a woman she knows very little about except she had a brief relationship with a married man and left her newborn daughter in his care before skipping town for parts unknown. For all that rough beginning, her childhood was a happy one since her father and his wife accepted her into their family without a qualm and raised her alongside their own daughter, Tanith, born only thirteen days after she was.

Growing up in the Lowers meant that Emara had to learn to think fast, especially since she developed a smart mouth along with a quick mind. While she never really learned to avoid revealing her observations to the world, especially the less pleasant ones, she did learn how to fight and how to run. In order to keep out of trouble, much of Emara's early life was spent in the family garden, particularly once she showed evidence of a talent for getting things to grow.

As she grew older, her skills in the garden were coupled with training as an apothecary and an ambition to become the foremost perfumier in the Compact. That ambition meant traveling to various locales in search of rare scents and flowers to add to her intoxicating concoctions. With her rarified sense of smell, she never lingers around cities for long since she finds them a little unbearable, but for her family, she makes exceptions.

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