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Marquis Thesarin Riven

The world moves. We move, or we fall behind.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Brooding War Leader
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Riven
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 45
Birthday: 2/1
Religion: Pantheon enough to pass
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark, dark brown
Eye Color: deep green
Skintone: bronze

Titles: Marquis Consort of the Twainfort

Description: Thesarin is all hard strength and delicate artistry. When bared, his torso is sculpted of raw muscle and lean constraint, etched with rings and twisting circles of tattoo art in coppery hue. The twists of those geometric patterns represent battles fought and survived, children born, chaos withstood: each a lesson of wisdom learned to sear a new line of ink over his skin. His broad shoulders and back reflect more of that continuing pattern. When fully clothed -- and sleeved -- according to the more sedate styles of Arvum life, only the peek of a few dark lines escape around the column of his throat like tiny serpents coiling around the muscles of his neck. His eyebrows are heavy and dark, pulling down over deepset eyes whose hue and clarity are of a deep, dark green. His lips are thin, his jaw strong, the height and breadth of his cheekbones suggesting more of the sculpted strength that defines his chest and back. His hair is long, falling loose to his shoulders, its color a brown so dark it is nearly black. When caught in the sunlight, its hue warms with reddish glints that complement his bronzen skin. When he speaks, his voice has a deep resonance, and carries with it the echo of a lupine growl never entirely lost.

Personality: Thesarin has a quiet intensity to him that makes his inner pragmatism seem surprising at times. He tends to long silences, to a brooding fierceness that can make him difficult to relate to for those of lighter heart. His sense of humor exists, but it is restrained, spent rarely. He takes responsibility and duty very seriously but typically comes at most problems with an open perspective. He casts himself in the role of useful outsider frequently, for it is a role that life seems designed for him, for all that he has been a Count of Twainfort for many years now. There's a deep force behind his reserve, a temper that can be terrifying when his control is lost, but generally his reserve is more powerful than all but the highest of aggravations. There's a sense of drama behind his careful quiet; he uses words precisely and to the point, and the effect can be arresting, far more so than a man who speaks much more.

Background: The story began when the Greenwoods Tribe of Abandoned that lived near the shores of the Mother were rallying and preparing for a march to a war that a good third of the warriors and the people of the tribe did not agree with. Thesarin rose up against his tribal leader and was punished for his defiance, but the tribal elders had underestimated his popularity. Twenty swords and bows went with him into the woods, and more crept away in the night to follow. He sent his most trusted friend to warn the Twainfort. To his surprise, the young Mia Riven rode out to meet him herself, and treated with him with ruthless certainty. An arrangement was reached. Thesarin was not in love, but he knew competence when he saw it, and the only safety for their people was to combine.

There were challenges. Many of the Greenwoods simply died. Others vanished into the Gray Forest and were never seen again. Some continually attacked the ones who remained with Thesarin's traveling camp, seeing them as deserters, hunting them for treachery. The Countess of Twainfort stood against the liege of her warded liege and begged the Bislands not to march on her betrothed. Thesarin married Mia Riven and took her name and the Countship she offered him when she was 19 and he was 27. Thesarin was not in love, but he knew strength, and fortitude, and wisdom when he saw it . . . and, of course, it was the promise they had made.

There were challenges. Combining the Greenwoods refugees with the people of the Twainfort and their environs was wildly difficult. Prodigals all, en masse, they struggled towards acceptance of new things that were expected of them. Most of them were confused about the religion of the Compact, though all abided by the Count's sworn oath that they would learn and try to grow. But Mia and Thesarin opened their halls to the confused and worked with people as best they could. They found ways to combine the traditions of Thesarin's people with the religion of the Compact. Adding a few more feasts or changing the way a few things could be done seemed a small price to pay for cooperation. Learn to work together.

When their first child was born, three years into the marriage, they named her Vahari, after Thesarin's mother. At that point, Thesarin was in love. The baby had him wrapped around her tiny fingers instantly. Two children later, there is nothing stronger in Thesarin's heart than his ties to his children. Meanwhile, the last ten years have been spent slowly building a stronger, warmer relationship between both halves of the Twain at the Twainfort.

Relationship Summary

  • Mia - My Countess and the mother of my children.

  • Friend:
  • Esoka - Steadfast knight, Sword of Riven, and trusted retainer.

  • Family:
  • Nigel - My wife's brother, and her Voice when absent.
  • Kelleth - When I walked, my brother was beside me. When left, he followed behind me. I sent him out, and he is taken from me.
  • Name Summary
    Aerandir A man knowledgeable on the state of current affairs, seemingly someone who has faced a great deal of the otherworldly threats. There is a certain air about him that makes me believe him, though even his build speaks of hardship, perhaps it's not such a surprise after all.
    Aethan A formidable opponent. Doesn't pull punches.
    Agatha There is something quiet and thinking about him. He reminds me a little of Mydas, but he doesn't make me roll my eyes as often.
    Aiden What he said struck me during the meeting of the marches. He said: "The world moves. We move with it or we fall behind." ... He understands the need to progress and the peril of not doing so.
    Ainsley Count? He looks more like a warlord. I'll be certain to see what I can learn from him.
    Ajax A talented man from the sounds of it. Perhaps, he'll have work one day, and if he is as he seems, I would be happy to work for him.
    Alaric Rugged and redoubtable, the Count of House Riven seems like a steady and reassuring presence as well as a strong arm in battle.
    Alaric He is protective of his wife - you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats the women around him.
    Alban I like him. Not your normal Count at all, reminds me of Lady Lavinia and Lord Athaur which would make sense. Seems very determined to get into the thick of things, I admire that.
    Aleksei I don't know him as well as his wife, but I do rather like his wife. So I'm inclined to like him!
    Alessandro Obviously a shrewd man, and one who I'd want on my side -- and decidedly //not// on the opposing side.
    Alexis Count Thesarin. A prodigal lord come noble. A good man. A brave fighter. Glad to have him on our side.
    Apollis The man is a brave warrior. He's prodigal, too! A Chief of the Greenwoods and Count of House Riven. He's a gruff man but he shared that with me, so, I think he's a sweet man. His tattoos are fascinating, not that I'd ever get one of those.
    Arcadia A strong and stoic man of few words. One could call him gruff, or intimidating, but I see a sadness behind his eyes. I find it endearing...
    Arcadia Quiet and deliberately slow, but certainly a sharp mind behind that facade.
    Arik Much shav influence. Prodigal in armor. Will be of much merit in fight. There will be back clappings and drinks. Much approve.
    Armand The Count led the scouting expedition I joined, and honoured both himself and his House when we encountered spawns of the Abyss. He's a fine man to battle along-side with.
    Astraea There's very few people I would consider standing on a field of battle with but this man is definitely one of them. He's quiet but not broody, tall, dark and handsome in the way that makes your eye take a closer look. When I encountered him he was polite and well mannered if not a bit subdued, perhaps he was tired or possessing of a weary soul but still I enjoyed his company and even though it was mainly from a distance, I admired the way he carried himself.
    Barric Seems a man of few words, but those words matter. I imagine there's a lot of stories and more importantly, experience behind those words. Would be interesting to get him talking.
    Cadenza Easy to talk to....even when I had obviously killed a room with my words. Oh least he listened.
    Calaudrin Add another one to the list. If I had a silver for everytime someone made noises at me about Esoka... Well. Good company for the most part. Not a surprise she likes him.
    Caspian He has the air of a man who has a mysterious past. Also, nice tattoos.
    Cirroch I bought him a few drinks at The Spirits. He seems like a nice guy and he's got a loyal warrior for a friend it looked like.
    Cirroch A man who seems like steel fits his body better then silk. Also seems to be the kind to help out others in need. His appearance betrays his kindness.
    Costas A dutiful soldier who doesn't jump at politics. The realm could stand to have a few more his stripe.
    Cristoph Countess Mia's husband. We didn't talk much but I liked what I saw. I also appreciated the effort he took in making himself known to one of Ryhalt's physicians. It's true, you can never know too many healers.
    Cullen Fellow prodigal who takes that as seriously as I do myself. Not ashamed of his past, as we shouldn't - Abandoned is a title of strength. A solemn man with experience in warfare, I'm quite glad to have him on our side.
    Delilah Count Riven, therefore my ally. He has that certain strange quality about him, but he is very much the thoughtful man, worthy of his place. His words and demeanor speak enough of his power - I am very glad to be on his side.
    Delilah The wisdom he earned through experience and pragmatism is tempered by something far deeper than I would have credited him for.
    Echo He's apparently quite good with a weapon but he definitely strikes me as more of a military leader. In the know and more than likely the kind of person you want to ask for advice before you start swinging your weapons around.
    Ectorion Quite skilled and gracious even in defeat.
    Eiran He may seem to have perfected the art of looking humorless, but I'll tell you this: he plays along. With a perfect stranger in the street, no less. That's a man who'll surprise you, if you start thinking you know what he's about.
    Eleanor A War Chief. Certainly seems to know his military stuff. And it's hard not to notice the tattoos.
    Elora This is a man who says what he means and means what he says. He is careful, calculated, and smart! A fine example of a good man.
    Elsa It was wonderful to get to know the Count and his wife. He has a sharp mind, and a keen insight that I was glad to gain the benefit of. I cannot wait to see how he does hunting.
    Emilia A monumentally powerful fighter. I fear both his strength and his dexterity, and the scars on his body speak an easy to understand tale of his toughness. He has earned his place among the warriors that I respect.
    Emily He is withheld ands erious, but i think beyond that there may be something more to understand. At the very least a great ally and someone who I can learn from.
    Esoka My war chief, my Compact count, and what remains of where I came from. Also my friend, on his better days.
    Evonleigh He sure knows how to win a staring contest! A kind man with a great laugh under that rough exterior.
    Gabriel Once, we would have fought one another. Now, we fight side-by-side. I think what surprises me more is that I do not harbor any suspicions of the man.
    Gareth A prodigal count whot at the very least has his head squarely set upon his shoulders.
    Godric if anyone deserves a toffee it's this man
    Grady Seems like a stout, solid man. Not sure what I think about whispers of magic and heralds, but he believes them so I'll temper my skepticism for now.
    Hadrian Brutish Count of House Riven. Is he the personification of the noble savage one so often hears about the Prodigals and Abandoned from the northern climates?
    Harlex His swordsmanship is one of the most honest and forward I've seen. It speaks to the man, or the wolf--the way he handles steel. Would fight again, gladly, once he's back in order.
    Holden Uncle to Tiber. An interesting man with an intriguing appearance. Anyone who is close to Tikva and Tiber is a friend.
    Ian A warrior who's weary of war. I don't get that.
    Jacque Count Riven appears to be a world-weary individual, but one that has a mind for strategy. Certainly, he has interesting ideas about the Gyre's possible strategic decisions and Jacque would do well to listen closely. He might learn something.
    Jamie I have no doubt he would be a welcome addition in any fight. Concise and to the point, I respect that.
    Jasher So, this is a Prodigal. Proud and unbowed. A man deserving of respect.
    Jayanthi He seems like a nice lord. Should see if he'll let me paint him.
    Jeffeth A Count, A warchief, a nice fellow. We'll be joining each other in the north where he said we could have a drink. I hope we get to share a battlefield together!
    Jev A really nice warlord guy!
    Jordan Count Riven seems like a good fellow, willing to help me figure some things out and for that he has my gratitude.
    Joscelin A Gallows humor but also honest, clear-spoken. His ink reminds me of Viktarkim, though I can't see most of it. I think it's in me to trust the sort that bears Shav traditions proudly, and the man is, on first impression, the kind that invokes trust without really trying. Perhaps this is why he is Warchief, leaders need such charisma, don't they? Or at least, the air of command this gentleman so clearly evokes.
    Josephine The tattoo's count of Riven, the husband to the Countess Mia. Gruff but very polite. A man who knows what he wants.
    Jyri Focused, no-nonsense, determined. I'm glad we are not enemies.
    Kaldur Solid. In whatever is ahead, I'll be glad to meet it shoulder-to-shoulder.
    Kenna We met while spectating at the training center. He likes Delilah, so full points in his direction. He also seems very serious, perhaps he's part of why she keeps overworking! Maybe I'll not relay his message for a day or so...
    Killian Other than not realizing I've been around trees, seems a solid and dependable fellow. And quite skilled, I look forward to working with him again.
    Laric At least we're both still alive. Ready and able to fight with zero hesitation.
    Lark I am inclined to like anyone who likes both Tikva and Reese.
    Liara A warrior count. Rather on the dour side, but polite and made for good conversation, all the same.
    Lou He came forward to share his experiences at the Explorer's information share for the Lodge, and seemed haunted by his experiences. No one can blame him for such a thing, when confronted with horrific things.
    Luca I've always said I'd fight by his side. Now I have. I don't regret the experience. He's worth his weight with a weapon.
    Lucita During our conversation, he seemed well spoken, friendly, interested in a variety of things and showing common sense in offering wise advice. All in all, something that would mean further conversation would be welcome!
    Lys He seems all slow and ponderous, like maybe he's some sort of sentient rock.. but get a sword in his hand and he turns into a viper.
    Mabelle A sensible warrior. I did not know those exist.
    Maeve This tall man is a count! I got to meet him at the Shrine of Gloria. He was kind in saying how important healers are. i had to remind him that strong warriors are just as important!
    Malesh A count under the Deepwoods, so I don't know him very well. He rowed well enough for the Grayson Crew, and helped us to victory!
    Margerie He gave me whiskey in my hour of need and brought an attempt at humor into an uncomfortable moment. At this first meeting? He is nothing short of a hero to me. Good man, that.
    Marian Pragmatic and concise in his words, not at all playing to the politics of the matter. I like that in a commander. His words on Darkwater are well-spoken. While he limits what he says, his sharp insights are welcome.
    Marius Another noble who's also a proud shav! Glad to have met him. Hopefully we can work together in the future.
    Maru It's good to see another Count my nephew's age here with his head on straight and his eyes open to the world we're in. Refreshing.
    Melody Once abandoned and now ruler of an entire county. I can't imagine that went down easy with the people in the city, but it's good to know that people can look at a prodigal and think that we're far more than just savages.
    Meriah He has that gruffness about him and seriousness that reminds me of the old man. And, like him, he seems like he might be nice under it all? He said he liked meetin' physicians anyway, so that's good!
    Michael Mia chose well when she delved the untamed to pin her house upon.
    Miranda War Chief to the Tainfort. Count. Man of few words.
    Mirari A large man, seems very quiet but that can't be because he is not intelligent. Stupid men are not enobled...often.
    Nigel Ah, my good brother in law. Proof that a scowl is good enough for a certain stripe of diplomacy. And a stalwart friend, of course. But mostly the scowl. And the looming.
    Norwood He is quiet and serious, not unlike myself, and another soldier who did not necessarily come to his place as his first choice. His tattoos might show his ancestor is not the same as many, but his words show the differences may be only skin deep in some way.
    Oswyn Just as intimidating as anticipated.
    Petal He is prodidgal too, but one who made a name for himself. I am sure he has a story. He was kind to me.
    Pharamond A mighty serious warrior but if he's as good with his blades as his craftsmanship we may well win everything coming at us.
    Reese A serious Count who carries himself well.
    Reigna A Prodrigal, an example of the power of being such a thing. He is smart and more than that, wise. He also loves his wife, or at least cares for her deeply. A man like that is a man I can respect and want as an ally.
    Rey It took a moment for me to remember why I knew him. But I am very glad to run into his Court/Warleader, he smiled and laughed and it was a pleasure to see his enjoyment of his children.
    Riagnon An imposing figure but nothing the allure of free candy can't break through!
    Rinel He's like a mountain. I wouldn't want to fight him. Or debate him--he moves and talks slowly, but I can see him choosing his words with purpose. This is a careful man, not a slow one.
    Roran What a hole digger!
    Ryhalt Count Riven, much more warrior than I, and an excellent host. I am interested in the forested rivers that they call home, and look forward to doing business there.
    Rymarr Count Thesarin. He's as terse as ever. I love it. I love it even more if he'd learn to sidestep his enemy's blades.
    Sabella He seems grumpy. Someone needs a hug! Or a best friend! Or a best friend that gives hugs!
    Sabella Once you get past the scary tattoos and the scary glowers and the interesting hair, he's just a regular old pie eating Count just like everyone else! Did I mention the scary tattoos? He has lots of those.
    Sable A noble, but he still looks like a fellow shav and seems to still have an edge. That's promising.
    Samael A stoic man that I am happy to have met. He is very much my opposite when it comes to joviality but he has a way to him that is not unpleasant. I hope to get to know him better and to have his counsel and support as well as provide anything he might need as a stalwart ally.
    Saya War-Chief. River-wolf. Does he howl at the moon? Or stalk the river bed forests?
    Sparte A very grumpy disposition, but justified. I hope the damage being done by the enemy can be stopped before his people suffer further.
    Sunaia I found a piece of quartz in the river once. Dark quartz, smoky enough that you almost couldn't tell there was something in the center of it. The smokiness made a mystery of what the rock was built around but you knew something was there... maybe something even nicer than a good, heavy piece of smoky quartz. Count-Consort Riven brings that rock to mind.
    Thea Quiet. Didn't mind him one bit. He spoke up when he needed to.
    Theron A prodigal Count and War Chief of Riven. Seems to know his way around battle, but has very ... conflicting views on the importance of physical pursuits. Nevertheless, seems to be a pleasant fellow, if gruff in that usual way that Prodigals are known for.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Violet A quiet and somewhat serious gentleman. Soft spoke and seems to prefer listening. But he shared some wise words and was a pleasant drinking companion.
    Wash Nice of the Lord of a house to support his subordinates by attending their fights. Earns my respect instantly.
    Wyatt In retrospect, maybe should tone down the 'Dad really hated prodigals' around Thesarin. He's scary.
    Zalika Count of Riven and a War Chief. I feel if I should ever need teachings of war, he is indeed the one I shall be seeking out.