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Lady Piccola Tessere

There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: The Vipers' Voice
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Tessere
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 10/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Skintone: pale

Description: Of all the Little Snakes, she is the smallest.

Like any serpent, she has an air of cultured civility about her slender silhouette. When she speaks, she does so quietly but firmly. When she moves, it is with the grace of someone who has practiced physical arts for years. When she sits, her posture is properly strict and restrained. But it is her height – she is barely five-feet tall – that stands in contrast to her certain composure that is reflected in the flattened line of her mouth and the steadiness of her gaze.

In her eyes gleams the light of a feral heart.

Nature makes snakes precise and deadly predators. She stares with green eyes which are a little too large for her head and carry with them a baleful intensity. The skin which can be seen is laced with the scars of war, some thin and some not. Hardened hands bear long fingers; squared shoulders run to slight hips; and feminine features are nullified by dark hair cut short and left wind-swept and loose. And her demeanor carries wild fury caged in cold chains.

Though she be little, she is undoubtedly fierce.

Personality: All warfare is deception.

Outwardly, she is enigmatic by design. She is not short on words when she writes, but she uses few of them when she speaks. Her tone normally as soft as down, but the words she chooses are as sharp as the arrows she carries. She is green and she is black, like the colors she often chooses to wear: the color of olives for peace; the color of grief for war. The only thing that is certain is the deliberation in the display she projects.

Victory and defeat are matters of circumstance.

Inwardly, she is dreadfully focused outwardly. She has forsworn life, which only leads to death; but she has embraced death to find her life. Not knowing what will happen in the next moment, what moments she has she puts towards her projects in service of others, be they for her family, her friends, or her lieges. For her, the execution of service is the path to enlightenment. And the only way to perfect service is to give everything to its attainment.

The noblest struggle is justice before a tyrant.

Having had her nobility stripped from her, she is aware what it is like to live without that privilege; having had it returned, she understands the power of redemption. Of all the causes she aids, the most important is that of the common people, and nothing pushes her more in service than caring for and elevating them. She is fiercely loyal to her soldiers; she offers aid to all commoners who seek to rise; and she sees few as deserving of that which they did not earn with work or blood.

True wisdom is freedom from one's own ideas.

Background: Lady Pierina Tessere's fortune was as bad as her House's reputation.

Her father was one of the Countess' younger brothers. When she took over the House, he served as one of her consiglieres, specifically over the House's burgeoning fabric trade. For a while, things went well, and Pierina was born as the fourth of sixth children. Unfortunately, of them she was the smallest, and she suffered the usual slings and arrows of childish insults from her siblings, family, and peers. She was given the nickname "Piccola" by her father, which since became her nom de guerre.

As went all things in Countess Lucrezia's court, her father fell out of favor after he became a target of intrigue and investigation. Unfortunately, her father was embezzling money out of the family's coffers, and he was punished severely by ostracism and the loss of his estate. Soon after, her father was found strangled in his sleep, a deed allegedly done by those with whom he had made poor deals. Her mother found little charity in the Countess' court but found comfort in booze and the arms of men.

She and her siblings scattered to the wind. Survival was not easy on the fringes of Iriscal, but it could be done. Being picked on for many years made Piccola tough and tenacious, two features which caught the eye of a sellsword company looking to increase its ranks of fodder. Two years of tagging along on dangerous missions afforded her enough to buy her own gear and horse. She soon joined a different mercenary company, and then another and another until the day a message called her back home.

The Countess was dead, and in her place was Sabine. The message had come from the new Countess - Piccola never inquired as to how it reached her - and requested her return to Iriscal. And there, she was given a command and mission: to train and lead the House's cavalry in a manner befitting the House's ambition of prominence. It would be a chance to bring her family back into the House's ruling echelons, where it belonged. And no sane Lycean would give up that chance for redemption.

Or revenge.

Relationship Summary

  • Nurie - She who advances without coveting fame and retreats without fearing disgrace, whose only thought is to protect her country and do good service for her sovereign, is the jewel of the kingdom.
  • Cosimo - To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.
  • Sabine - She who wins the battle makes many calculations in her fortress before the battle is fought.
  • Daturo - The good fighter is able to secure himself against defeat, but cannot make certain of defeating the enemy.
  • Elysio - Hold out bait to entice the enemy; feign disorder; then crush him.
  • Aswin - What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.
  • Yuri - If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.
  • Gaspar - He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.

  • Friend:
  • Braelynn - A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
  • Thea - When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.
  • Anisha - At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.
  • Ilira - If you can act with vigor, you have a will.
  • Orchid - A good artist lets her intuition lead her wherever it wants.
  • Zoey - The sage does not hoard for herself: the more she helps others, the richer life she lives.
  • Seren - A journey of a thousand miles started with a first step.
  • Ember - Freed from desire, you can see the hidden mystery.
  • Medeia - She who has no destination in view makes use of anything life happens to bring her way.
  • Katarina - Wise women don't need to prove their point; women who need to prove their point aren't wise.
  • Name Summary
    Achard Able to sprinkle pleasant social greetings around challenging a giant Redrain Lord to fisticuffs. Interesting person, hidden depths. That is one spar I would like to see!
    Adrienne I saw the Lady Tessere at a charity event during the unrest in Arx. She moves and speaks with a quiet dignity that does not hide an intelligent and perceptive mind.
    Aella A fair mind, honest, and good ideas. Enjoy a chance to have whiskey with her.
    Aindre We have a way of building people up in our minds if we know of them through exploits or through writing though we've yet to meet them in person. I finally had the chance to meet with Lady Piccola Tessere - if just across a dinner table - after some months of reading her occasional musings on death and war and duty in her submitted journals to the Archive of Vellichor. Is she as I expected? I thought she'd be taller and I never really envisioned her carrying a mountain of a plate of meat. Surprises are good in life, it does us well to have our expectations shaken up. I don't know the General well, but I do get the feeling she is the sort to shatter expectations.
    Alarissa There are those who merely smile and fill the air with banal words. Then there is the general. Most assuredly, when she speaks, the conversation is one that can be enjoyed for hours and the intelligence behind the words is evident.
    Alis No frills, no fuss. Exactly the type of person that is easy to work with. I have no doubt she is an excellent General for House Tessere.
    Allegra A mysterious woman dressed in black who oft grunts when looking for books. However, she makes for pleasant conversation and has the most fascinating of plans. I do wish her all the luck, perhaps we'll see what comes of it.
    Andrina A blade held in it's sheathe, but there's a woman hiding underneath all that sharpness. I think that I might like who is there.
    Andromeda A bold woman, unafraid and eager to seek challenges. Good. We have that much in common.
    Anisha There's something about martial nobility that seems to foster a...distaste is the wrong word, but certainly, an acknowledgement of a person beyond just the title. I've seen it before, and I'm sure I'll see it again. Lady Piccola shields herself somewhat, which I suppose is to be expected. But for me it draws me in rather than drives me away. She chooses her words carefully, and anyone who knows me know how I appreciate that. All in all, Lady Piccola has a lot in her to recommend me to her, and I am intrigued to find out what she will make of Arx - and what the city will make of her, in turn.
    Apollo Over-prepared in a way that only means nerves. I hope she can find a quiet heart.
    Appolonia As long as I live, Lady Tessere will be the first person to wound me in battle, and the first person I survived fighting.
    Ariella While she seems serious and commanding at first, it's undeniable that this General knows how to relax and have some fun. I look forward spending more time with her as I think we might actually share many things in common.
    Aswin A new patron. Well would you look at that. A silk that sees value in me. An Ulbran. Maybe she is crazy. Either way, she has a grit about her that you don't see often in the high class. It warrants getting to know her a bit more.
    Azova It's a pleasure to meet those who know their own minds to succinctly. Especially where we might find common agreement.
    Bhandn I can't decide which would be worse for earning a nickname: while fighting or while fucking. Both feel undesirable, and the latter is more embarassing to talk about, were it me. She wasn't blushing though, so there is that.
    Bianca An impressive woman. Her respect for the sanctity of sacred spaces coupled with her direct manner are both attributes I much appreciate. As time goes on I have hope to interact with her more often.
    Braelynn She's small but she's fierce! I liked her from the moment I met her!
    Cahal I do enjoy her whites. Seems interesting.
    Calista Quite possibly the best part of joining a women's book club is to be in her company.
    Calla Met her at the Black Fox, seems nice even if she said she wasn't used to being called a lady.
    Calypso Such a tease.
    Caprice A prolific writer, and not one to waste words in person. Then again, I suppose few people would be chatty while poking around in musty old ruins.
    Caspian The general seems to constantly be in a state of strategizing. Everything she does seems precise, calculated and intentional. It speaks to a remarkable mind that she can think so clearly and quickly on everything she does.
    Cassandra When I first read Piccola's journals, I worried about her. But now having met her in person, I know that there is someone that genuinely cares and has a grand idea. I am happy to assist her where she needs it and I hope to learn more about the woman behind the General.
    Cassimir As succinct and serious a woman as I've ever beheld, and rather more perceptive of, and ready to reflect upon, others' qualities and proficiencies than is customary in a first pass at conversation. It is not something I intend to hold over Lady Piccola's head, however, seeing as how the advice she gifted to me was particularly astute, and any person who can inspire introspection in just under five minutes of contact is certainly worth conversing with again.
    Cassiopeia A strong woman, assertive, clever, concise and direct. She embodies the qualities of a General and still has the type of charm that makes a conversation inviting. This is someone I suspect I could talk to, on a variety of topics, and find myself endlessly interested.
    Celeste The General of Tessere is not a bubbly woman, but I appreciate that in my generals.
    Celine The General appears to be a very serious sort, but she does prefer tea over coffee and my cousin seems to like her, so that /probably/ says something of her character.
    Cirroch Strong willed, minded, and a fun one for having simple conversations, or complicated directions in navigating a precious social gathering.
    Cristoph Lady Tessere is an interesting individual who some inventive ideas on warfare. It's a good perspective to have since not every battle will be won on sheer numbers alone. I look forward to working with her and her house in the future.
    Dante I appreciate the fact that she's taken on the martial duties of her house, even if appearing less than comfortable with the traditional ways of Lycene nobility. In the end, what matters is her skill on the field of battle - I look forward to riding forth with the General against a mutual foe. Very approachable and has a lot of desire to get things done, which is something I appreciate vastly.
    Desma A General. Seems to mean what she says and thinks it through. Probably good to get to know in my new Ministerial position.
    Dimitri I'm not quite sure what to make of Lady Piccola. She is not your typical Lady of the Lycene, which makes it all the more intriguing. And she was a mercenary. Or is a mercenary. Or can be. Either way, there's layers to this Lady and I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Dio A Lady of energy and industry with a keen mind: exactly the sort with which one wants to do business.
    Domonico She has got hidden pain. That's clear to see. So maybe not as hidden as it could be.
    Elysio No nonsense. Efficient. She has goals, sets her mind to them, and plans how to achieve them. No wonder Sabine made her a General.
    Ember The unambitious hold tea parties and sewing circles. The ambitious bring together Houses to learn about one another. The ruthlessly, admirably ambitious bring the King along.
    Emily A keen mind and one that has captured the attention of my sweet cousin. She has an idea for advantageous matches but I wonder if the leaders of the houses will see so. Perhaps she can yet convince them.
    Esme She seems at first meeting to be the proper sort, but there are questions and secrets in the depths. Things I might just want to poke at until I know. I am sure we shall be good friends.
    Evangeline A noble mercenary from House Tessere. She seems like someone I would like to keep on my good side. Welcome to Arx, Lady Mercenary!
    Evaristo A veteran of wars, serious and grim. What about the FUN sides of life? But, I barely know her - maybe she's the most amazing fun at parties!
    Evelynn A fellow cat lover! And her pragmatism and wisdom in matters of war/conflict make her a boon to the Compact.
    Everett A famous General with a mischievous horse who arrived a bit late to the Farmers' Market. Luckily, there were leftover pies. Even luckier still, she found them delicious. And her horse keeps trying to make off with apples. So I'd better pack up some apples and oats for them!
    Ezra Knives and hospitality.
    Faye The Tessere general and friend to Princess Katarina. She seems a bit reserved, though I have no doubt she has a fiercely loyal streak to those she considers friends. Something also makes me think... cat?
    Fenia Practical, blunt, and determined. Also capable, intelligent, and with a refreshing wit, should she choose to use it. Someone who wont give up easily, it seems. Also someone worth knowing.
    Gabriella General Piccola. I've no small measure of respect for a woman who does not hide her who and what she is at heart -- least of all one I feel a kindred spirit in.
    Gael I've never liked archers, but I didn't tell her this. Figured it'd be rather crude, and rude for the conversation at hand. Not because they're cowards, or lesser, or anything -- because they're smarter than the rest of us. I haven't met a marksman who has ever had to eat through a straw yet.
    Gaspar So drastically different than your average Lycene, but I don't think she'd have it any other way. She is invaluable to our House and sees things in a manner I likely never would. She is not my blood, but she will always be my family.
    Gaspard A military minded Lycene, she embodies the aspects I value in a general of solemnity and duty. Perhaps we have more in common and I hope to figure that out.
    Gaston A smart warrior who knows her strengths /and/ weaknesses. Her greatest strength is acknowledging her weaknesses and work on improving on them, she will certainly grow stronger over time.
    Gerrick As General and a Lady, mesmerizing
    Giada Thank the gods she's not vapid. Proud sort. Not bad.
    Giorgio The General of Tessere. She seems to be soft spoken, but Lady Monique speaks highly of her skill. I will keep an eye on her.
    Haakon Actions, even small actions, are worth more than any pretty words or rich jewels. This one understands that.
    Hamish Tiny, but packs a punch. I won't forget her, this is certain.
    Harlex Wherever she came from, whoever she really is, is inconsequential. I know someone who lives the trade. She has all the markings.
    Ian Most cavalry fighters are too proud to fight on foot. Not all.
    Icelyn A fine archeress; it surprises me that I haven't had cause to meet her before this. Her good humour in the contest makes me hope that I will have the chance to do so more formally in the future.
    Ida General Piccola of House Tessere is an intriguing woman. She strikes me as someone who is direct, efficient, and practical, though not in any sort of dismissive way. She seems both serious and sincere as well, and the fact that she is the general for her House clearly leads one to believe she is someone of impressive martial knowlegdge and skill. She's certainly someone I'd welcome back to the shop.
    Ilira A hardass with humor. I like her, I'd trust her, and she takes and deals hits heartily. Those bruises are still fading.
    Isabeau Someone with a very forceful presence, she makes one take note and wish not to step wrongly. I wonder if our paths may cross again in time
    Ivy A general for her House, a laudable title in and of itself. She has a certain stubbornness about her, but in a good way. I can't wait to talk animals with her.
    Jadara The woman has spirit and seems to possess the kind of mentality that gets things done. Perhaps with a suitable amount of caution and in time she will learn to temper that with the counsel of those who wish to see her succeed. At the end of the day, we are not often bothered to remember those we meet here in Arvum but this one warrants watching. Closely.
    Jyri One can tell a soldier if you are one yourself. This one would make art of a battle-field, no doubt.
    Kaia Oh, she had the most wonderful idea: The Arvani League! Truly, brilliant! It allowed us to meet and learn about so many Houses. I do look foward to more of these events. Tessere continues to surprise! Wonderful!~
    Kastelon Unpleasant. At least she is more direct than most who possess the scornful wiles of the Lyceum.
    Katarina Steadfast, strong, bold, committed. I do not always agree with her philosophically but I rely upon her. The extent of this reliance is something that neither of us are quite ready to speak, I suspect, but that both of us understand.
    Katarzyna An adventurous sort with a penchant for sparring and the great outdoors. While she might have a knack for getting herself injured on the regular, she also seems to understand the value of proper medical care. I appreciate that about her and hope that she stays safe.
    Keely For someone so petite, she is imposing in her own way, as I tend to find anyone who knows their own mind so well. Her advice is sound and she does me a great favour in providing it. I only hope to prove as useful in return.
    Kenjay A lady, and yet she does not dress or carry herself as one. I wonder what her tale is.
    Kia She must be quite the woman to have achieved so many names. Perhaps the stories of she came to have them all are to be found in the scars that she wears.
    Korka There's nothing nobility like more than someone to throw their time and silver at. Lady Piccola appears to be willing to fill that niche for them.
    Kritr Still learning to fight it seems, but not shrinking from any opportunity to exhibit. House Tessere must be quite secure in it's stewardship.
    Lailah Stoic general of House Tessere. Unlike many, she seems to choose her words precisely, while neither softening their impact nor seeking to cut unnecessarily. I have known many warriors in my years, but she seems uniquely intriguing.
    Laurel Despite all that happens around her she seems rather composed and sure of herself. A good thing to see in a noble.
    Leena Straight to the point, with little time for nonense or excessive pleasantries, which I rather find the most endearing trait about her. She cares about the people under her in a realist way. That's how I would describe her. An analytical realist.
    Lenard I'm not sure what to think of this woman, but I do believe she doesn't seem fond of me. I hope it's just that she thinks I'm boring, because I cannot fairly dispute this assessment.
    Lisebet General Piccola seems a very Crownlands sort for a Lycene. I look forward to further conversations with her.
    Lora At a glance, one expects a certain roughness and naivety. Like most of her House though, what one sees is never quite what one gets.
    Lore A woman with plans and the balls to see them through. I will have to bring whiskey next time we meet. She would appreciate it, I think.
    Lou She introduced herself as General Piccola. I can respect that. She has a fine head for working out the mechanics of a thing too, like a way to facilitate longer exploration in Whitepeak. I can admire /that/.
    Lucita The Lady shows ambition, skill, and a goal of binding houses together in mutual aid when necessary. She is one with whom to bounce around ideas.
    Lys Petite but commanding. She's driven and clearly knows what she wants to do. I like her.
    Mabelle Peculiar. Looks shy and.. confused. Comes from a very good family. I shall try to find her in a less loud company.
    Maharet One who wears her pain and her scars as armor.
    Maren She seems to be so intent on her own view that she sees rejection where there is not. Perhaps in more quiet there will be more time to speak, and to listen.
    Margerie I have met few whose earnest pursuit of the good of the Compact matches the general's. She is a woman deserving of respect, and she has mine.
    Maris Seems a bit dark an' moody. It's a wonderful change of pace, tired of hearin' about charity and honeysilk. Not sure about the shit talk, though. My little brother seems to grate on her - but that's normal enough.
    Marzio I don't know her well, but she seems to be a fun one to hang around! She certainly makes for entertaining conversation at the Training Center when sparring!
    Medeia A severe woman, though one I think I could get along with under the right circumstances.
    Mikani Don't know much about the woman yet I want the name of her tailor.
    Monique I cannot decide if we are diametrically opposite of one another, or so alike at our core that it becomes impossible to tell. But I have long been enamored of her bluntness and strategical acumen in journals, and I find myself equally enamored of the same in the flesh.
    Narcissa She seeks to see the best in all, finding strengths where even the individuals in question remain blind. She is kind and the world would be better to have more of her caliber.
    Nash A promising author, I think.
    Natasha General Piccola Tessere is a woman of few words, but I trust that she wouldn't have been elevated into a commander of men without being armed with the tools necessary to keep them in line. One simply has to look into her eyes and know that to be true.
    Neilda Incredibly efficient and serious. It's the right sort of vibe for meetings.
    Neve She's difficult to get a read on. She keeps emotions largely close to her, and has a indifferent sort of air about her. Small of stature, yet ferocious of heart is what I've heard. She seems like like whiskey, and has really short hair.
    Nina She seems like an intense person.... with a lot of knowledge about combat. She has done a great deal of tactical thinking! I think when people focus a lot on fighting, fighting is how they learn to relax, too. But that's a whole different world to me!
    Noah I didn't want to. I think I like her. Not in the fashion of wishing to court or such, but in the I think I want to take her out for drinks. Then I want to watch her talk to the masses. Then I want to observe the fate of those that are not aware.
    Norwood Don't use bees in war.
    Nurie It isn't easy when you're called to a place that perhaps you'd rather not be, and admirable when one attends to the duty without complaint anyway. But I do hope that in time she'll come to trust that it's not just her skill that is needed, but that she is truly wanted as well. Also, she has the most adorable pony ever.
    Ophelia A fellow archeress with an appreciation for the hunt. I do believe our paths will cross again upon another archery range in the city. She has an excellent shot!
    Ophne In many ways, a woman after my own heart. I wonder if she's better with her bow than I. We'll have to test each other, hopefully soon.
    Orchid When I saw her she seemed terribly unapproachable but once she spoke it was quite different than first glance. She even offered to help me move heavy furniture. She knows animal things.
    Orrin The General of House Tessere. She certainly carries a commanding baring around her and I think I would quite enjoy conversing with her upon martial matters.
    Orvyn A General of Tessere. Her fiery dedication to her house and others is a great strength, so much so that it does remind me of mine own sister. House Tessere has made a wise decision in giving her the authority that she carries upon her shoulders.
    Pasquale She reminds me more of my soldiers, or even a northern lady than a noblewoman of the Lycene. Refreshing really.
    Poppy A charming young lady who wants to help wherever she can. I look forward to more meetings with her. I can just see how close a friends we may become.
    Porter Phew! She seems very intense. I hope she's able to find something that's just 'fun'. Though, I also hope that fun doesn't involve hitting me with an arrow on a scavenger hunt.
    Quenia A rather blunt and forthright person. Sometimes I think the world needs more people like that. She's also a rather dedicated warrior.
    Raja She seems /very/ business. A bit uptight. She needs a drink.
    Rane The Lady-General is unlike most Lycenes I've most, not that there have been many. But she is stoic, driven and has a thirst for knowledge on warfare. House Tessere is surely well-protected in her hands.
    Ras Not soft. Not a snob either. Seems like she's been around, talks like some of the hardest folk I know. Doubt she'd care to really be anyone's friend, though. Most hard folk look out for themselves, and that's with also bein a silk. We'll see.
    Raymesin Wiser than a lot of silks. Dresses like a commoner. There's something deeper to this one, I just hope it's not some sort of quicksand.
    Razija It seems we have many interests in common. When meeting her be advised to address her as General, no matter what her Marquis might say because I haven't a doubt she'd put that pretty sword right through you if you caught her on an off day.
    Reigna A curious lady of House Tessere. Her manners are well honed, though she seems as though she has no use for anything so stuffy. That is not to say she is rude -- not at all! But there is a... hmm. There are those of us to whom the intangible aspects of society matter and others who are direct and prefer austere efficiency to the frippery of tea and curtsies. The best of us can weave seamlessly between the two. I believe Lady Piccola has that potential within her. She has a keen mind and ambition, but then who could expect anything less from a Lady of the Lyceum?
    Rodica Quiet, in a manner that means she is trying to weasel out what she can learn. Nice legs.
    Rook The General of House Tessere is not all that she appears to be. While clearly of a military mind, the woman possess a deeper understanding of the inner workings of things and that's a trait that one rarely see's. I look forward to seeing just how much of a name she comes to make for herself as a result of this.
    Rosalind She's a general and I feel like she doesn't smile enough. BUT! BUT! She's nice I think, that seriuos demeanor of hers is just a cover up for maybe a mushy side!
    Rosemary I'm going to work up the nerve to talk to her, I just hope she doesn't reject me. She has the kind of sass I just adore. She would be great for a night at Trader's with the girls.
    Sabella She's a wonderful listener and new to the city so that means I could introduce her to so many people! Like, all the people I know! Especially knights since that's what she appears to be interested in! I can tell that we're going to be just the very best of friends!
    Sabine She is exactly as I had hoped she would be after her winnowing. Clear eyes and the steel necessary for what's soon to come. I expect her not to flinch when the time comes.
    Samantha I knew she was exceptional from the moment I saw how my cousin looked at her. There's a good heart beating in that beautiful chest of hers. I just know it and I am glad that Lynn has someone like her to spend time with. The world needs more like Pica.
    Samira She seems pretty serious, but maybe I'd lack a sense of humor too if I arrived to the city in the midst of riots and whirlpools and who knows what else? From what I've witnessed, she's a skilled archer. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
    Savio There's a certain kind of confidence from a person who knows exactly who they are and what they're about. She has it in spades, self-possession clearly sourced in knowledge and experience. I hope she knocks my teeth out someday, it'd be an honor!
    Seren The general is a woman that any should look up. She knows what she's talking about. She gives great advice. And she's been the most helpful mentor I've had since I was learning my craft as a goldsmith.
    Sigurd General and fellow rider of the horse. Smol in look. Fierce in words and presence.
    Sloane An oak grown around a lost and battered blade.
    Sonnet Small. Sharp. Probably poisonous.
    Sophie What she lacks in stature she makes up for in spirit! Perhaps I should stock up on bandages and poultices now that she's arrived. Surely she trains harder than most twice her size. She'll need them.
    Sorrel Small but fierce, she's got more spirit than most. She'll fight until the end and hold on by the teeth if she has to.
    Sunaia I like her. There's a certain honesty to who she is and how she is that reminds me of Aislin. Just shorter.
    Svana Lady Piccola is a mystery to me. For all the times that I have met her, I still do not have a handle on her - that's not a bad thing for her. Every woman should have a bit of mystery. Whether that's her goal or not, she's accomplished it.
    Sydney I was curious what sort of woman she'd be after seeing her match at the Hart - after having some time to speak with her, she seems sensible about battlefield tactics, and her short stature doesn't diminish the capable air she has about her. I hope I'm ever on the correct side of her arrows.
    Thea She seems sheltered, naive. Or it's a ruse. Time will tell...
    Tibault Sharp, driven, concerned with matters and and, and communicates her ideas well and clearly.
    Tyrus A Tessere met at dinner. She had interesting tales to share.
    Valerius The general thinks she snuck into the tourney, it was hard not to notice her.
    Vanora This petite Lady of Tessere is different from many Lycene diplomats, for she gets straight to the point, lays out all the information, and makes arrangements all quite clear and simple to manage. Working with her ought be a breeze.
    Venturo One might mistake the General as lacking the refined palette of an experienced taster, but I know better. She is one whom knows precisely what she is after, and I appreciate the challenge in finding just the right drink. Someday, I'll have to tell her about the Great Hot Chocolate Debacle of the Oathlands and see how that drink suits her.
    Vitalis Now I have a face to put with the entries into the White Record. She is not at all what I imagined, but precisely as she should be.
    Vittorio A woman of coin that has a magical acorn in her back. Maybe if you rub it, it gives you silver.
    Viviana We've only briefly encountered each other, but the Lady Piccola strikes me more as a scholar than a warrior. I wonder if she'll write that book or not.
    Wash The General Tessere is severe and businesslike in all her dealings. At least around me. I think she's trying her best to be the kind of soldier I've avoided being all my life.
    Yael She carries more weapons around on her than I've seen any other guardsman or the like wear. Yet what does all that bristling get her? An image. But an image isn't the truth of a person, per se, and I'd like to know more of her truth.
    Yuri My dear cousin now reunited. I am ever grateful for her advice as I navigate the ways in which I can help the family, and our House.
    Zoey Polite, and a bit timid. She will probably become more confident as things become more familiar.
    Zyanya She does not seem to place value on what is beyond herself. It is a self-made veil, a blindness.