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Lord Luis Igniseri

I love songs with deeds in them!

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Glory Hound
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Igniseri
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 1/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: liquid brown
Skintone: golden olive

Description: Floppy black curls fall loose around Luis's even featured face, fluffy and difficult to entirely tame. His eyes are large and wide beneath fine, dark eyebrows, liquid brown and sometimes meltingly soulful with soft entreaty: there is no one who can puppydog eyes like Luis Igniseri. His lips are full, his teeth white, and a few sparse black freckles mar the dusky warmth of his skintone. His lean athleticism suggests the strength of a powerful swimmer and fighter while the easy grace with which he moves suggests the studied elegance of a dancer.

Personality: Luis wants adventure, romance, and really wild things! A born troublemaker who struggles forever with restraint, he wants his fingers in as many pies as possible. He yearns to distinguish himself for a future legacy of song and story, but doesn't have that clear an idea of how to do that. He occasionally struggles with chains of command, although not so much that he would come up against the bounds of his sworn oaths. He wants more than he has of pretty much everything with a kind of restless, whole-hearted, full-bodied lust for life.

Background: The younger son of a lesser line of the March of Granato, Luis knew from an early age that there was only one way to make sure that he mattered to the family, the fealty, and the world: derring do. He grew up absorbing tales and stories like they were water, and launched himself into his early training in the practice yards with the guardsmen of Igniseri and with his older cousins, Vincere the heir and Pietro his twin. Too young to be a real companion to his cousins, though, he primarily ended up attached to a younger circle of lesser nobles and the older sons of some of the guardsmen who worked tirelessly to be the Best.

Luis loved to get into trouble. Thoughtless and reckless as a youth, he grew a little more consideration only with time and repetition and the constant efforts of his parents and his lieges to discipline him. As a boy, he was always climbing trees, stealing olives, rolling in the mud, hiding in the weird spaces of the hall of the castle and getting into mischief. He never ran out of energy. When he was old enough to ride out with the men, he squired for several knights in succession and finally became a lieutenant under Lord Pietro, handling lesser duties of command and military force at the tender age of 18, and fighting with fierce verve whenever the cavalry rode out.

Name Summary
Aahana A handsome Lord with an infectious smile. I look forward to our future lessons and find it cute how his curls fall into his eyes from time to time.
Aiden While I didn't get to speak much to Luis, I think he is the type that yearns for more and doesn't quite know how to fulfill the ache that comes with not knowing what his true purpose is. A few adventures might help and maybe if it's in the cards, our paths will cross again.
Alarissa An interesting inginseri, a little on the cocky side I imagine. I should throw him and my husband together and see what comes of it. Does carry around an aweful lot of stuff in that belt...
Aleksei He's protective of his sister, which is something to be commended.
Amarantha He's still as much of a troublemaker as I remember. Even if he plays at being a gentleman.
Anisha Lord Luis seemed like a man with many obligations, but a quick enough tongue and with enough charm and wit to stay ahead of them... For now.
Apollis We're cut from the same cloth, you might think. Amarantha, Luis and I were probably the biggest troublemakers as children but we each outgrew that at different times. It is harder to stay close as adults but relationships evolve.
Astraea Charming, witty, and always a good-hearted person. I love Luis with all my heart, he has always been the light in my cloudy day and even when we spent time apart he always greeted me with so much love and affection. I'd do anything for him and anyone who were to say anything counter to what I know as well and true, may the Gods have mercy on them.
Bethany A most handsome Lycene knight that seems to have heard of my skills. First to properly address me since my return. I should look into that.
Caith In a city filled with pretty princesses, you are the prettiest of them all! He is such a charmer that my heart swooned and he wasn't even looking my way -- goodness gracious! Funny, flirtatious and probably game for anything, he is an instant friend.
Cullen A fine leader of men for House Igniseri, he does the Marquessa justice with his martial zeal. His handling of the remains of the Gyre's forces showed a good head on his shoulders, where I likely would have put them to the sword as a threat.
Dante The Sword of Granato, he seems a highly capable soldier and commander. He's someone I'd like to get to sit down with and talk to at length about military matters.
Domonico Seemingly a well armoured and experience Lord, he seemed very interested in his cousin who apparently married into Malvici. This must have been before I came to Arx.
Dora Oh I like him! I like him a lot. He thinks much like I do. Hopefully we'll become partners in mischief.
Duarte A perfectly sociable man with tales of adventure to boot.
Echo I haven't seen Luis for some time, but I don't think I could've asked for better company on my arrival. He's so adorable and sweet, we're so lucky to have him.
Eshra KNows Mattheu, which could mean many things but at least he seemed to be a likable sort.
Faruq He carries around a variety of alcohol. That is /all/ I need to know.
Fecundo Sharp, quick-witted and with an interesting sense of humor, though I believe my sister kept up with him. I heard swords...maybe a friendly sparring session in the future?
Felicia Curls and a smile and black leather. Cousin to Princess Echo, but a man of wit and style on the battlefield, as charmingly dangerous with his tongue as his sword.
Gilroy A (mostly) unflappable groom!
Giulio It's good to meet other gentlemen of refined characteristics -- and he does, indeed, have amazing hair. It would be intriguing to have a longer conversation over drinks. Another time.
Gretchen I've seen grooms look dour on their wedding days, but not this one. I hope the happiness of this day follows him throughout his life.
Ian Baroness Saik's brother. Isn't like the stories she told of him. I guess people grow up.
Jasher From what little I can tell, a courteous and confident sort of person. What people imagine a leader is like.
Jeffeth At first he made me nervous. But he seems an alright fellow. I think he might have liked me. A lot. He seems a decent sort.
Jordan A skilled swordsman and truly the man Igniseri trusts to carry out their martial demands. I can see why. He's an apt swordsman and dispatched several threats by himself. Too early to tell more of the man, save that he's brave, and has that nice panache that most Lycenes have in combat. Entertaining! Which is a good thing.
Joscelin Intensely curious, he seems eager to learn everything about all the things he finds of interest.
Kaldur I hear he acquitted himself well with the cavalry at Setarco. What matters to me... he supplied Peri with a blade for the battle.
Killian Polite, interesting, and apparently joining the Society of Explorers. That certainly should mean I get the opportunity to get to know the fellow better in the future.
Laric What came first, the phoenix or the egg?
Leola Seems to be one of the silks who knows their role; to lead, defend, to inspire. Clearly clubs with those others of his class, and couldn't expect less. Fine man, as they go.
Lianne Able to rise to a challenge others might not even recognize. Intriguing.
Lou A confident noble of House Igniseri. An enigma to boot. He's one of the new explorers, and seems quite eager to learn new things. It'll be interesting to see how he grows within our organization.
Magpie Magpie wasn't sure about Luis, but the man *did* ask about what color hair Skald has when learning that the smuggler met the god. What's not to love about a man that can appreciate fine hair? Maybe he was a Grayhope in a past life!
Maru Ah the energy of the young. He reminds me of me, in some ways, eager to do it all.
Merek I think that he knows my sister it would seem. It is good to know that she seems to have friends that are doing well for themselves.
Miranda Such good humor, this one! Charming and entertaining to boot!
Neilda Drown your sorrows! Don't have any sorrows? Drown whatever you got! --Luis, probably. Not that I disapprove, duh.
Nierzen He moves easily between superficial conversation and boring me to tears with stunning adroitness.
Norwood He's witty. Very very witty, but in a good humor kind of way.
Orathy Full of 'emself and patronizing some. Reckon he ain't too worried about who be hearing his stories though, which aye well, makes up for the first bit.
Ouida My Oathlands brethren will find it shocking, but I find our Lycene neighbors to be oft compelling and near alluring almost to a one that I have ever met (and I must say, many fond memories in having done so). One is best served by doing one's best to never be surprised in matters of dealing with them, to hold expectations in an open hand, and enjoy the ride as it were, if you can. However, how pleasant to be surprised by the turn of conversation, wherein a discussion of tactics and troops moves to finding one's inspiration and rekindling of the spirit as a matter of vital importance in strategy. I am fortunate indeed to have such a teacher, and much to think about in the coming days. Also, he's rather pleasant to observe at his drills, especially from behind. So there is that.
Petal He is a playful and a joy to be around.
Quenia He is my crazy, zany cousin, who often loves to tease me. Sometimes he can take it a bit far, but I know it comes from a good place. He's also a patient teacher of skills, especially if you have as many questions as I do about things!
Ras Fun guy to spy on, even if he just mostly talked about boring silk shit like his family wreath. Got a suspicious package, though.
Reese He seems like a fun guy and likes to swim and encourages others to enjoy themselves.
Reigna A dashing member of the Igniseri family. He is charming, friendly and clearly has good taste in hounds.
Rinel A man who has plunged into the darkness and emerged, gasping for air and light. Perhaps I can help lead him to the succor that I was denied.
Rymarr He's strangely concerned with my sex life and my pants. He seems to make a fun companion for Lady Emily though, so that is a credit to him. I'm still uncertain why my time with my wife is of concern to him, but to each their own. At least until it warrants a challenge.
Sameera Mildly on the irritating side but seems decent enough. He might even be tolerable. Her has particular thoughts on marriage (This is kettle calling the pot black).
Selene An excellent sportsman and a very good sport. He epitomizes some of the best of the Lyceum.
Sophie I do enjoy a man (or woman) who asks difficult questions. I wonder, though, to what end he intends to use the information. I will tread lightly with this one.
Sorrel A swordsman and a dancer? And what a way to end a dance, with a lift! He's so handsome and charming and suave... I really can't wait to see how he handles a sword. And to spend more time in his company.
Thesarin Free and without reserve, most things; not my own way, but well enough. Well, I think, if we work together in days coming.
Torian Didn't say a word to him. Got naked and went swimming. Can't blame him, I did the same once.
Valdemar A knowledgeable commander, who will no doubt be a great asset to the Mirrorguard. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Vanora He is absolutely delightful company, a Lycene to the core.
Vayne I'd say this meeting was perhaps the most unusual circumstance I've ever faced. Yet, he seemed to handle it all with aplomb. That's both unusual and commendable. He'll be worth getting to know, I'm sure.
Victus I've seen a lot of Lycene men like him, lots of captains like it too. He spoke fancy and was a nice guy, which already puts him above a lot of their snooty kinda nobility. I appreciated that. Hopefully he's still alive by the time we pack up and head home after this war.
Violet A very outgoing lord with a good sense of humor. He also is a bit sly and mischevious, it seems. A good match to my own streak of the same.
Vitalis An impressive ability to steal through the underbrush despite wearing steel. And an even more impressive drive to chase our prey on foot... despite wearing steel. I like him.
Zoey Heroism takes many forms and on many scales, but that does not change the nature of a hero.