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The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Ambitious Commoner
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rose
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married, to his work.
Age: 32
Birthday: 11/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Fair

Description: A ruffled looking fellow with an expressive mop of stylish brown hair dressed in a deep sage blue tunic inlaid with carefully tailored stitching and embroidered filigree accents. His face is composed of sharp features, a narrow nose and articulate brows set above soulful hazel eyes the color of bruised pears. Orick is tall and slender with narrow shoulders and an overall 'lanky' build that he carries heavily; his shoulders slightly stooped and his poor posture doing nothing to add any grace to his movements.

Personality: An expressive man with a creative streak that is only rivaled by his own depth of focus, when he has his mind set to a task he can drown out the rest of the world with a clinical ease. The quest for knowledge(power) and money supercedes his desire for companionship and he has been known to dedicate long hours to his research instead of starting a family or enjoying social gatherings. He is clever and sharp of wit, observant to the point of insulting at times, generally tactful enough to clean up after himself when those unprompted observations fall out of his face. He presents a very professional persona but Orick is a boy who came from nothing and he is always looking for his next leg up in the world. An opportunist with a calculating core and a devious streak that rivals most thieves and heathens.

Background: "You've got no right, with you head lost in stories... put that daft book down and help me wash these floors, Ori." - Mama

Orick was born to an unhappy tavern wench on a cold and dreary autumn evening in the worst part of Tor. He was a very inquisitive child and yet he possessed a certain caution from a young age, getting himself into perilous situations and almost always scraping by without being caught. He often stole food from the kitchen where his mother worked and when he got a little older he stole books and others things from the patrons in the tavern. Orick had limited formal schooling but his natural talents as an autodidact made it possible for him to absorb things through trial and error or mere observation.

When he was nine years old he stole a book from a member of the Faith without realizing who he was trying to rip off. Before young Orick could even read it the victim of the crime was pitching a fit to the owner of the tavern. Fed up with the boy's antics, the tavern owner made Orick return the book and then fired his mother from her position at the establishment. Times were tough after that and it was a very harsh winter but eventually his mother found work as a scullery maid in the kitchens of a Fidante household. His father was an unreliable drunk who became more estranged as the years drifted on until he was a mere memory from childhood.

Living a servant's life in a noble house gave Orick better access to books and he absorbed the knowledge around him at every opportunity. At age seventeen he sought a place in the College of Apothecary. Orick offered to work as a doctor, apothecary and general alchemist for the Fidante family if they would help finance his education. That was over a decade ago and now he works as a professor at the college and a private alchemist and medical consultant for the Fidante family.

Name Summary
Anisha Professor Orick is an intriguing fellow - the Apothecary College of Tor speaks of his professional credentials, but the way he talks about his art is captivating. I could listen to him for hours, and if he wishes for a willing subject in his studies of vanity, well... He need look no further.
Desma A man with a quiet and respectful manner about him when treating his patients. My aunt's approval of him can only mean he's good people. I hope our paths continue to cross.
Dio A scholarly fellow, who, while not overly familiar with allure of alcohol, has not made it an enemy.
Emily A man of intelligence and open minded interest. I think some ideas I am curious about could come to fruition with his aid. A bit jumpy at times but he seems like a good sort.
Esme The man seems to be very quiet, which is un-nerving, but understandable. Also, I'm deeply DEEPLY interested in his brain and some things he might be able to craft, like rose perfume. Then there was a small misunderstanding that got resolved. I am sure that we are to be the best of friends.
Evander A well-learned man who is clearly well-appointed in his role as Guildmaster of the Apothecary College. His knowledge is a thing he offers out willingly, and I feel a kindred spirit of intellect in him.
Evaristo The sort of immediately social and friendly, plus with a good sense of humor, that makes you think 'I bet he makes a great drinking buddy, plus he can probably give you a cure for a hangover ALSO'. Got to seek him out again.
Haakon Some kind of.. rock whisperer. Or else a sorcerer. Rock magi, mayhap. He's sharp of eye and wit, is what I'm saying.
Leena He seems intelligent, with a thirst for knowledge - obtaining it and sharing it, however I'm not so sure he has the proper attitude for security concerns. I beleive if I put my mind to it I could likely turn simple things into weapons - his belief is that someone hasn't done it before does not satisfy me that knowledge is not being given out recklessly. I'm not sure what to think of him yet - tl:dr Brainy and Reckles.
Mabelle A proffessor of the Apothecary college devoted to preserving beauty? I would need to have him teach me secrets.
Mirk A professor of the Alchemist's Guild, though one with diverse interests both within and without his field. This one's a scholar at heart, I think.
Miska Professor Orick is a man that can certanly get lost in his work, from all signs. But as long as getting lost in his work issues me the scents I desire, then I will have no complaints for it. A little eccentric, but I think most alchemists are.
Narcissa To tie comfort, memory and hopes with scent; he is a rare breed.
Orelia Talented intellectual. We don't have much in common, but he's still good to drink with.
Piccola A rather friendly sort of academic who seems as interested in his research as his costume for a ball. Not terribly peculiar; just unexpected.
Poppy Maker of the most amazing masks and doesn't like his father. He's interesting to say the least.
Porter I'm almost endlessly fascinated by smart people, it's a plus if they're /actually/ interesting too! Which Professor Orick certainly is. He's not the sort of man I'd have expected to meet in a crowded tavern, but I'm glad that he happened to be within five feet of me. I'd let him set my bones. First rate sort of guy.
Scylla An alchemist with a special affinity for crafting and selling animalistic masquerade masks. Also a teacher. Such an accomplished man must surely be worth knowing better.
Zyanya If scent binds feelings and memory, brings them into the present, then those who craft these songs must see clearly into hearts, into minds, into moments.