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Sabriel Stormborn

There will be no shelter from this storm

Social Rank: 7
Concept: The Coming Storm
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Bloodsea
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 7/3
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: tall
Hair Color: amber
Eye Color: light goldenrod
Skintone: lightly bronzed

Titles: The Stormbringer of Tremorus, Vice-Admiral of House Proscipi

Description: Among the Bloodsea there are those who have a certain look and these people are sometimes referred to as the blood of Koraj, even if it may not have anything to do with direct descendancy. Sabriel is the spitting image of their ancient ancestor, so they say, with rich amber colored hair and light goldenrod irises. Her skin ranges from being pale in overcast climates and slightly bronzed when recently returned from sea. The most remarkable feature of Sabriel however is her stature. She possesses a slim build but is quite tall for the women of Arx, like the others hailing from Tremorus. On the inside of her wrist she has a tattoo of her clan sigil, a three headed hydra and on her other arm lightning motifs and a depiction of storms can be seen if she bothers removing her armor to display it.

Personality: Sabriel is a product of her upbringing. The Bloodsea are a hard people with even harder traditions. Being born into thralldom meant that she was always ten steps behind her free counterparts and had to work ten times as hard to amount to anything. This has made her doggedly determined, ambitious, ruthless, and cunning. Without these guiding traits her life on the high seas would have been bloody and short. Thankfully, her ability to adapt is something that she uses quite well and even though she's lived a hard life it hasn't stopped her emotional development. Somehow she remains optimistic and adventurous in spirit. Finding joy in the little things and easily getting along with those who are like her. Sufferers of circumstance.

Background: Sabriel's father, Ghislaine, was a reaver from Clan Bloodsea, a former cadet House of Marin that went its own way after the fall of King Koraj. They refused to bend the knee to the new Thraxian order after what they felt was a grave betrayal. Much of this has long since been forgotten but the cries of the Bloodsea, in the heat of battle, had still referred to the 'coming storm', a time of ascension when one among them would rise again to lead the Bloodsea to their former glory.

Her mother, Portia, was just another thrall with no name. In all aspects of parentage Sabriel was nobody, which makes her ascent even more remarkable. When her father died her mother knew that the fate which awaited them was grim and bloody. Portia was just a thrall but she knew a thing or two about blood magic. With her prowess at sea, vicious disposition, and the workings of her enslaved mother Sabriel climbed to the rank of legend and was christened with a new name by the Bloodsea; the Stormbringer. Securing her mother's freedom was the most joyous day of her life and ten glorious nights of celebration ensued soon after. Good for the Bloodsea and not so good for the isles that were raided and looted in their merriment. She rose to power in the exiled clan of Marinites, which is quite telling considering their overall misogyny and recalcitrance for female leadership. Even still she was able to inspire people to follow her because she was the 'coming storm' they had been waiting for and beyond that her track record spoke for itself.

She has seized, razed, bought and sold countless ships in her time at the helm. When the Waveroar and Bonehollow bent the knee, a few smaller clans that were allied to them and the Bloodsea did so as well and when they did a single representative was chosen to speak for them. Sabriel. Shortly after the legend secured the favor of the rich, well to do Pontelaeus family by reclaiming several debts from wayward captains whom had refused to pay back their loans. This paid off in the end when she was able to gain their political support for a favor. As the Bloodsea and the other pirate clans were absorbed by the Proscipi and thusly joined to House Leporidae, the piratesse seized the moment and was granted dominion over the Migrant Fleet of Tremorus -- thanks in no small part due to Giorgio and Maharet who were vocal in their support for her bid. And as she gained her foothold within the capital city of the Compact, she came into contact with members of the Society of Explorers. With her knowledge of the Saffron Chain, and her history, proving herself worthy was a simple matter, and her connections in the distant seas, she's a prime candidate to find new and exciting places to explore.

Relationship Summary

  • Raven - Blackheart, sharp and funny. I'd like to keep her around.

  • Friend:
  • Savio - Loud-mouthed companion through many misadventures.
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