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Brother Tomwell Leary

You'd think the world would have had enough of silly love songs, but I look around me and I see it isn't so.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Devout Dreamer
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Leary
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 2/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: gray-blue
Skintone: tan

Titles: Godsworn Priest, Legendary Counselor

Obituary: Vanished from his chambers in the Rectory, leaving no trace save some odd eagle feathers. A convocation of eagles was seen flying west from Arx, and then spotted over Sanctum and Westrock flying west over the Eventide Vast.

Description: Long waves of brown hair fall loosely around Tomwell's neck jaw and neck, usually a little unruly, with a forelock of bangs that keeps falling into his eyes. His eyes are blue-gray, deep-set and narrow. His strong nose and sturdy jaw lend a hint of ruggedness to looks that might ordinarily be just a little too pretty, with the soft curve of his mouth and the ridiculously long length of his eyelashes. His lean height balanced by the easy grace of his carriage, much about the way Tomwell moves suggests his dancer's elegance.

Personality: Wistful and warm, Tomwell is and has always been a good boy. He does what he's supposed to do, even if he'd rather be doing something else. He loves music and art and poetry; he loves stories and songs and idle flirtation; he loves getting to know people and working out how they tick. He likes parties, not so much giant uproarious bashes but intimate gatherings with soft music and nice food where the real allure is in meeting people and just having a good conversation. Responsibility weighs him down, but it will never entirely dampen his puppyishly boyish smile.

Background: When the oldest dies and the second son inherits, it disrupts the fortunes of the rest of the family. It wasn't that it was never a possibility for Tomwell to stand as heir, but he just never really expected it or included it in his life plans. He loved gaming and singing and dancing and the kind of courtier playing around that accompanies those practices; he planned to become a Whisper or a courtier and become a professional musician and diplomat, but if not that, he thought maybe he could throw himself into really being a Devotion of Limerance and maybe even godsworn and leaving his family behind to completely devote himself to the arts. Anything but what actually happened to him, which is that when his eldest sister died, the full weight of becoming his brother the March's heir fell across his shoulders. Become the Voice of the Leaholdt was not what he had in mind.

Especially since he's now stuck with it, since Lady Iliana and March Fairen haven't managed to have any kids. Tomwell yearns for poetry and song and the romantic life that those things might possibly entail, but instead he remains with his duty to the family, too loyal and dutiful to seriously consider abandoning practical reality in pursuit of his dreams.

Name Summary
Aerandir A pleasant seeming nobleman, professing to be an entertainer of people; a singer, in particular. He joined the ongoing conversation with ease, a rather blatant indication of the man being accustomed to social calls, though that should be no surprise for a singer and one of the gentry.
Alarissa He is an avid student, outspoken and makes no apologies for his words. We bump heads and I am sure we will bump them further n the future over topics. But it's good to do that. If everyone agrees all the time, life would be dreadful.
Alban A bard. A singer. A minstrel. A rake. Most importantly, a /good/ man from what I can tell. I look forwards to hearing his songs.
Aleksei He seems like a pretty warm guy. And he's got good taste, so.
Arcadia Quiet and kind, and has the patience to put up with my moods and temper. A rare gift indeed.
Artur I met Tomwell at the Shrine of Lagoma and we seemed to hit it off pretty well. He has vivid dreams and composes music. He's considering a major life change and visiting the shrines of each of the thirteen to ask for guidance. I hope he finds what he's looking for.
Barric A very talented musician and singer, cares for his family a lot, which is very good. His comments on fighting are always humorous though and that is a powerful thing, the ability to entertain and make people laugh.
Berenice A delightful nobleman turned delightful priest! At least he kept the important parts. Well, except for the title. He lost that, didn't he?
Bhandn We had a pleasant talk on improving and repairing existing works, rather than beginning anew when it is not necessary. Whether it's restringing an instrument, or a modification to plate, each allows the maker to improve upon the existing work.
Bianca A curious godsworn, he seems very meditative and his thirst for knowledge is refreshing. I hope he'll continue in the right path as we need people with this mentality within the Faith.
Bliss Ah, my fellow Devotion, so much like me in so many ways. I will make his hat mine. Even if the one I already have is better.
Brigida Asking for advice and directions is never a bad idea, especially when you don't know where to start.
Cadenza Such a kind man and so helpful. I do hope I get to talk with him again; it was nice to get some things off of my chest about my trip.
Caspian Him and Ianna are cute together.
Coraline I am so happy to see my cousin again! And not as a child this time! He sounds so intelligent, hopefully I dont sound like a meathead to him.
Cristoph Things are a bit strained between House Leary and House Laurent, but I found Tomwell to be good company on a day that I otherwise was not enjoying. Maybe if we're lucky things can be smoothed out in time.
Delilah Such a blithe spirit lifts the soul and brightens thoughts. I don't know I have seen him frown often. Upon our limited opportunities for interaction, Tomwell has always shown a brighter aspect to the world. Something to be grateful for -- those suns shining among the populace can be few and far between.
Echo A singer, performer, and wonderful acquaintance. He's very cheerful and optimistic, which is exactly the kind of thing we need in these trying times.
Elloise Very smart - it's nice to have family to spar with!
Elysio A talented musician and an engaging conversationalist. He gave me a lot to think about. I shall look forward to future encounters.
Emily A delightful sort of attitude that is easily made into a confidante. Strange that. I would most definitely enjoy getting to know him and his musical talent.
Evelynn Very interested in finding out the different ways in which the gods are related, much like I am. An interesting conversationalist and charming to top it all off.
Fairen A diligent younger brother, who behaves appropriately when needed, despite his more... Frivolous and jovial demeanor. He has always been the more charming sibling.
Fairen Gods, I've missed my brother. Glad to see the Faith's keeping him fed, though I'm sure it's rubbish. Need to get him over for dinner soon!
Fairen My brother is a good and devout man, which are qualities we all should try to possess. It still saddens me a little that he is not technically part of the family anymore, although I cannot help but be proud of him. Unlike that Corbit! I hope Tomwell puts the fear of the Gods into him! I admit some envy at Tomwell's situation. Had Hianara lived, would I have done the same thing?
Faye I've worked beside him more than once, and I've found him to be very competent. I hope one day we'll actually sit down for a conversation.
Filshiar A priest I encountered at the Shrine of Jayus. He seems to know a lot about a lot. I shall hope to encounter him again.
Gareth I'm not sure I got his name. He's probably a good lad. I suppose I won't get to know. Well if I'm to inspire anyone, here's hoping he is someone worth inspiring. What a waste that all would've been if not.
Harlex Brother Tom plays a fine piano.
Ignacio A grand host and seemly a good man. I would enjoy getting to know the man better.
Iliana He's my brother now too. Fairen has to share, or else I'm going to throw the biggest temper tantrum that involves hurled crockery. Just watch me.
Iliana Tomwell has so much to give, and gives it all. He embraces fun, sits with his fear, loves his family and loves the gods. Every time our duties give us time to meet, he reminds me how fortunate Leary is to have had him in our house, and how lucky I am to still count him as a brother. May I be that lucky for a long, long time to come.
Jasher Someone who enjoys a hot bath in the heat. I expect we will have many productive conversations, given time and opportunity.
Jeffeth A nice man. Is related to Princess Caith so he must be a good sort.
Jev A bit standdoffish at first but we fucking won and he chestbumped me like a champ!
Laric He took 'oh, demons are real' much, much better than most people. No flailing limbs or screaming slaps. What a pleasant young man.
Lorenzo A charming man who has a fascination with Nefer'khat as much as I do. I do hope we will have the chance to work together on research in the future.
Macda Surprising to find just the voice I needed at the Shrine of Love and Oaths. I hope he doesn't mind my panic-addled desires to converse with him about theology later- and dreams! We got sidetracked by the crowd.
Mikani For a priest, I like his humor slash outlook on life.
Miranda Brother Tomwell Leary... poor fellow. Happens upon me and others at the worst possible time. Like most of thoseof the Faith I've met, he seems a rather calming sort of person. I may be a challenge to one such as him. We shall see...
Mirari This kind man offered to listen to my troubles. Not something I would expect of a Lord, but it was appreciated nonetheless.
Mydas Earnest in his desire to improve the trade situation relating to his barony, and interested in getting involved within the Consortium. I am sure he'll prove to be a worthwhile addition to the Consortium.
Olivia Marquis Leary's brother seems a very pleasant sort, and was absolutely adorable with his lady friend. Some shared interest in gardening gives Olivia plenty to talk about with the both of them, and perhaps an excuse to plot getting them lost in the woods!
Ophelia I think I brightened his day a little! Probably because we were talking about archery and archery /always/ makes people happy. That has to be it!
Otho Met this charming young man at the Trader's Tavern. Bit of a dresser, but he seems a decent enough sort. I can't wait to meet his sister who may or may not set men on fire.
Perronne What a charming priest, and playwright, and composer! He seems very kind and friendly, and not afraid to have a little fun. I think if I were to need a godsworn, he would be a very good person to go to!
Reigna How different from your brother. Kind, thoughtful and an artist! I admit, I like you and I hope that the future can see our Houses repair the rifts between them.
Rhea What a poor man! He seems OVERWORKED, a bit UNHAPPY and he asks a PRIEST for advice. Recommendation: two months in Setarco.
Riagnon Some manner of mime birdkeeper, possible criminal connections.
River Was very intellectual wonderful conversationalist.
Sabella A wonderful playwright who has now become godsworn! But who hopefully will still be using his immense talents in his new calling!
Sabella Brother Tomwell is absolutely delightful to converse with! I can see how his current path is most perfect for him and am delighted that things aligned so well that he could follow his dreams!
Saoirse A man who can keep up with Caith. Oh my.
Simone I found him to be a gentle and intelligent man. Our conversation was both interesting and thought-provoking. I truly look forward to speaking to him again.
Sunaia A very busy fellow. But he maintains good cheer even while busy, and seems genuinely friendly...which makes him an opposite to me.
Tikva A sweet, duty-minded young man who plays music. Also, he gave me a pretty epic potato.
Vanora A Devotion of Limerance, he seemed friendly and warm. I'd be interested in speaking with him further, and sooner rather than later.
Zara So warm and generous of spirit and clever and kind in word that it is unfortunate he keeps no poetry.