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Action Id: 2828 Crisis: Participants: Isabeau, Edain, Alis, Ansel and Tesha
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 10, 2018, 10:43 p.m. Public: True GM: Puffin

Silver: 50000
Economic Resources: 250
Military Resources: 250
Social Resources: 1350

Action by Isabeau

To celebrate their marriage, Lord Ansel and Lady Isabeau will return to the Oathlands and make a celebratory tour of the Telmarch. Along the way, they will offer charitable donations of silver to the Faith and contributing some time to meeting and greeting the smallfolk. Hopefully, by their return to Arx, the people of the Telmarch will both respect and adore the couple who will ostensibly sit as their future liege(s).

Action by Edain

Edain will call in markers for this tour making available literature, poets performers, and of course the ineffable Herald Steve to make this tour as big of aa success as possiblle (1000 Social resources of Abstract Support)

Action by Alis

Alis is primarily there to boost whatever objective Isabeau and Ansel have in mind, and doing her best to be the very image of a Valardin Knight.

Action by Tesha

Tesha will be adding her cousin and his new bride by talking them up to the residents of the Telmarch. She's hopeful that they will be escstatic to meet Isabeau as Ansel's wife and the couple as the future Lieges of the Telmarch.

Action by Ansel

Ansel is glad to bring the newly-Lady Isabeau around to the Telmarch, visiting mountain towns and river villages far and wide. He knows the people of the harsh mountain lands, but Isabeau may not -- nor do they know her. Changing that will be the goal of this trip. To introduce the people of the Telmarch to the future Duchess Telmar, and to give them a chance to interact with the former Valardin. It may also serve as a good chance for Ansel to get reacquainted with some of the magistrates and local authorities around the Telmarch, who probably haven't seen the Telmar heir for a few years now, since his departure for the city.


Roll Result: 102

Lord Ansel, Heir to the Telmarch, and his new bride Lady Isabeau go on a tour of their lands immediately following the wedding. In part, this is to just spend a little time together - but they're also meeting people and introducing this new Lady to the people she will one day help lead. High Lord Edain and Princess Alis, along with Lady Tesha support them - and their newlywed tour goes off without a hitch. Everyone is glad to meet Lady Isabeau, and fairly proud that their future Duke landed a Princess of Valardin at that! She understands honor and she understands their people, and in these particular times, it is hoped that she will be a boon to the family she joins.