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Action Id: 4056 Crisis: Participants: Drake, Dominique, Philippe, Bianca, Verity, Tesha, Calarian, Richard, Jourdain and Kiera
Status: Resolved Submitted: May 1, 2020, 11:34 a.m. Public: True GM: Fabulist

Economic Resources: 25000
Social Resources: 7000

Action by Drake

After clearing all of the Thornweave out of Highhill, the task now before the Wyrmguard family and its allies is to restore this vassal house and create a new life for this county which was once a Wyrmguard vassal. Once the land is restored and repopulated, a new county will be created where Richard will become Count. A certain amount of work will need to be done to even make the land livable again, building up infrastructure, tending to the population of these lands, and bringing them into the fold of the House. This will result in new buildings, new population and eventually a new restored house. The construction and restoration efforts will be championed by all submitting to this action.
For Drake's part personally, he is not yet much of an inspiring leader, but he can lead by example, using the labor of his back to help with the building and clean up processes. Stone needs to be moved, horse carts guided, walls lifted, dust and dirt swept, and many other small things that a knight with strong arms and a bit of determination can do. His contribution is a fairly straightforward one, but other family and friends will also be chipping in.

Action by Dominique

After congratulating her cousins on a job well done reclaiming high hill, what can the marquessa do but offer herself as an example of leadership during a time of rebuilding. Of course, she won't take the lead, but in terms of setting up a plan, making sure that the plan is followed through, and helping Richard and Drake delegate such activities is something she can do in the meantime. The old plans of High Hill, historical records, and old treaties between the land and Blancbier are brought up and poured over to serve as templates for how things can run. She does what she can, serving as an advisor of sorts in the logistics of the restoration, occasionally leading groups of people in various tasks related to setting up the proper infrastructure to serve as an example before letting the brothers do it. Naturally, as their eventual liege, she wil lalso offer whatever resources they will need to help move things along on the way.

Action by Richard

One might expect the new Count of a land to focus on administrating the restoration efforts, or perhaps roaming around shaking hands and securing assistance of one stripe or another from other houses in order to forge the beginnings of alliances and positive relationships.

Richard is not that sort of Count, not that sort of man. While he is laboring to study the arts of statecraft, he is as ever hampered by his difficulties in the social side of the grand game, and still has a lack of confidence in his ability to lead as people might expect.

Thusly, Lord Richard (he remains uncomfortable with the Count title until High Hill has at least become a suitable place to live) is taking a light hand on the administration and a heavy hand on the work itself. He lays out a list of logical priorities - restoring water, food, and shelter foremost - and then joins in the work personally, lifting, hammering, cleaning. He hopes that, if he may have difficulties forging a bond with his people through inspiring words, he can at least do so through his actions. He does not intend to balk at the dirtier tasks, and he seeks experts amongst the populace that may be able to provide him with advice.

He is uncertain what to do about the cathedral that once served as the lair of the Heart. Certainly the people need a place of worship, but he does not wish to simply paper over what he has convinced himself is his personal failure to turn the Heart away from self-destruction. Richard leaves it as it is for now, intending to seek the opinions of both his people and the Faith to find a compromise between restoration and memorial in the future.

Action by Kiera

Though she has much to learn about becoming a leader, she does possess considerable charm, a strong voice and a clear head. With this she goes about the town to speak to the residents, asses their needs and complaints as well as their skills and passions. She makes careful record and secures promises of aid for certain tasks as she is able

Action by Jourdain

Jourdain, much like his cousins, has a great deal to learn about leadership, but the restoration of High Hill is a good time to start. He lends his assistance by beginning from angles with which he is more familiar: observation and teaching. As the others work, new infrastructure -- both physical, economic, and social -- is erected, and Jourdain helps the populace become acquainted and acclimated to all the changes attendant with the forging of a new county. In particular, he spends time scouting the lands of High Hill, and shares knowledge with the hunters, rangers, and farmers regarding the new shape of the land after its ravaging by the Thornweave, and subsequent reconstruction efforts.

Action by Verity

Verity has nothing to learn about leadership because she's AMAZING. Wait, does propaganda count as leadership?

Whatever the case, Verity takes care of the public relations side of things. She'll use experience and reputation as a loyal minister and notable deal-maker to spread word amongst the Oathlands that High Hill has been cleansed and is ready to receive both its displaced former residents and new settlers looking to make lives for themselves.

If there are Abandoned on the land (it was unclear if this is so), she will incorporate them into her efforts by talking up the importance of coming together to form a stronger whole during these dangerous times. She'll play up the reliability and trustworthiness of Philippe and Richard, using Philippe's reputation as a dependable leader and Richard's reputation as a physician who cares for commoners -- these are people who can be trusted to stick with a deal and treat others with fairness and dignity.

Action by Tesha

Lady Tesha Telmar has a deep fondness for Highhill and the late Steelhart family. Her best friend was Lord Seth Steelhart and she was once a trusted ally of the family before they died. When Highhill fell, she was devastated and set out to see if there were any survivors of the hound variety. She loves this place and she will gladly be offering her assistance in setting things back up. She will use what she can to guide the new building. Making sure that the place is fortified against attacks should it happen again.

Action by Philippe

Count Philippe Blanchard comes to the aid of High Hill as promised. He moves his forces into High Hill to help with clearing the land for roads and bridges. The old man may not be the most sparkling diplomat, but he works to see to it that the shavs of the area understand the benefits of being brought into the fold. He contributes the material efforts of Chevalle to help with civilizing the area. Where men and horses cannot meet the needs of High Hill, Philippe contributes silver. Where silver fails, the old man will work with his bare hands to help Richard bring the area to order. Building his brother-in-arms' dominion is a project that Philippe believes is fundamental to the stability of the west, and so the count puts his full efforts behind its success.

Action by Bianca

If there's anything true in this uncertain world, it's that when it comes to leadership, Bianca is Best.

Or at least, pretty good, but there's no alliteration that I can find for 'pretty good' at 7:30 in the morning.

And so, with High Hill (relatively) freed of weird planty evil, Bianca comes to assist her cousins with the next, and possibly most important stage of the revival of High Hill -- rebuilding, and repopulating.

Bianca's approach to this will come in two fronts. The first comes in the form of infrastructure and personnel. With her resources as Legate, Bianca will be employing various workers and disciples of the Faith to help with cleaning up the area around High Hill and restoration of its buildings. She holds to whatever Drake and Richard request in terms of reconstruction, but without specific instructions, frames it as an attempt to both restore it, and blend Blancbier architectural stylings into the new buildings -- an effort to show a unified front of the old and the new.

For the second phase, Bianca will be a driving force in public relations alongside Verity; leaving the Shav'arvani to Verity, Bianca frames the reclaimed High Hill as a refuge to those seeking a new place and second chance at life. Bianca emphasizes the potential of High Hill as a sanctuary -- what was once lost, restored, and stronger than ever before -- and in so doing, seeks to frame it and Richard as a fine place and lord for any displaced souls looking for a safe haven -- or even simply those looking for a new home, and a new life.

Action by Calarian

Calarian will be a man of the people, going out among them (with his guards, of course) to engage them in discourse as to why it would be a good for them to move to Highhill. He will talk primarily talk about new opportunities, making lives of their own in a new place.


Roll Result: 271

They said it wouldn't be easy. Some said it would be impossible. But with grit, determination and thousands upon thousands of labor hours and nearly every favor, debt or promised owed called in, Highhill has been restored. The Palais Guivre has been raised atop the ruins of the Steeltower, the construction of the wood and stone castle softer than the previous holding, indicative of the difference between the Steelhart philosophy and the new rulership of the Wyvernhearts, a cadet branch of the Wyrmguard. Lead by Count Richard Wyvernheart, and his sibilings, Lord Drake and Lady Kiera Wyvernheart, are somewhat unknown, but their pedigree is more than enough to put the new citizenry at ease.

Recruitment has been wildly successful, new opportunities and promises of protection and prosperity enough to bring in large numbers of farmers, millers, lumberjacks, hunters and more. Merchants flock to an open market with guaranteed customers and a feeling of excitement and opportunity floods the area.