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Lady Medeia Saik

"Trust me, or don't, but it's easier if you do."

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Beguiling Flirt
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Saik
Gender: female
Marital Status: divorced
Age: 25
Birthday: 3/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: short
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: hazel
Skintone: tan

Titles: The Whisper's Whisper, Legendary Alchemist

Description: Petite and graced with plush curves, at first glance one might think Medeia is a spoiled noble who has never gotten her hands dirty. Her hair falls in glossy, dark brown waves past her shoulder blades, warm hazel eyes peek coyly from under thick, dark lashes, and her full lips can curve into a sultry pout as easily as a sly grin. She moves with the grace of a dancer, prone to using her hands to emphasize her words - delivered by a velvety alto in a lilting Lycene accent. Modesty is not one of her guiding principles when it comes to her sense of style, which allows the illusion of a pampered lady to shatter: An old, faded and jagged scar runs under her collar bone from right shoulder to sternum. Another covers most of her upper-left back. And, depending on how deep her neckline plunges, one may catch the occasional glimpse of intense scarring between her ribs.

Personality: Medeia is a talented conversationalist, able to hold her own when faced with unfamiliar subjects and shining like a star in mixed company. With keen intellect and insight, she collects information easily, and her seemingly boundless curiosity has her asking questions. A lot of questions. Questions that can lead to trouble if she is careless in the asking. However, the lady is just as quick to share what she knows, taking to the role of teacher naturally. She has a strong sense of right and wrong (which is not always the commonly agreed upon right and wrong) and is passionate in the defense of the things (and people) she believes in, often to her detriment. One might perceive her as frivolous if they don't know her well, as she enjoys flirting for flirting's sake, though she is sincere when offering praise and admiration. And if something needs doing, she will do it - even if it is messy! More than one dress has been ruined by delivering a baby or kneeling in the dirt to clean and stitch a bleeding wound without changing first.

Background: Born a few minutes after her sister Neilda, Medeia grew up in a branch of the Saik family not meant to inherit the barony. The pair were raised hearing the stories of grand adventures and courageous deeds carried out by members of both their mother's and father's families, but unlike Neilda, she did not dream of adding to those tales. A bright, inquisitive, soft child who doted on her dolls and was dazzled by elaborate gowns, the family expected Medeia would be a useful spare for making a political match. And all seemed to be going according to that plan as the girl took to her lessons with acuity. By her early teen years, she had shown natural talent for many of the skills ladies of the Lyceum are prized for, as well as interest in viticulture and medicine.

It was idyllic, until an incident while fostering in Nilanza with her uncle - Marquis Marco Argento - left her scarred, terrified, and paranoid. At just 15, she ran away, believing it was the only way to keep herself - and her family - safe. Medeia found her way to Arx, where she could hide among the throngs of people. During those few years she was away from the barony, she lived as a commoner and learned midwifery under Tanith Grayhope's wing. When she learned about her brother Estaban's death and returned to Saikland Greens, it was to a baroness-regent who was a stranger - and who did not believe she was who she said she was. Thankfully, her parents confirmed her identity, and Lucita welcomed her back. However, a deep rift left relations with her parents strained. Even so, Medeia quietly tended her duties in the barony, mastering lessons to make up for her time away and taking on the oversight of the house's wine and spirit making.

When called to Arx by Lucita, she was excited to join the peers of the Compact and experience the city in an entirely new way. That return has changed her life considerably with the assassination of an uncle - Dominus Orazio Saik, a surprising betrothal request, travel to far off places, and earning some powerful allies (and enemies). After five years of marriage spent in a Prodigal house of the Mourning Isles during a civil war that pitted her against her own blood and beliefs, an unexpected (and quiet) divorce finds Medeia back in the Lyceum.

Relationship Summary

  • Neilda - The older and taller other side of the coin.
  • Arcelia - They say an enemy cannot betray you, only someone close to you can. Few get closer than a sister.

  • Family:
  • Lucita - Baroness-Regent and widow of Estaban who gave me a second chance.
  • Cassimir - If we were not cousins, I hope we would still be friends, for who else could I hide away in libraries and whisper about all the wonders of the world with?

  • Deceased:
  • Estaban - I'm sorry I never said goodbye, brother.
  • Margot - The Tyde. Avenged.

  • Patron:
  • Samira - I wouldn't be here without her.
  • Thea - Former patron, confidante, encourager of the best and worst ideas.
  • Savio - One of the most wonderful people ever, and saltfather to my children.

  • Protege:
  • Cufre - A sparkling talent with a unique perspective. Her work is captivating, and her care is evident.

  • Spouse:
    Name Summary
    Adalyn I'm always a little in awe of those who dedicate their lives in service of others. As a Harlequin and a midwife, Lady Medeia Saik is one such person. But I have an inkling she's got a wild, adventurous side as well, and that intrigues me even more.
    Adrienne I met the Harlequin at my wedding, and she surprised me and Sebastian with a private wine tasting. Her generosity is as memorable as her lovely smile.
    Aelgar A happy young lady at a very happy time in her life, filled with youth and romance and enthusiasm. I celebrate her joy and hope it all works smoothly. I will have to remember to check in with her as she follows her path.
    Aethan Lady Medeia is the other half to Lord Haakon, though the fire in her is not unlike his. Together, the two of them could ignite a forest on fire.
    Aiden Estaban had a little sister I wasn't aware of. I have heard she's become an exceptional hostess, and, apparently knows my cousin's special songs. Regardless, I think she's looking to find her place in a world that left her behind. I will honour my promise to her brother, she will have my protection, if she needs it, while she becomes a proper Saik Lioness.
    Akamos The graceful Lady Medeia always provides good words, be they advice or praise. Saik is fortunate to have her back.
    Alarissa No doubt she will thrive within the Isles. I look forward to seeing how she takes Eswynd and brings them further into the compact.
    Alarissa There is no doubt that of late, Medeia is back in the favour of the Princess of Thrax. The end of the world gives prospective.
    Alecstazi A young but experienced midwife who will be caring for my wife. She seems sweet and thoughtful. I am very glad to have her onboard.
    Amador A beautiful bride-to-be who maintains the precocious balance between welcoming and mystery.
    Amund Impressive use of hairpins for combat purposes. If she keeps practicing, she will successfully marry grace with deadliness.
    Anisha Lady Medeia Saik is so much more than meets the eye. Beyond her beauty, beyond her charm and grace, there are a myriad of stories. I have heard but one. But I am very much looking forward to learning as many as possible of them.
    Apollo I'm not sure I've ever seen seen nobility act quite like she does, care for people the way she does.
    Arman The Lady Medeia Saik is a credit to her House and the Lyceum. Charming and affable I so very pleased she has returned to the latter.
    Artur Delightful company and sporting competition! I must watch out for her aim!
    Artur A good drinking companion and a fair hand at navigating the market as well. Recommended!
    Auda Ambitious in the best of ways!
    Audgrim She's a leader type. Inspirational, easy to talk to, and kind-hearted.
    Bahiya The wife of Lord Haakon, soft spoken with a voice that is layered with inflection and also quite lovely. She is respectful, an impression of being demure and yet I am not certain it goes deeper than her fine manner.
    Bhandn That she practices her craft in such a condition is impressive, and she didn't hesitate to request aid when she needed it. I'm glad I was of use.
    Bianca A woman who quickly garnered my respect in the span of only a single conversation, both in her carriage and the difficult tasks she has chosen to undertake within her life.
    Blacktongue Lady Medeia Eswynd has grown into quite the wise young woman. I enjoy the prospect of growing to know more of her.
    Brady Without question, Lady Medeia offers plenty of trouble to anyone that doesn't impress her much. I'm sure of it!
    Braelynn She is such a interesting lady, clever of wit, accomplished, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. I can't help but wonder what made her such? I quite like her, though, and look forward to our next opportunity to speak.
    Brannen Lady Saik is a Harlequin and she has proven both resourceful and helpful in my questions regarding a gift for a mother-to-be. There was a confidence in her words that pregnant women should appreciate in times of worry.
    Brigida Another Harlequin. Seems an affable type. Reminds me a little of myself when I was that age so long ago.
    Cahal She's been involved in a lot of good things since I first heard her name.
    Calista The Hostess with the Mostess! I have heard of Lady Medeia's near legendary events and had to come see for myself. Not a single thing was missing which means she is not only gifted in her craft but also pays special attention to detail. She is absolutely fascinating and I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Calla An absolute gem that makes my day whenever I run into her. A lady to have fun with for certain.
    Calypso I think this is how bizarre fetishes start.
    Cambria She is as delightful as she is informative. It was my good fortune to have her respond to my request for a tutor, and ever after that moment, I knew it would be worth it to get to know her better.
    Caprice Fun and fashion-forward, what's not to like? And there's a certain loveliness in wearing your story so openly. I adore it.
    Cassandra A young woman I have come across many times but had seemed to miss making a full greeting with. Beautiful and plush, I should have noticed her resemblance to Lady Neilda.
    Cassima A wonderful woman from the Lyceum who has taken beautifully to the Isles. I cannot overstate how much I appreciate her warmth and welcoming demeanor.
    Cassimir My dear cousin has grown up so much since we last saw one another in Nilzana at age fifteen, so young, innocent and careless of the troubles brewing all around us. Words cannot express how thrilled I am to have found her here in Arx, of all places, safe and sound. I will never again take her companionship for granted.
    Cassiopeia She's a brave woman, she acts quickly and she puts herself in danger to help others. I will always appreciate her quick action, but also the kindness and care that followed afterwards.
    Catalana A quiet Saik, which is a pleasant change. She seems quite nice even if she has fallen for Martino's charms.
    Cecilia A noble physician. Looks like someone who I can ask a lot of questions from.
    Celine A vintner, apothecary, Harlequin, and the best Welcome Wagon in the city -- not necessarily in that order. I hadn't expected the Lycene to be so *kind*.
    Cesare Any hostess who can balance a baby in one arm and a golden trident in another has my admiration. I'll make an effort to attend more of her events - I enjoyed the evening she hosted very much.
    Cesare The Lady Medeia is at once charming and kind. A teacher and a mother. How can one begin to sing the praises of an individual who has treated me so kindly.
    Charlemagne A little out of sorts when I met her at the gate of her estate, but who am I to judge?
    Cirroch The people of the city need to learn that just because one may be small in height or size, does not mean that they are weak or small in life. I have watched this small woman command many much taller in strength and station. It will be good to continue to learn from her.
    Claude A pleasant, thoughtful and seemingly astute young woman.
    Cristoph A member of Hous Saik, I don't cross paths with too many of them. But she's charming, engaging and possessing of a good wit. All traits that are useful to have when navigating the social landscape of the city of Arx.
    Dante She was quite pleasant to talk to, the right amount of charm and humor combined with grace and mystery. I must find out where she got that scar!
    Darren Donella's ever graceful protegee. It's good to run into one of my wife's friends so soon after getting back to Arx.
    Denica A sharp woman, she's both talented and intelligent. It is a pleasure having a conversation with her, or merely witnessing her display her skills.
    Desma Friendly and welcoming, also a friend of Thea's which is never a bad thing. I'd like to get to know her better, see what she's about.
    Desma Someone needs to stay sober at the raucous parties and be responsible.
    Dio Brilliant, capable, kind - she seems possessed of all the great qualities of nobility with none of its vices. Sailing amid strife and pain, she leaves in her wake healing and wisdom.
    Domonico Similar but so different to her twin and with a completely different set of skills it seems. From what I have gathered about her so far, I approve.
    Drake Twin of Neilda's, but less likely to be encountered on an adventure in the wild. I've seen her at family events but haven't had much time to speak with her personally. Seems friendly, but perhaps a bit easily bored by talk of war and duelling.
    Duarte Never before has my reputation proceeded me. Fair to say this one is one easily impressed.
    Elizabetha A pretty and petite one, this Lady! She is soft, girlish, but steel flashes sharp and cold behind her eyes. I wonder!
    Elsbetta Lady Medeia Saik offered herself as a tutor when I was needing some help. I find her both charming and a good conversationalist, and we have enough in common that I can easily see us spending more time in one another's company.
    Ember Lady Medeia appears from a distance to be a soft-skinned Lycene noblewoman used to a lifestyle of ease and comfort. To spend time in her company is to understand the motto of House Redreef: The Surface Deceives.
    Erik A Combat Medic that already has seen more than anyone should. I like her open words and they felt honest, yet difficult to believe.
    Eshken A Lady of Eswynd. While I do not know much of her, she offers her help freely and without price given. That certainly says something for her.
    Esme I can't get a read on her. One day I think she's fun and we are good, then the next that she's not so fond of me. This, of course, makes her a good Velenosa and keeps people on their toes.
    Evaristo Lady Medeia is one of those that you fall into conversation with so naturally it feels like you've known them for years. Great sense of humor, lovely and all around pleasant - and a Harlequin too!
    Evelynn Certainly a woman of many talents whether in the social sphere, theology or medicine - I imagine she's a boon to any endeavour she joins.
    Everett She done took it 'pon herself to teach the rest 'o us all about what plants are good for. I mean, 'sides eating, which I done knowed already my own self. This be more of Medic'ly speaking. Right powerful kind of her to go on and do so, and I learned a lot in her class, I did, 'specially 'bout Lion's bane. Gonna have to try to plant these herbs. Maybe the plot up by the north field, right past me pasture? Yup, that'd do, I reckon. Lookin' like she done taught while wounded too. Tough girl. Maybe she grew up on a farm too?
    Ezekiel It is always lovely to have those that enjoy my music. The winsome smiles and delightful presence makes it all the more lovely!
    Ferrando It's not very fair to form first impressions of medical personnel based on interactions during stressful patient situations so I'm just going to arbitrarily decide she's an all-around wonderful person.
    Fredrik A very popular lady and with reason. She looks like she's the fun center of the party.
    Gaspar Captivating and captive, all at the same time. She is charm and independence personified. It's always a delight to meet someone who knows what they want and takes it.
    Gerrick Lady Saik is a curious one, if not attention seeking. Though has the making to be a commoner in disguise amongst her noble friends, ah the scandal that could create. No, Lady Saik is a well rounded youth, with many of great tales and helpfulness to all no matter their social class.
    Giada Demure and likely prone to delicate cheer. Makes me wonder what she struggles to face.
    Giorgio A Lady of Eswynd. She seems to be the public face, and she performs that role quite well. She is a pleasure to know and entertain. I trust that as our friendship grows I will learn more of her.
    Godric Could go either way. Helper. Good Doctor.
    Grady A fellow speaker of the language of piffle. I look forward to many a scintillating conversation!
    Gwenna Lady Medeia Eswynd is both a very capable warrior and impressive healer - someone who faces the task at hand and gets the job done when it needs doing. There are many fights in this world, both physical and otherwise, which she appears to face unapologetically and with genuine conviction.
    Gwenys A pleasant Lycene who enjoys a tussle. Here I thought they were all as malleable and dodgy as silk.
    Haakon Practical. Not ashamed of her scars, and drinks like a fucking fish. Also wearing a fucking fish, so.. style points.
    Hadrian I've always said that all it'd take to conquer much of Arvum is one determined Saik, three oxen, a single bowl of beef stew, and precisely two handfuls of sand contained within a carefully concealed pocket. Having met her as an adult? I still stand by that general belief.
    Harlex A beautiful silk with dangerous appetites. I would not mind plucking at her seams.
    Hazel She doesn't stop my jokes, and I appreciate a woman with a great sense of humor. Even after all she's been through.
    Ian She and her sister have livened up Saik.
    Icelyn Lady Medeia reached out to offer a friend in lieu of a patron. I'm glad she did. She's easy to talk to. One of those empathetic sorts.
    Ilira Scars are, truly, artwork on beautiful women.
    Imi A most gracious host. Lady Medeia puts one at ease in her garden, yet I think she could just as easily switch to taking one to task if she had to. I much prefer the pleasant conversation.
    Isabeau Bright, lively and lovely. I should like to meet this Lady again and speak more in the future.
    Isolde She's proactive, incredibly intelligent and the furthest thing from 'weak'. I hope she knows.
    Jaenelle A woman who has blossomed despite the salt and wind surrounding her. A lesser woman would have wilted beneath the elements, but she bent instead of broke.
    Jan I'll have to be careful around her, I don't want to make the poor girl choke to death..
    Jasher Lady Medeia’s reputation for hosting exceptional events and making high quality wines precedes her. By those merits alone, I was surprised to see her spar with a Valardin prince, then impressed when she held her own in a brawl against him. I’ll not soon forget the folly of underestimation.
    Jasper This Lady has empathy and understanding, both admirable and remarkable traits, and very much needed in these trying times.
    Jeffeth A well-meaning healer who likes to watch a good fight.
    Jennyva A lovely fellow Harlequin who delivered Delilah's babies. Bright and charming, and she throws an excellent party. I like her already.
    Jian Lady Medeia is easy to talk to. She find commonality quickly.
    Kaia The lovely twin to the lady Neilda of Saik is all too precious. Lady Medeia is a dear friend to my husband; a true charmer I dare say, with magic hands for children. I can see us growing close as we continue to work further for our people.
    Keely What an Extremely Confident, talented woman. I have yet to approach her for help with something that she -cannot- do. I can only hope someday to be of help to her in return.
    Kenjay Swearing in front of this woman was not my best idea. Still, she laughed, so at least I entertained.
    Kia I finally met the Lady Medeia who so generously wrote to me and offered her help when I first arrived in the city. There was a tiredness about her eyes, though I'm sure that that was to do with motherhood and the strain of the upcoming war.
    Klaus A gracious hostess in spite of my less than gracious entrance.
    Korka I get the impression she has had a hard life. And so long as she never tries to share it with me we will get along fine.
    Kritr She makes no apologies for her stature, nor should she. She walks as tall as any giant.
    Lasha She can stand up to my bluster? Good in my book. Knows her stuff too, it seems.
    Leena She seems like a social butterfly. Curvily attractive, she uses pleasantries to move between social aspects and conversations with ease, like a seasoned sailor does the sea. Though I haven't seen her in 'rough waters' I have a feeling she has enough charm, wit, and culture to navigate most stormy seas.
    Lena Talks... out of both sides of her mouth. Good to study for someone who says they're one thing and is another all together.
    Lenard This woman is as smart as she is terrifying, let's try not to make an enemy of her.
    Leola Finding your feet in Saik is hard. You tend to stumble on grapes. But she's doing fine, and I think she'll do fine. She has the attitude of the family.
    Lianne Thoughtful, in ways both obvious and less so. Bright. Marked by the same history that defined my life.
    Lisebet So interesting and smart. I feel like we could have good conversations over tea or coffee.
    Llewella Lady Medeia has a comforting way about it. Which is great when you're discussing something not very comforting.
    Lucrezia She helps makes drinks and tests them alone. This is blasphemy, I demand a share!
    Lustry A Lady of Eswynd who is delightful to spend time with.
    Mabelle The bubbly lady Saik who shares my affection for cookies and fashion. How delightful.
    Madeleine A lovely woman who has clearly seen some rough seas.
    Magaen Lady Medeia is pleasant company and someone worth knowing. Even I can recognize those things. Even if she wants to race cows or get thrown from bulls or something like that.
    Maharet She uses her words as a shield and her favor as a blade. I think her likely suited to her role
    Maris Spirited, observant and not to be underestimated. As a woman should be who marries into the Isles. She gets her warmth from somewhere else.
    Martino Allure, beguile, tantalise and tease. The Lady Medeia plays all four like a suit of cards within their fine hands. Careful with her. Lycene Ladies are dangerous.
    Marzio She's never met a Mazetti that she doesn't like! Ha! I wonder how I'll stack up? She seems like a good enough sort, and apparently has something to do with wine? What's not to like?
    Mattheu Introduces herself as midwife, physician, apothecary, vintner, distiller, gardener, and teacher. And she chose to be a Vintner for this meeting, another swan I see.
    Maya The Lady is so much that I wish to be -- a healer, an herbalist -- and more. Next to her I may as yet be a babe in swaddling. How does she find the hours in the day? Perhaps she plucks them from her orchard.
    Michael A beauty, which can be said all too often in Arx. One is forced to mean it when saying it about her. Medeia can only truly be compared to herself, because others couldn't measure up. Something of her is left upon all she meets and touches, and I've been indelibly changed because of her.
    Mikani A wonderful woman. She knows her drinks. That's all I need to know.
    Mirari An intelligent and thoughtful woman. A harlequin that really seems to know her stuff.
    Mirk A healer in the best sense of the word: One who will look beyond merely physical wounds, to address the needs of people and communities and the environment in equal measure.
    Narcissa Exuberance and mirth at the tangible delights of life - not a fault, mind you.
    Natasha A woman who seems to take genuine care for her royal charge and commends herself admirably in manner and speaking.
    Neilda My trouble-making sister. Anyone that says that she's the boring one has to sit down with me. Because, you know ... I have stories.
    Nijah A compassionate soul that is working towards the betterment of so many lives, and I hope that I get to be a part of that journey to help her see that ending to completion.
    Nina A Harlequin in Baroness Lucita's family! She seems very friendly and is someone I'm sure I should get to know. Maybe we'll end up doing services together someplace that is not a very crowded meeting.
    Noah Feisty. That is all.
    Noelle Lady Medeia is a wonderful wine companion. And she knows things, which is a plus.
    Nyima A curious mind, a polite demeanor. I like her.
    Odin A clever woman and the bride of Haakon. She's a good match for him and a valued member of our family. She's a talent for subtlety and guile, something sorely needed in these times.
    Ophne I have not seen or heard from Medeia in some time. It might be worthwhile to stop by and see what could be rekindled. I will bring hairpins, of course.
    Orick Our first meeting was rather seredipitous and I can only hope that our second will be equally fortuitous because there are places in the Saiklands that I would very much like to visit.
    Orland Seems to know everyone. Gets around the social circles. Not surprising.
    Oskar The brown haired healer I listened so much about. She seems to know her way around a crowd and can make a conversation feel more interesting. Besides, she doesn't seem to back down from the challenge of dealing with Haakon, which is always a plus.
    Oswyn Lady Medeia is a knowledgeable and skilled healer, a patron of the arts, a wonderful hostess, an excellent teacher, and generally impressive at everything she attempts. Or at least everything she's attempted in front of me.
    Pasquale She seemed uncomfortable with me when we first met. I thought it might be down to the scar but now i think it was just bad timing.
    Piccola It was but a brief meeting, but she seems ... quiet? Reserved. Hard to say, but good breeding tends to breed good manners.
    Poppy Another Saik. At least there's been no mention of octopus related injuries yet. Though, from all accounts it doesn't seem out of the question either.
    Porter Quite a few noble ladies would have quickly exited a brawl like that, but she seemed to enjoy herself. Well, good for her!
    Quenia I am glad for all the help that Lady Medeia has given to my cousin, Lucita, within House Saik. I know she's good people just for the support and friendship she gives to my cousin.
    Quinley A wonderful hostess with ideas for parties that may draw out even this less than social person.
    Raimon Compassionate. Earnest. Worried. There's a Good Heart in there!
    Raja A healer sort! She also keeps a cool head under pressure
    Ras That's totally Dia. How come she's a silk? What'd that guy say, Saik sisters? Shit.
    Reese She is likable, charming and probably a good social assest to her house. But in deeper than that she seems thoughful, empathic and hopefully like one who can keep secrets!
    Renata A person has to admire the grit of someone prepared to spar with nothing but a pair of hairpins against an axe.
    Renata Her commitment shines through in the sacrifices she makes, choosing the path of responsibility over personal comfort. Her demeanor is marked by a quiet strength, a resilience that comes from putting the well-being of others above her own.
    Ripley Pretty, multi-tasker. Like creepy objects!
    Romulius Wonderful company - surprisingly at ease in the Lowers.
    Ronja Good company for the end of the world!
    Rook There is no denying the charm and elegance that the Lady Medeia displays. On top of that, she makes for an excellent conversationalist.
    Rosalind She's very nice and empathetic. Not at all like I thought she might be! Not that I had an idea of she'd be! She has grit too, not all stuffy or anything. I love her!
    Rowynna I remember seeing Lady Medeia from afar at the Golden Buckle Tourney, though didn't get to meet her until this evening. Charming and vivacious, she has an easy manner about her that simply draws a person in.
    Ryhalt Studious and polite.
    Rylan Always a pleasure to see a friendly face, even moreso one from my past. She seems happy, which is all I could ask for given the many troubling events that have happened between now and then - and even more, her future looks bright. I hope that it is.
    Sabella Lady Medeia is just absolutely delightful--a wonderful conversationalist, fashionable, friendly--I'm sure we are going to end up being just the very best of friends!
    Samira Sometimes you think certain things in life are a really big deal until a true friend comes along and teaches you what's actually important. And maybe you want to take that friend by the shoulders and shake them a time or two before you've properly learned said lesson, but we've both made it through in one piece. The truest of friends, I don't know what I'd do without Deia.
    Sanya While I enjoy beautiful things, I am not sure a beautiful lie is one of them. A beautiful truth sure, but we are marked by harsh reality. One I am sure she understands.
    Savio My lord Haakon's lovely wife, different from each other and well suited. Willing to save one another from social situations. Relationship goals.
    Scylla I know only second-hand whisperings of Lady Medeia. No surprise that they often involve her affinity for hosting exceptional parties, and being an incredibly charming socialite. I can say now, first hand, that the rumors are true. She does and is!
    Scythia Such a lovely Lady, I hope to know her better in the future and learn more together of the history that mutually proves of interest.
    Seia A most delightful noble from the south. She looks so very huggable.I didn't though.
    Sudara What a delight it is when someone lives up to their reputation! I very much hope to better acquaint myself with a lady who seems to not merely possess charm, but to have genuine substance in both knowledge and character.
    Sunniva The Lady is sweetly eager; her genuine desire to become a Harlequin is obvious to anyone with eyes.
    Svana A social butterfly with more to offer than just social graces, but they will take her a long way in this world; especially when helping with her goals.
    Talwyn When I first met Medeia Saik, it was at the Black Fox, and after the cold wind that brought her in, she was a moment of warmth. Until I made mention of the marring of her skin. I should remember that some do not wear their marks as badges of honor. After my misstep and a reset, I found her conversation pleasant and her company pleasing and I hope to speak with her again. As she is sister to my dear friend Lucita, I imagine this will happen.
    Talwyn Lady Medeia has proven to be a valuable asset to Saik, both before and after she married into Eswynd. She is a good person, and we are all richer for knowing her.
    Tanith She's grown into a fine woman, I'm oddly proud of her and the hand I may have had in it.
    Thea She's back in the city! My friend. She doesn't appear to have changed a bit. I'm glad she's here. First Neilda, now Medeia. It's like nothing has changed a bit...Well, maybe her. She's a bit more down. We'll have to fix that.
    Trueth Lady Medeia Saik is a wonderful impromptu hostess; outgoing and kind, she is someone I expect to speak with more often, especially considering she's a Harlequin and can help me pursue my endeavours in healing.
    Tyrus It is good to put a face to a mask. Even better when that mask reveals one not only able to contemplate the worst, but deal with it and keep her humanity. While the situation could be more ideal, I certainly do not regret meeting her.
    Valdemar Tougher than most would likely expect, and than she might believe herself. It was an honor to finally get the chance to speak with her at length.
    Venturo I speak, not as a brewer, but as a person who has watched many people drink. Whisky and Women are one of the most dangerous combinations in all of Arvum. And that? Means I look forward to playing witness to the trouble I am quite certain the Lady Saik is capable of causing.
    Verity She seems a very serious woman, but an attempt on one's life tends to have that effect on people. I wonder if she was always so interested in combat, or if that recently awoke as well?
    Vicarin Cousin. Made me feel welcome.
    Vitalis How many times will I go to teach and find myself the student?
    Vittorio Beautiful, bubbly and the only kind soul in a room full of people. I must know her better.
    Vulpiano There are many shades of grey in this world, but none quite like hers.
    Wagner Claims to not be a Fancy Fuck, but a silk is a silk - though she can hold her whiskey. No shame in that.
    Wash Lucita's... sister? I'm confused. Also, a little drunk both times I met her. She's going to sea and looking to be educated, like Lady Peri Seliki, I think her caution will bear her in good stead.
    Xia Even when it's not her house, I can see that Medeia is a hostess at her core.
    Yrsa She's not Shav, but she's married to one. She seems surprisingly robust for a noblewoman. I'm curious.
    Yuri Lady Saik, draped in luscious honeysilk. She was oh so kind to offer such a gracious guide, and the Marquis was right; I would be a fool not to claim an open hand. But I am more intrigued by the prospect of a trial by combat. I do hope for a bit more fine gatherings with Lady Medeia.
    Zakhar knows how to throw a party, for a nob'e
    Zoey A warrior woman with her history written on her skin, but is still very much full of life and wonder.
    Zyxthylum Scars are more valuable than any silk. You cannot buy experience. Cannot wait to work with her in a real college!