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Lady Trueth Redreef

To create is to give life which is natural above all things and creation is tantamount in our humble pursuit to become closer to the Gods of our choice.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Scholar Daydreamer
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redreef
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 28
Birthday: 9/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: platinum blonde
Eye Color: hazel green
Skintone: porcelain

Description: If she had muscles, Trueth might be a warrior - but she is instead built like a graceful, tall dancer. Toned muscles in her arms and legs suggest light exercise, hours working in the garden or spent outside, while curves in all the right places put her figure on display. Her face is both delicate and strong; wide, almond-shaped eyes of light hazel green are both kind and penetrating at once, framed with long dark lashes. Her nose is thin, and upturned at the tip, giving the appearance of haughtiness, while her bow-shaped lips are prone to easy smiles and even prettier pouts. Her oval shaped face boasts high cheekbones with a strong jaw and slightly jutting chin. Her dark arched eyebrows contrast with her short, platinum blonde hair which frames her face.

Personality: Daydreamer. Immature. Head in the clouds. All these words have been used to describe Lady Trueth Redreef, and to some degree, they are true; prone to having wistful fantasies, wandering in and out of rooms and conversations, speaking in non-sequiturs may have one thinking that Trueth is nothing more than a frivolous noblewoman with time only to live in her own little world.

Deep down, Trueth is a woman who has experienced pain in her life and does her best to make the world one she wants to live in. While some may view her as nothing more than a purveyor of sheer poppycock, others have also said she is compassionate, generous beyond call, hungry for knowledge, and 'eccentric'. At the end of the day, Trueth supposes she is merely Trueth.

Background: Born during a late summer, early autumn thunderstorm, Trueth Melaeris was eerily calm when she was born - calm enough to startle the midwife into giving her quite a smack to get her crying. Even her cries were quiet still - but the girl thrived, content to stay near the bosom and bask in love. As she grew older, her family would wish for that quiet time. It was soon enough she was asking "Why?" constantly. "Why is the sky blue? Why does the wind blow? What makes the roses red? Why does the ocean get bigger near the sand sometimes? Why do the servants polish the silver?" Amused and exasperated, tutors were hired. Trueth had a love for knowledge and nature that was not easily contested. It helped that she was smart, too - smart enough to keep her tutors on their toes, when they weren't scolding her for her constant daydreaming.

She watched her younger sister Llewella rise to have more responsibility, while she was merely challenged by her tutors. After a long, painful introduction to societal responsibilities for nobles, a marriage was in talks. Then another marriage. And another... until one took. At age 22, Trueth was wed to Roland Redreef, Tiberius Redreef's eldest son. For a variety of reasons, Trueth herself believed the marriage would never work, not only due to a large age gap but due to the fact that she was no Redreef. She preferred gardening, alchemy, and well - not owning thralls, nor did she have any fighting bones in her body, whereas Roland was a decorated soldier with a long battle record.

Unexpectedly, love bloomed between them. Roland was kind and gentle with Trueth, accepting her strange, femining ways and putting up with her unending questions. They had an interesting dynamic and Trueth seemed to smooth some of Roland's rough edges. She learned to love the Redreef family, even if she did not completely agree with all of their ideals - until tragedy struck.

Just as she was due to give birth to her first child, Roland was struck down in battle. Three years of wedded bliss, barely even time to get to know one another truly - but they did - and Trueth loved him.

Trueth, in her grief, locked her and her son away for three long years, more or less. But now she has returned to the City with the little one to split her time between the Melaeris household and the Redreef family, aiming to reconnect with her families and raise her son to be his own person, do things in his own time, and perhaps find another happy ending for herself.

Name Summary
Andromeda Lady Trueth Redreef holds with her an enthusiasm and an innocence that I envy. She is not naive, or foolish, or gullible. Rather, her excitement is with the people she finds, and what they can share with her. What she can share with them. And she has excellent taste in booze, also. I like her.
Dariel Another sister in Arx. It's been a while and she's as lovely as I remember. Though will have to make sure she doesn't dream too much and enjoys the city fully.
Ember Cousin Trueth is a gentle blossom gifted to Redreef by Astarrea. When she married in, I wondered if she would be able to handle life among the Redreefs. Now, I cannot imagine her as anything but one of our own.
Gehenna For a widow, she has done an admirable job of endearing herself to the family and sealing her place in it. Her little boy certainly has the Redreef spirit in him, too.
Leena She's a soft soul, unsure of herself, and perhaps could use a little cheering up. She's unsure of herself - I've been there certainly. She seems to think she is shy, but it might be a group thing - I also understand that. She was quite pleasant and charming with me. I think I may have even had a flirt! I'm never sure, but it didn't seem so hard with her. So I probably didn't. Or if I did - I'm going to be upset with myself because that was much more easier than flirting I've tried in the past. I digress. I've invited her to our home, and I hope she comes to build something with me. I think she would quite like it.
Maharet There are those with strong opinions, and then those who are crushed beneath their own.
Medeia Vibrant and polite, the kind of party guest one dreams of! Perhaps a bit shy, but she's lovely and I'm certain we can work on that.
Quenia I had the good fortune of meeting her at the Redreef Estate. I had offered my assistance to speak about bloodwood. She has a keen mind and an equally keen eagerness to learn new things. Plus she's an alchemist. I know a few people who she might be interested in meeting . . .
Thea The woman is--easily flustered, but excited. Also the older sister of Lord Dariel, so I'm sure I will find her just as enjoyable. Not that I didn't. Her bright cheeks I enjoyed just as much. I hope to run into her again, which I'm sure I will.
Zoey A Lady reentering the world. Not many get a second chance at a new beginning.