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Mallory Davos

What's that? You need it in Setarco by tomorrow? Of course I can make the run, the question is.. can you afford it?

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Pirate-Not-Pirate
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Davos
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 27
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eye Color: Cerulean
Skintone: Lightly tanned

Obituary: Last seen sailing near the Saffron Chain. Fate unknown.

Description: Mallory is a woman of unusual size. Closing in on six feet tall, she is a study in hidden strengths. On the thin side with smaller, subtle curves, she might be considered willowy if it weren't for the wiry muscle and lithe precision in her every movement. Her skin looks to be fair with pink undertones, but the constant exposure to the sun has left her with a perpetually light tan. She keeps her windswept sandy blonde locks cut to just below her chin, just long enough to be put up if they get in the way. Her slender face holds eyes of an almost impossible shade of cerulean blue, with delicate features that would do any noblewoman proud. Her mouth is full on the bottom, perfectly bowed along the top, and capable of great expression from the slightest of tilts or twitches.

Personality: Quiet is a good word to describe Mallory. Oh, she can shout orders across a deck with the best of them, but in her average dealings? Quiet seems most appropriate. She chooses her words with great care before speaking, makes the most impact of what she has to say, then sits back to watch the reactions. Usually with an amused little smile playing around her lips. She makes good use of her quick mind and steward's skills, often coming to decisions swiftly and acting with confidence when called upon. That shrewd mind of hers has also made her something of a terror to fight against, as she tends to stay back and let the other person exhaust themselves while she seeks out and exploits weaknesses. A woman with more than one trick up her sleeve, Mallory Davos is perpetually underestimated.. and she likes it that way.

Background: Born to a smaller household just outside Caithe, Mallory had always longed for adventure. Early tales of reavers and pirates, privateers and derring-do on the high seas had sparked her young imagination to take flight. Sadly, as with most children, her dreams of sailing and adventuring were crushed when her parents informed her that she would be schooled to learn a 'proper' trade. With little choice between being castt out or falling in line, Mallory began her path of education. She would sneak away every chance she got, heading to the beaches to fantasize and play pretend. The young scamp even blackmailed one of the household's young men into teaching her how to fight!

But there was little doubt, after years of training, that her dreams were just that. So it was that Mallory Davos began her career as a steward. Her quick mind and keen wit were well-suited to the job, she was efficient and honest in her work. But always she longed for excitement in her life beyond figures tirelessly scratched into a ledger or settling disputes between tenants. Her days were filled with tallies and taxes, running the household.. and daydreaming. She still kept those dreams of grand adventure in the back of her mind to be called up on a whim.

All was fine and perfectly /boring/, until the day the pirates attacked. They raided the small household and its tennants, looting and plundering anything not nailed down. While the ladies of the house cowered in a closet, Mallory crept about in hopes of catching a closer glimpse of the pirates that had lived in her dreams for so long. The reality was a shock, of course, and as she was caught and listening to them debate what was to be done with her... Mallory offered them a deal borne of desperation. To her complete shock and surprise, they accepted it, and she was taken back to the ship with the rest of the booty and dumped at the captain's feet.

She worked her way up on that ship, from cabin boy to deckhand to navigator to bos'un to first mate. After a time, she fell in with the captain as well, absorbing everything he would teach or tell her like a sponge. When the captain died in a raid a few years later, Mallory was elected the new captain by the crew. Having kept her eyes and ear open through the last few months, the newly minted Cap'n Davos declared they would be legalizing their endeavors and she sailed that ship right into the harbor at Arx and set up a meeting with Salazar Argento.

She and her crew of ne'er-do-wells have been sailing under his flag ever since, and now that he's returned to Arx under his House banner, she's answering the call to duty.

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