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Lord Remus Proscipi

You can't stop the change, anymore than you can stop the sun from setting. We are who we are.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Warlord
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Proscipi
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 34
Birthday: 3/13
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Military commander
Height: tall
Hair Color: sandy blonde
Eye Color: sky blue
Skintone: pale bronze

Titles: Vice-General of House Proscipi

Description: The Vice-General of the Grand Tribunal is what could be expected of a man in his position. Dignified. Statuesque. Imposing. Commanding. All of these terms could be used to adequately sum up the heroic proportions of the man in question. While he is quite tall his physique is graceful and powerfully built. His compact musculature is subtle enough that he might even be considered svelte by other brutes that reach his height. He is well toned, fit and looks a decade younger than he actually is - which is not uncommon for the people of Tremorus who are known to age well. Remus' voice is sylphlike; gentle in cadence but carrying with it the wisdom of ages. For his soldiers it is reassuring and has been noted as 'calming', a blessing when one is on the field of battle searching for some measure of solace. He often wears the traditional armor of the Tribunal legionnaires when he is tending to day-to-day affairs and when he is not it is not uncommon to see him wearing his military uniform, a regal, fashion minded affair that is crisp and clean.

Personality: There is something very draconian about his methods and how Remus moves through life. He is a calculating man who is known for his great intellect, which comes through for those who are able to get him to speak more than a sentence or two during any encounters they might have. Underneath his veneer of calm lies a man who is constantly battling something he wishes not for others to see. For if they saw the maelstrom of emotions he was capable of, he fears it might be terrifying to witness and forever change the way he is perceived. Only a few have ever coaxed the dark temper of his to the surface and of those who have they paint him as an entirely different man. All of this seems hard to believe though and many have dismissed this as idle whispers among his men to build up the legend of the Vice-Admiral to young, naive recruits.

Background: Whereas his sister Andromeda has always been naturally inclined towards athleticism, Remus was not. She was always bigger than him, taller, and more resilient. When he was a youth he was known for being something of a bookish, shy personality who was easily overlooked. The only people who ever saw the real Remus were his immediate family. His mother, sister and cousins who spent time with him outside of the public eye. Whenever the time came to organize new games, it was Remus who would always serve as team captain. If there were projects to be tended to, it was Remus who the other children relied upon. So when his father was slain during an early Skal'dajan Invasion in the Southeastern Saffron, it was up to him to step up and be the man of the house - which he did.

Years later when he came of age he joined the military academy and learned the art of war, strategy and honorable combat. These were the staples in which he was groomed for his eventual service in the Grand Tribunal but his true gift was within the study of strategic warfare.

In every class he got the highest marks and in every war game he always outplayed the opposition. This instilled a healthy amount of respect for him even before he applied for the prestigious officer's college and was accepted. Transitioning into the real world was not as easy as some made it out to be; no doubt the 'burden' of carrying the name Proscipi but he managed well and successfully managed several war campaigns in his tenure as one of the most highly decorated Tribuni Primus (equivalent of Lieutenant in Arvani terms).

When Ezmeralda came into power and began the task of assembling the administration of House Leporidae he was her first choice, which he accepted with pleasure. With his sister serving as the Honor of Tremorus, it was a natural conclusion. Since he has become Vice-General of the Grand Tribunal there has been an unprecedented growth within the ranks, a scrambling of initiates whom all want the chance to serve beneath one of the city-state's own legends. The legionnaires do not just respect him and offer their undying loyalty, they love him and he has demonstrated his own love for them time and time again.

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