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Princess Lustry Thrax

Tis far a better woman for.... Line!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Life of the Party
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 3/17
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Socialite
Height: average height
Hair Color: nearly pearlescent blond
Eye Color: heterochromia
Skintone: freckled light olive

Description: Ringlets of nearly pearlescent blond cascade down to the small of her back, sometimes with a coronet of flowers worn atop, with a few of the tendrils a bit shorter and stopping just a bit below her chin. Her eyes are striking as they are naturally two different colors, one is light blue and the other is light brown with long curly eyelashes that seem to add to the expressive nature of her features. Freckles dot over her slender nose and dance along the tops of her cheeks with a pair of plush lips that curl into a smile with straight, white teeth. Her form can be called willowy with soft feminent curves and graceful limbs.

Personality: Bright, bubbly and energetic are words often used to describe this young, vibrant woman. Often feigning dramatics to put on a good show and incite laughter in others, especially when chasing her more lush tendencies. Though sometimes when alone she lets her mask fall away and show off her true, genuine self.

Background: The family line of Thrax that Lustry and her siblings come from is a distant one, but cousins to Tyrus's line. However, that never stopped her from always trying to make her cousins, close and distant alike, laugh. She always lived for bringing joy or at least trying to into most instances. As she grew older, she was being groomed to become a socialite and entertainer. She embraced these lessons and excelled well in them. Often putting on small one woman plays for family and friends of the family when they would visit. Now that most of lessons them have finished, she has decided to come and join her family within Arx, in hopes of drawing out smiles and laughter from all!

Relationship Summary

  • Jace - I see much promise in you.
  • Orrin - I see a lot of wonderful potential in our business relationship.

  • Ally:
  • Gaspar - A Marquis who wishes to help me in my explorations.
  • Ciro - A rum maker, I am curious what yours will taste like for my contest.
  • Wash - A felow designer of amazing things.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Medeia - Hopeful future judge in a rum contest with me. I truly hope friendship can blooms from this.
  • Venturo - A brilliant brewer with a generous heart.
  • Leena - She means well, just needs a little more guidance.
  • Griffin - A poet who I hope refinds his muse.
  • Lenard - A prince that is fun to compete in boat races with.
  • Fredrik - I hope you return soon and sail safely in these troubling times.
  • Mabelle - A brilliant mind and creator of wonderous things

  • Friend:
  • Ember - I like her fierceness.
  • Isabetta - One of my favorite boat race rivals
  • Neve - Wonderful for cuddles and sleepovers.
  • Name Summary
    Bruce Youthful warmth and kindness from a Thrax Princess. She reminds me of some of my younger cousins, though I have doubts whether they'd be so opening to a big, ruined soldier like myself.
    Cristoph Princess Lustry is someone possessing a unique taste in fashion, daring, yet fitting for herself. I'm impressed she can walk in shoes such as those without grievous injury. Best of luck to her and her theatrical pursuits.
    Domonico That is a considerable amount of tentacular jewellery. One might come to believe that Lustry enjoys that look.
    Fredrik She certainly paints a picture. She is a picture. Sassy. Lively. I need to be around her more.
    Giorgio A princess that seems like quite the socialite. I will be interested to see what comes of her in this city.
    Graziella Her love of octopi is endearing and the craftsmanship of those cute little glass creatures is awe inspiring. I should start collecting glass animals...
    Haakon She's an odd one. Too bloody cheerful. Laughs much, and giggles more. Not unpleasant.. just odd.
    Kaia Such a charming and lively young woman. A socialite and fashionista! I see a bit of myself in her. I'm sure she and I will get along well!
    Leena She has a quirky sense of style, but is well meaning and wants to socialize. I like her quirkyness finding it refreshing and functo flirt with
    Lenard Beauty, Allure. Combined with a brazen spirit that has much fire, considering she is a Princess of Thrax, I'd be surprised if she weren't.
    Mabelle A shiny and curious Thraxian Princess. Of course she is wearing Honeysilk so she's already good in my book.
    Macda A sweet little Thrax Princess with a funny name. I wonder if there is more to her than rum and smiles?
    Maris It seems we meet again, aye? I wonder if she'll show me her octopi. An interesting lil' Princess that always has plenty to say. Allies come in all shapes an' sizes, don't they?
    Martino Rum drinking, bar dancing Thraxian Princess. So, obviously, quite likely the most fun of them all. Easy voice and effortless smiles. That is, also, quite dangerous...
    Medeia A fun-loving, eclectic fellow lover of octopuses and good drink. Friendly and bubbly and sure to provide a good time.
    Neve She's rather pretty, and some very unique eyes and I want to braid her hair, but it seems too wirey maybe? She seems good natured and fun loving.
    Nina She has such a great sense of fashion! She loves cloth and perfume! And rum too! I know she is a princess... but I still think that we could be great friends, learning about perfumes together.
    Orland A talented woman who is a self proclaimed fashionista, but also a lover of RUM. The gold dress she made is stunning, quite legendary in fact!
    Romulius Another impressive display of Maelstrom's many children, though it would be fair to say that she is more 'pleasant' than most of her lineage. Of note - she shares my family's fascination for tentacled creatures of the depths.
    Savio A kind and friendly Princess. She's hosting a rum contest, so that earns devotion from me, for certain!
    Venturo A warm and engaging soul if ever there was one. An offer to host an event around rum, she represents the House Thrax well!
    Zakhar Very charitable for a Princess of Thrax