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Lord Yuri Tessere

Good men mean well. We just don't always end up doing well.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Dashing Duelist
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Tessere
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 12/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: walnut
Eye Color: icy blue
Skintone: olive

Titles: Knight of East Light

Description: The young Tessere carried himself with all the swagger his years could bring him, cut to a healthy athletic build that sung notes of equal parts the lush and the laborer. His features were a striking mix given his family; thick lockes of walnut brown that framed his face or slicked back away from it with a pair of stark cerulean eyes. In fact, he hardly looked part of the family save for that charming smile of Iriscal that hinted; screamed, at his lineage.

Personality: Yuri finds himself rather affable, and a pleasure to hold conversation on the topics he could speak to. Rarely is he one to shirk a challenge, almost overconfident that his prowess will see him through the tribulation. He thrives in the company of his peers, feeding off the attention as if he draws life and intrigue from such interaction. Each nod, each bow, is almost an orchestrated performance and the lord performs in his role with such confidence.

Background: Yuri Tessere grew in the shadows of Fortezza di Iriscal, tutored under the watchful eye of his mother, Lauretta Tessere. For all of his faults, Yuri found himself a enigmatic child. The child was always tugging at his mother's skirts, more akin to a sheltered rugrat than an heir. His consort-lord father, Lord Henrik Arscelais, found the child incessantly whiny and loud, opting to carry his time with finances, assisting in daily trade to Lauretta more than make himself a real figure to his newly acquired son. (Some say the new lord-consort dallied himself with 'other' distractions but servants can only gossip for so long). It can sorely be said that the death of Yuri's birth father, Lauretta's first husband of House Daleron, had some adverse effect on the boy. It made him subdued, quiet, and too reticent. It fell to Lauretta and the servants of the manse to break the boy out of his proverbial chains. Scholars taught him ways of the coin, law, and the arts. The House marshal took the lad every day for drills and practice to harden his body as his mind was sharpened.

It was a fine balance of both the arts and martial prowess that painted the young lord’s steps as he grew from quiet and frail child to an enthusiastic and daring teenager. He was ever a student of his mother in these times, playing her shadow as he watched as Lauretta tended to the needs of the house as well as family business when it came to her own sister, Countess Lucrezia Tessere. Where Lucrezia had been lush in her court, Lauretta was the keeper; ever her sister’s fondest source of praise and very quick to defend her in all facets. As Lauretta found herself wrapped in the affairs of her sister and niece, Sabine, Yuri was tasked to challenge his mind to assist the House in any way he could Whether it be playing host to his mother’s soirees and hosting friends and family for small, friendly tourneys as time allotted. The lord began to grow into his own as a suitable host, though it did not bring any love or change in his stepfather’s demeanor.

Thus, the year 1008 AR brought with it a trial that would color the rest of Yuri’s world: the death of his aunt, Countess Lucrezia. Lauretta was inconsolable, having learned almost immediately of the tragedy and her daily happenings all but ceased. A deep shadow was cast over the manse that seemed to affect all within, including Yuri as he watched his loving and tender guardian become wracked with grief. Though, it did not seem to dissuade his stepfather, Lord Henrik, from growing cross at his wife being locked away in her chambers for hours on end. He had begun to feel spurned of her affection and had started to make this publicly known. His blunders were his undoing.

Some stewards and manse personnel say that the Lord begged for mercy as he was ejected from the courtyard doors by Master Yuri himself, thrown into a fit of rage and yelling demands of his mother never to be spoken in that manner again, that if words about his Aunt were spoken again in a besmirching manner, he would have no where to run. And some of those stewards watched on with not a dry eye as the little lord had grown himself into a master of the House before their eyes.

Yuri pledged himself as to his mother’s decrees and demands, much to her glee as her little boy now became her most loved defender. The first order of business was to assist his cousin, the new Countess, Sabine Tessere, however he could. No self-respecting son could have denied that request; for it was she who held a candle for he in youth when all other lights had flickered out to him.

‘Twas time to repay the favor.

Name Summary
Aelgar Affable man, taking about taking a beating in a friendly manner. Tracking the work really well even while being gracefully social. Will have to get together sometime and maybe work on my own beatings.
Alarissa An eloquent speaker.
Amador Boisterous and good-humored, Lord Yuri has been one of the most welcoming parties to my arrival to Arx. Perhaps one of these days I will ask if he might take me on as a student of the sword.
Apollo Did I hear a man younger than I am lamenting his age? Gods above.
Audgrim Lord Yuri seems the kind with a level head and daring smart to pull through in a dangerous situation.
Calista Gentlemanly and elegant like a duelist must be. There is more to him beneath those layers. It would be a shame to contain all his vibrancy. I would like a front row seat to when all his colors explode.
Cassimir Lord Yuri is composed of all the traits you could want for in a companion. Conversation flows easily, humor is well-received and likewise reciprocated, and he possesses of all of the courtly graces a well-bred lord ought to have been taught in his formative years. I look forward to discovering what else may lie under that consummate exterior, for surely there is something deeper there just waiting to be excavated.
Cecilia A man that takes direction is a hard thing to find. One who knows when you're joking, priceless.
Cristoph Lord Tessere is a genial and kind young man who seems to possess a warm heart and has no difficulty professing his praise of others. I also hear that he's a competent duelist! I can believe it. He appears very springy.
Duarte A garrulous and by all accounts dream of mannerly perfection. I don't imagine there's any social tension he couldn't quell.
Ember That was entirely too much food on Lord Yuri's plate. Entirely too much. I hate how when I'm on my deathbed, my mind almost completely shriveled into nothing, my last thought is probably going to be remembering how much food was on that plate.
Erik A Tessere, Vassal of Fidante, ight that i ran into during an exploration mission. From what I was able to figure out, he is associated with the Order of the East Light
Fredrik Seems popular with the ladies. And his mother. I wish freedom upon him.
Gaspar The estate has a great many trained soldiers about to protect my House, but I feel all the safer with Lord Yuri calling it our home as well. No doubt swift with his arm, I fear that his tongue will count even sharper. Let's hope he that as trained as his rapier and if so, Arx is already defeated!
Georgine He seems rather dedicated to Lady Lyra. Quiet, but I suspect an imp.
Giorgio A Tessere noble. He seems quite different from Piccola, the only other of the family that I'm familiar with. It makes me wonder which of them is the outlier. More research is needed.
Grady He bears up well under the weight of great loss, but that doesn't mean that the loss isn't deeply felt.
Haakon A fair faced, fine speaking Lycene swordsman. The ladies will love him.
Harlex It's the harshest pains which give the soundest lessons. He's still alive, which is what counts. All that will ever count. He may even listen to what that pain's telling him, what he needs to learn. If he does that, he'll go a lot farther than most.
Kenjay This young lord has great promise. I look forward to meeting him in the ring again, when he has armour.
Kritr A man who is lordly and genteel no matter how he smells.
Leonel A personable and animated man, I'd like Lord Yuri even if he wasn't my brother's cousin by marriage. He was a pleasant surprise to find in the city, on my first night within the walls. If being an excellent conversational partner wasn't enough, se served as my protector during that eventful evening. I'm grateful for his aid, and his sword arm.
Lianne Open in ways I appreciate. Unafraid of uncomfortable subjects.
Lore A curious and charming Stag hiding in the forest of the city. The delightful way he prances through gardens is matched only by the grace of his strut when he knows he's on display. I look forward to seeing him come into his own and make his mark upon the city.
Lyra A lord of the Lycene who has probably done more to make me feel welcome in the city than anyone else I have met. Time spent in his company is never time wasted. A friend? I would like to think so.
Mabelle A man with an eye for beautiful things, be it women or fashion. Or both.
Martino Well spoken Lord, attentive to those in the room. Good future ahead of him.
Medeia Pleasant and polite, the swordsman is amiable company and an earnest learner.
Miraj There are mountains in the Everwinter that are less cold and foreboding than his stare.
Orland While without self defined purpose, the Lord Yuri is of dignified purpose and of mutual position as my own. Perhaps there could be a mutual remedy can be found.
Piccola Another cousin from Fortezza d'Iriscal -- another one. Time will tell if I will get along with him; for now, best to keep serpents at bay.
Porter Lord Yuri is swift on his feet, truly a sight to behold. I'd love to watch him in a match against Bree, but I'm afraid they'd move too quickly for me and I'd end up with a headache!
Raimon First Seen at The Salon, during Hadrian's debate on Neo - Nobility. A fellow Fidante! Most Excellent. A living reminders of the lands and people I had loved all my youth. He seemed detached and reserved, yet respectful of the Ambassador. He'd mentioned the issue coming to a head at the Assemblage of Peers, which was certainly true. Let's see if we can't draw out more of his views, by engaging the Ambassador. And, failing that, perhaps a glass of wine afterwards? Tor Wine. Ah. The best memories!
Romulius Lord Tessere is becoming a fast friend and carries all the charm that the rest of his house unfailingly does. That, coupled with his confidence, will surely bring him to be a force within the capital.
Rylan Modest about his own achievements and yet generous with his praise, an excellent combination in any noble. I shall have to learn more about the weasel however!
Samira Focused on his goals, determined. I recognize in him the fierce desire to improve his skills. Those who take the lesson of defeat and run with it are the ones who will benefit from it in the end. I think he's likely to understand that.
Scylla There are few experiences as gratifying to me as being the recipient of Lord Yuri's candid and unassuming patronage. Conversing with him is as natural as breathing. I look forward to that spar he promised.
Sira A polite and friendly Lycene lord with a taste for fashion and good food. I suspect there is more beneath that sweet face, however.
Terese A fine example of a squire, humble and clearly brave and honorable. The way he watches over his mentor speaks for itself the sort of man he is
Valerius Very studious found them at the Ambassador trying to cram all of their books into one study session
Vitalis I've never seen anyone sit a stack of chairs quite so ably.
Wash He speaks highly of Mediea and Saik in general, which creates a favorable impression on me.
Zoey There are many things on which we may put a price, but a loyal friend is not one of them.