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Amador Rafael

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Stalwart Steward
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Rafael
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 09/05
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: tawny

Description: Amador is a picturesque example of a man of Lenosia, a mop of rich chocolate curls fall with articulated "carelessness" to frame the similarly dark hue of his gaze. His figure is slender and best suited to be garbed in silk while his features are rigid giving him a natural forlorn stoicism by appearances alone. Amador carries himself with a regal air, his movements deliberate and practiced amidst their underlying grace.

Personality: Discerning and reserved, Amador is a whisper on the periphery of social gatherings. Happy to leave the limelight to those who crave it, it is more likely to find the steward tending to the more monotonous tasks of the social sphere and assuring the comfort of all those with whom he is party to. Not an incredibly expressive man, Amador is most often neutral featured though those with an attentive nature could easily note the constant flicker of his gaze between conversation speakers and the subtle line that creases his manicured brows alluding to a man of deep thought and preparation.

Background: Born on a smaller vineyard on the outskirts of Northern Lenosia, Amador knew he wanted something beyond the simple life of a vintner. He had seen the crowded streets of the trade hub and basked in the beauty of the ladies of court in all of their silk and gems. He had watched the shadows in the alleyways and listened to the whispers behind the veil of the city's grandeur. It was at the age of fourteen that he decided he could find a space between the two. A conduit between nobility and the reality of what the world really is. He could be that figure.

So after much debate in the Rafael home, it was the grace of his mother Almea that swayed his father Ortego's stubbornness and their son was allowed to venture forth to one of the many smaller courtier schools in the area. It was here that Amador first met Gaspar Velenosa, a life changing event that little did the young Lenosian know would change the path of his life forever. The two young men were surprisingly quick friends despite the vast differences in their personalities. While Amador found humor in Gaspar's tangential nature, Gaspar in turn found a solace in Amador's stoic foundation.

So, when Gaspar invited him along on an expense paid tour of the kingdoms under the pitch of expanding Amador's cultural understanding making him the better courtier... Amador couldn't refuse. A few years were spent in each other's company and their relationship thrived. Amador was able to rein in Gaspar to ensure the young prince was attentive to his studies and Gaspar dragged Amador out to a wide variety of social events and more or less served as his connection to the world of nobility. They finally parted ways during the tour of the Mourning Islands. Almea had fallen ill and Amador returned to Lenosia to spend her final moments with her. After Almea's passing, Amador remained on the vineyard to assist his father during the mourning period and go over the family's financials to be sure their fiscal health remained intact during those dark times. Finally the day came where the vineyard was managed and Amador's siblings had become more integrated into the working life of the vineyard.

A letter was sent to Gaspar in search of work and it just so happened Emma Velenosa was in need of a new assistant. Amador took up his role with gusto, seeing to all of the lady's day to day needs and fielding her endlessly busy schedule. After a few years of service, Amador decided the great walls of Arx was his next step and so he reached out to his former schoolmate once again this time to see if the Prince (now the Marquis-Consort of House Tessere) was aware of any employment that might suit Amador in Arx. He wasn't surprised that Gaspar responded quickly, their friendship sustained despite the distance, however when it was mentioned that Gaspar himself was in need of help Amador gave a minor pause. He knew the enigmatic Marquis. He knew of his frivolity and charismatic inclinations. He knew what it would be like to be chasing after Gaspar's heels to gently steer him through the social arena. The pause was brief though and a letter returned to his soon to be employer of his resignation to Emma and the acceptance of the new position. And so to Arx he went...

Name Summary
Gaspar A poor actor, no matter what he says. But there are none I would rather have at my side to ensure I don't lose my focus and my goals amidst the flash and distractions that Arx has to offer. I'm proud to call him "friend", particularly in a place where I have so few.
Grazia He seems quite well-educated, composed, and intelligent. A courtier of some style, with an elegant boldness that should be rewarded.
Lyra A trusted aide of the Marquis Tessere. Seems a bright and capable man on first meeting and I'm quite certain that he'll do an excellent job of keeping the wheels of the Tessere social and political calendar well-oiled.
Martino The attentive aid to the Marquis Gaspar. A fine welcome to the city in a collection of dearly great Lycene men.
Medeia Handsome and possessed of all the most polite and charming courtly graces, it seems.
Razija Way too cute to be doing that job.
Savio An intelligent and thoughtful man, clearly reasoned and responsible. It's now my personal goal to make him put down that ledger and pick up a tankard.