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Action Id: 4503 Crisis: Participants: Duarte, Quenia, Orland, Savio and Zakhar(RIP)
Status: Resolved Submitted: Jan. 31, 2022, 7:28 p.m. Public: True GM: Scraps

Action by Duarte

Fealty Volitant uses its vast network of spies and informants to propagandize on behalf of Victus Thrax. They pose as merchants and traders, sailors and such to speak well of the Thrax High Lord and, also, maybe exaggerate the horribleness of the pretender in Eurus with healthy mix of disinformation and outright rumor.

Action by Orland

Orland uses his network of spies (clue 2846) to gain the upper advantage here. His sole intent will be using the network to laying out propaganda in favor of progression and change! The world doesn't need to be held in stasis for so long that it refuses to change! All those neo-nobles that were elevated in the Thrax compact? Suddenly they're getting glowing reviews and stories abound about their heroic deeds! Imagine that, they do deserve to be nobles after all!!!

Action by Savio

Savio will pose as (well, and actually is) a bard to make songs and other content that exaggerate the horribleness of the pretender in Eurus with healthy mix of disinformation and outright rumor.

Action by Quenia

Quenia takes a somewhat different approach than the others with regard to the schism. She still uses bunch of spies and informants from the network to do the work of sending out propaganda. And, she does somewhat focus on the issue of how change can be good. However, she doesn't speak to how having neo-nobles is good. That might inflame a few people that they're trying to convince. So, she focuses on how Thrax has thrived and prospered ever since Thralldom was abolished, how people have benefited, and gained strength and wealth through those changes, and what a positive impact that has had on the Compact overall, since many people viewed the practices of Thralldom barbaric. Those who embraced change suddenly found themselves with new trading contracts and alliances that were, perhaps, not previously available to them. These are things that many nobles think about, the prosperity and wealth of their families, the reputation of their House, and the sort of legacy they want to leave behind. Be the change you want to see. Be the House that puts forward a positive legacy. Be the house that shines in the eyes of the Compact. This is the message she directs the spies and informants to put out there.

Action by Zakhar(RIP)

Zakhar takes to the streets, his knowledge of how Thrax works and what the traitors seek, using each to power through and send proper information along with misinformation for those of his contacts on both sides.


Thralldom hasn't been popular across the mainland in since the time of Alarice the Great 500 years ago, when abolishing slavery in the Compact was one of her core reforms following the Elven War. It's there that Fealty Volitant will see their greatest degree of success. Duarte organizes the vast network of spies and informants (and their spies and informants and so and so forth...) with a degree of skill that's impressive, and it works out well. It helps that Zakhar is on the ground level, taking information at crucial choke points among society and feeding it back to him. He has far better luck than some others, speaking to traders and servants that can give him the scoop on members of the Peerage. The help hears /everything/.

Orland and Savio are a splendid team together, not that anyone was going to suspect otherwise. Utilizing the information and tips that come from Duarte and Zakhar, they're able to press their propaganda at the appropriate people using their own network among the Compact. Those that might be swayed by a compelling story of neo-nobles and their rise to fame find themselves listening a bit more intently and openly.

Quenia is there with a less sensational touch, she doesn't speak on Eurus or the neo-nobles. Instead she has her informants spread the good word on how well Thrax has been doing since the abolishment of Thralldom. Her people whisper in the ears of the Compact that they too could enjoy such prosperity.

The Lyceum, Northlands and Saffron Chain are generally the most receptive, with some traditionalists agreeing that this wave of change in the east is worthwhile, possibly even good for everyone. The Crownlands and Oathlands are less so, stuck firmly on their distaste for the neo-nobility but agreeing that Thralldom has to go.

It's in the Mourning Isles itself that they see the most resistance. The line between the progressives and traditionalists is drawn long and wide. There's particular hate brewing for Thrax, Kennex, Redreef, Darkwater and Eswynd, viewed as dangerous radicals to the way of the Compact. It will take more than songs and positive whispers to change hearts and minds there.