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Action Id: 4814 Crisis: Participants: Cassiopeia, Rosalind, Caspian, Arman, Orland, Nazmir, Savio and Rufio
Status: Resolved Submitted: Dec. 5, 2023, 11:49 p.m. Public: True GM: Apostate

Action by Cassiopeia

As rumours spread of Malach the Second hiding out in the Saffron Wilds. Cassiopeia has brought together family and friends to learn more as this is in their backyard. They want to scout the area and talk to any inhabitants to learn more. They are hoping to confirm whether or not Malach the Second has been seen and what has he been doing there. They intend to take this information and share it with the Faith or those that may want to apprehend him. While they are exploring the Wilds, they will try to map and build relationships at the same time.

Action by Savio

The wilds are dangerous, and Savio will be there to protect the group from dangerous animals (or dangerous people) as they venture in search of answers.

Action by Nazmir

While not much of a fighter, Nazmir is going along on the basis of assisting with building relationships. He'll use his skills as a diplomat in order to forge bonds or help gather information.

Action by Caspian

When it comes to hunting people down... caspian isn't the greatest. He loves sticking his nose where its not needed, but that usually just gets him punched, bitten, or otherwise. Still, he is more than happy to join in on the search, providing muscle and force for the rulers of tremorus.

Action by Rufio

While it may not be the most glorious thing, Rufio decides that he will grabs a squad of bushwhacking scouts and head out into the jungle to see what he can find. He'll act as a forward operating squad leader, using his knowledge of command and jungle survival to see what might be found. Tracks, signs of inhabitation, etc.

Action by Orland

Turns out... Orland has a little history with The Real Malach thanks to Prince Sebastian. So he at least knows what to look out for when spotting this Malach the Second guy!! But mostly, he's going to be there for any LOCKS that need to be broken into. Or traps. Or things that need a quick sleight of hand to get them out of a sticky situation. You never know when you need a document stolen or keys snatched. It's always good to have the Legerdemain guy there. Besides, it's an excuse to go out on another outing with Savio and Family. Sounds fun!

Action by Arman

The last time Arman ventured into the Chain to help with diplomatic ties the presence of the interloping Velenosa Prince was not well received. This time he shall avoid any direct contact, instead staying back at camp to offer his advice on diplomatic tacks to take or which avenues of investigation might prove more fruitful in tracking down this so-called Marach the Second.

Action by Rosalind

Rosa loves people. She loves scouting. But in this case, she will be scouting the warm lands of the Saffron Iles.’s fine. She’ll make due.Rosalind will check the places that the inhabitants say they saw Malach the Second. She will look for signs that he was really there, hopefully be able to bring back proof.


Well, they are pretty sure they know where Marach is. The Saffron Chain is covered in old ruins, once inhabitated places that were decimated during the Reckoning. Many have dark rumors, being infested by demons, and abyssally twisted snake people. Word is that Marach the Second is hiding with many cultist followers in one such ruin on another island away from Tremorus, called by locals the completely reassuring, 'Forsaken Temple of the Dark Mirror' that no one has ever returned from. People traveling in the area frequently vanish.