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Prince Alantir Valardin

All that can be expected of a man is his responsibility to fulfill his duty -- to Crown, to family, and to neighbor.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Benumbed Myrmidon
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 36
Birthday: 9/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: grey
Skintone: caucasian

Description: The man is tall, thin, and built like an athlete trained to sprint. Chin and cheekbones are concealed beneath a well-kempt beard. Features have been weathered by countless campaigns and skirmishes, but soften frequently when in the presence of close associates or blood. A passerby would describe him as ruggedly handsome. No matter his company, he is seldom seen without meticulously maintained platemail and longsword.

Personality: Reserved in unfamiliar social circles, but always polite and courteous. Charitable to the helpless and downtrodden and usually the first to speak, or draw a blade, in their defense. Brave and selfless in battle. Fiercely loyal to the Crown and its subjects, no matter their status or positions within. Close associates value his thoughtful advice and describe him as an experienced listener.

Background: How Alantir survived the Tragedy at Sanctum remains to this day a mystery. He has the scars to show for it, of course -- the raised and discolored tissue marring the majority of his bare chest and back. But the memories, beyond crawling from beneath a pile of corpses and burning debris? Hidden behind an impenetrable veil that obfuscates even his unconscious mind from uncovering the truth beneath. He talks about the event rarely, opting instead to busy himself with tasks entrusted to him on behalf of his family and its dignitaries. Outside of this blemish on an otherwise perfect record, he is very much the honor-bound and chivalrous knight one would expect to find bearing the crest of the White Dragon -- though perhaps with a negative predisposition toward the shav'arvani due to the great pain the Abandoned inflicted upon the Valardin psyche.

Name Summary
Amari Humble, polite, and reserved, but not cold. Truthfully, he's far closer to what I always imagined a Valardin prince to be when I was younger, than well, most of the Valardin princes I've ever met. Maybe it takes them a few years to season. He's definitely aged well, if so. He exemplifies the idea that those who are truly strong and brave, need not boast or posture to prove it.
Audgrim I see him being consistently brave.
Cirroch good fighting style, well maneuvered. Great sense of humor.
Drake A warrior with a great sword arm and a good sense of field strategy. Polite even in the heat of a duel, which is of course the hardest time to be polite.
Gwenys Watched my poor cousin get his ass handed to him. Guess I should let his pride heal before I challenge him myself.
Haakon Looks like a great skinny stork in plate armor. Even carries a long blade to match the long beak. For all that, he talks fine, fights strong, and drinks weak. A strange sort.
Isabeau The epitome of Valardin royalty, naturally. A shining example for all other houses, but I might well be biased.
Ivy Polite to a fault when in proper company. He also had the foresight to block the exit when I blurted out the true villains. And thank goodness for that!
Jasher Prince Alantir is a worthy opponent in combat, and seems an honorable man - the quintessential son of Valardin. I would be honored to duel him again, and better still, to fight at his side.
Katarina My cousin has sacrificed much to fight for House Valardin. If I can repay that even slightly by helping him find a... well, a social life, then I still will not have repaid even one-tenth of what he has given.
Keely He is calm and steadfast, perhaps the most so of anyone I have encountered so far in Arx. He is generous with his wisdom and advice, and is quite good at saying bolstering things when they are most needed. I hope these chance meetings will result in a friendship.
Kenjay He made a good showing in the training centre, and seems good-natured enough to take a jest.
Lark Refreshingly milder in manner than one comes to expect from seasoned knights of the Compact, who are often too quick to condescend.
Lyra Friendly and pleasant, though cultivates a look that not all could carry off without looking like a chicken. I wonder if the plume on his helmet is often the target of a blade. It must get expensive to keep replacing if so.
Mabelle A modest Prince of the Oathlands. Took a while to make him smile.
Maris He certainly looks like a knight; handsome, a bit charming an' affable. The type that I don't mind rubbin' shoulders with, in hopes that some of their good grace rubs off on me.
Medeia Well, now that my husband said he looks like a stork, I can't unsee it. At least the prince has a good sense of humor.
Piccola This is a knight. This is a knight of House Valardin. All of the stereotypes apply in the best of ways. There are few cut like this, and fewer still who can accept from what they are cut.
Poppy It's rare to find a man, especially from the Oathlands who can see value in others religious views. He would be good company in any situation.
Porter He made an awful lot of noises downplaying his fighting ability! And then he kicked my ass soundly. Oathlanders! So modest.
Reigna The Prince is somewhat forgetful it seems, but he is courteous, polite -- everything a Valardin should be. I feel as though he is troubled -- perhaps unsurprising given his past and the Tragedy. Still, there is pain within him that makes my fingers itch to fix it.
Romulius The prince is a man prone to the sort of stoicism that would be expected of a knight, though he has a very direct manner of speaking that belies his heritage. While I've lacked the fortune of serving alongside him directly, his actions on behalf of the Order of East Light speak to the man's virtues and competence. As agreeable a man as the Oathlands can offer, I imagine.
Temira He is easy to work with and understands subtlies that sometimes are needed when approaching tense situations. Although it was short, I would like to fight by him again
Thesbe He seems a clever and honorable Prince yet it is still hard to read his expressions and mannerisms. Perhaps it's because he's yet to realize that I cannot see his face with visor still down. I will think of taking up his offer at training with a longsword, he seems capable.
Vitalis Oddly timid for a Knight and Prince of the realm, though stumbling into a nest of Lycene discussing darknesses, probably unsettling on a good day.