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Egon Maw

How pitiable this is.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Vague Abstraction
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Maw
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Wanderer
Height: tall
Hair Color: champagne blonde
Eye Color: ghostly violet
Skintone: bleached bone

Description: Unusually blanched skin, akin to that of bleached bone or burnished alabaster, encapsulates the strapping figure of this youth. No worry lines, cicatrices, pockmarks, or any other such significant disfigurements mark his flesh, leaving him with a strikingly clear complexion. Tumbles of champagne-blonde hair surmount his head, ending in cirrus-like tendrils that, when left to grow out, can frame his visage and reach far to his shoulders. A pair of effulgent, spectral violet eyes, set beneath finely-threaded brows, hold the world in a nebulous gaze, like bottomless pools that reflect nothing but a vacuous darkness from within the spacey apertures of his pupils. Thin, pinkish lips lay shadowed by a narrow nose. His countenance possesses the qualities of a refined patrician whilst also being imbued with certain sylphlike aspects: hard angular contours suffused with more slender features. All these facets of his physiognomy juxtapose against the decidedly brawny physique the man possesses: thewy arms, robust shoulders, sturdy chest, and a well-knit frame constitute him.

Personality: Egon Maw is a wall: nothing seems able to breach whatever defenses he has set up for himself. Dour and almost irrevocably cynical, he seems more an old man disappointed with life rather than the still burgeoning youth that he is. Yet, it is hardly overt. Everything about him seems vague and unformed as if there might be something more that's hidden just beneath the surface, or perhaps nothing at all.

Background: Born to a rather poor family on the Mourning Isles, Egon had spent his youth as a sickly boy, incapable of aiding his family in much of their day-to-day living. The family was large; his four siblings had quickly learned to take care of themselves and eventually forged their own paths with some of them, namely his brother Maris, following the path of their fisherman turned sellsword father.

Egon had kept to himself during his youth, looking inward rather than outward for inspiration. As days turned to years, he had eventually grown out of his sickly phase into a relatively hale individual and spent the majority of his teens at home, taking up various practices and disciplines in an attempt to aid his destitute mother.

Life was difficult on the Isles, and, coupled with his odd appearance, it was made isolating. Despite it all, he had learned a great deal from its harsh lessons. After a time, his mother had decided that he needed to leave for Arx with the hope that he could find a better life there than what was available to him.

Name Summary
Alarissa He remind me of Giulio. The thirst for knowledge that has not overtaken him. A commoner who still holds his dignity close and cherishes it. A dry humor that I have not often found in any other and the same pallor. An intriguing man, still trying to find his place it seems.
Amanita A commoner layabout in his words. There may be more to him but you would have to chip away at a handsome, if not marble-like surface. His head is full of things -- things that I might find maddening, but intriguing nonetheless. I will chip.
Andromeda Mercenary. Nihilist. There's depths to him, and a curious stubborness. But if Lady Mabelle likes him...
Apollo More accessible than he imagines.
Audgrim Someone who appreciates my earflap hats. This young man sure stands out - and it's not just the eyes either, it's something about how he carries himself.
Bhandn It seems very clear to me that this young man likes to read. I can't help but think he and the lad have much in common. Perhaps I'm wrong.
Cesare A man who fancies himself a locked chest must imagine he has something profoundly worth keeping inside. Yet, unlike a locked chest, there's inevitably always more than one way to get a man to open up. And one in pursuit of knowledge is always wanting for something; I should very much like to find common ground.
Cristoph A very courteous young man and a nice conversationalist on a cold winter day. I hope he finds what he's looking for out there.
Domonico While he is mindful of his opponent's footwork, he was so at the expense of being aware of the rest of their actions. One must not solely focus on one aspect of one's opponent. Regardless, he is a competent warrior it seems.
Esme King of the Stealth. Or something like that. He likes to pretend he's all grrr and blankness, but I know inside is a fuzzy widdle kitten-ums that wants to come out and play with some string. I'm sure we will be great friends.
Evaristo Violet eyes are rare enough they tend to be noticed, and having them myself, there's no chance I won't reach out to someone who has them. Egon looks young, but acts like someone at least twice his age, if not more - I'd be careful around this young man, he has something about him I can't immediately put my finger on. Dark sense of humor! I appreciate that.
Gabriella Mysterious, it's hard to figure out what's crossing his mind. Though I'll admit that only makes him more interesting.
Giada A fine example of disaffected youth.
Haakon Swordsman. Fair enough in a fight, even if'n he ought wear real armor.
Ian He has the temperament to be a gifted fighter, assuming he applies himself long enough to develop his instincts.
Lasha Curious mind, but a mask hiding away all his emotions. Strange, but interesting.
Lenard An interesting fellow, albeit inclined to reject this notion. I sense tragedy beneath that seemingly impenetrable facade, but I couldn't tell you why.
Lianne It's unfair to accuse a stranger of inspiring nostalgia; it says more of myself than of him. Better to remark that he is restrained, articulate and engaging, and let it be at that.
Lyra An unusual young man who seemed a little absent, despite his interest in /my/ interests. He's an academic, so perhaps, since I'm often to be found in the Archives, our paths will cross again.
Mabelle A man of few words, unlike his brother. But you know what they say. Calm waters run deep.
Maris What's there to be said about my little brother? Such a charmer.
Martino Curious and mysterious man who has formed connection quickly in the city. With eyes like that, you will remember them and their presence in a room. Holds themselves up high and, well, a fine partner to work with.
Narcissa A poet in his own right, though a pity he prefers riddles of geometric shape. Another drifter of odd hours in the graveyard, a ghost similar to myself.
Olivian An interesting young man, I can hear the gear whirring, but the partition is thick and well-considered.
Orchid He is kind of scary and intimidating. Grimhalls are of a certain way but not scary like this guy.
Orland Polite, despite his rude reception, humble, despite being offered whatever he pleased, curious, despite being led astray.
Pasquale Is he the educated youth with no push to succeed that he suggests himself to be or is that the shell he presents to the world?
Piccola A young man, quiet and reserved, and clearly one of substantial intelligence. I cannot help but wonder, however, what might possess him to ask a riddle of two soldiers before a meal.
Porter My co-researcher into strange and unusual subjects! Who would have thought we'd meet by total happenstance? I still don't know what that thing is. Cal arch? Valrerb? Arch? Pillar??
Raimon Arrived at the Shrine with the fresh - fruits of a hard day's exercise sparring quite evident. Looks like a man with his priorities well in order. A scholar as well? Hm, that's an intriguing mix.
Raja A surly little smart ass. I like him.
Reese He is a man with an expressive face and an air of alertness to him. I believe that he is probably innocent of anything wrong doing in this situation tonight, although he is likely not an over all innocent man. Then again...having some awarenes and knowledge of life can be a good thing. Maybe I will learn more about him one day.
Rhue Touch of gloom about this one, and not just in his skin.
Rosemary He might have been able to take me home in my single days. The way he works with words probably means he has a nimble tongue. Lucky for him I have my Terrel and my twins.
Samira I get the impression he's a man of many layers, though perhaps ones not easily revealed. His drawing on the communal wall of Rabble Art is a fitting addition. He gets it, I think, the true purpose of art.
Savio A surprisingly imperturbable person! Any friend-not-friend of Raven's is a friend of mine, and I would welcome a chance to talk again.
Sigurd Effective and playful. Sharp with the tongue and firm with the sword.
Sydney I've seen his kind before, and more often than not, they're every bit as formidable when combat breaks out. The sort you don't want to see down a dark alley, but don't mind havin' at your side. I recognize that hunger in his fighting style - I recognize it quite well.
Valencia There is certainly a mystery to him. A large bold man with a shroud about him upon first study. Something that makes one wonder what holds him so stayed. I cannot on the whole blame him. I suspect he is rather a joy once his guard is assuaged. I hope he visits often. I look forward to knowing more about him.
Venturo A man whose salutations and introduction leave one in wonderment about the stories as to how he came to earn such titles. It might be easy to overlook the monotone, serious fellow, but it is those subtle clues that shows that like an iceburg, there is much more lurking beneath the depths.
Viviana He is entirely not what I was expecting. This may be a bad thing - to underestimate the 'one with the notes.' So don't.
Wagner As fresh faced and green gilled as the lot of 'em, but plucky. I'll give him that.
Zakhar An impressive young man that is entirely stuck upon his own self impressions and not nearly enough upon what is looking him directly in the face.
Zoey He fights like a warrior and speaks like a scholar. I find it hard to believe he had a common upbringing.