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Egon Maw

How pitiable this is.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Vague Abstraction
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Maw
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Wanderer
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Champagne Blonde
Eye Color: Ghostly Violet
Skintone: Bleached Bone

Description: Unusually pale skin, akin to that of bleached bone, encapsulates the supple figure of this youth. No worry lines, scars, pockmarks, or any other disfigurements mark his flesh, leaving him with a strikingly clear complexion. Tumbles of champagne-blonde hair fall elegantly onto his shoulders, framing his face; it is styled into bangs that cover his brow with the ends of the hair being faintly curled. A pair of ghostly violet eyes, set beneath finely-threaded brows, hold the world in a nebulous gaze, like bottomless pools that reflect nothing but a vacuous darkness. Thin, pinkish lips lay shadowed by a petite nose. His face is almost doll-like with smooth cheekbones and a sharp albeit delicate jawline which leads into a hairless chin. He possesses a balletic physique, strong while being unhampered by the bulkiness of bulging muscles with no excess fat lining his subtle musculature.

Personality: Egon Maw is a wall: nothing seems able to breach whatever defenses he has set up for himself. Dour and almost irrevocably cynical, he seems more an old man disappointed with life rather than the still burgeoning youth that he is. Yet, it is hardly overt. Everything about him seems vague and unformed as if there might be something more that's hidden just beneath the surface, or perhaps nothing at all.

Background: Born to a rather poor family on the Mourning Isles, Egon had spent his youth as a sickly boy, incapable of aiding his family in much of their day-to-day living. The family was large; his four siblings had quickly learned to take care of themselves and eventually forged their own paths with some of them, namely his brother Maris, following the path of their fisherman turned sellsword father.

Egon had kept to himself during his youth, looking inward rather than outward for inspiration. As days turned to years, he had eventually grown out of his sickly phase into a relatively hale individual and spent the majority of his teens at home, taking up various practices and disciplines in an attempt to aid his destitute mother.

Life was difficult on the Isles, and, coupled with his odd appearance, it was made isolating. Despite it all, he had learned a great deal from its harsh lessons. After a time, his mother had decided that he needed to leave for Arx with the hope that he could find a better life there than what was available to him.

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