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Jasra El-Farah

Why must I make myself anew each day?

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Silent Princess
Fealty: Pravus
Family: el-Farah
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 1/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Priest
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: muddy green
Skintone: honey

Description: A blend green, gray, and hazel create a striking muddied-green color, like the water of a desert riverway held back by almond-shaped banks of her eyes. Narrow upticks of eyebrows further encouraging the focus on those eyes, drawing some of the attention away from a slightly long nose. Her bow-shaped lips are frequently painted in some form of pink. There's a delicate look to the lines of cheek and jaw, something refined and noble about them. All of this is made more obvious with the frequentness with which she wears her hair back in some intricate set of braids. Jasra is a tall figure at 5'11" and lithe of build save for the accent of a woman's curves.

Personality: Jasra is inquisitive. This does not always manifest as outright questions, but can be as simple as intense scrutiny as she takes in every detail she can. Later she'll toy with these puzzle pieces in her head and try to make them fit together, only going out of her way to ask when she can't put together clues. Other times she is blunt and will send a barrage of questions to whomever she thinks has the answers, be they high or be they low. Above all, Jasra knows that life is fleeting, and in her mind the best way to honor it while it's here is to understand it. While many may find her constant questioning to be annoying, for Jasra it's honoring something that won't last forever and helping it live that much longer. 'It' usually being an idea.

Background: "Why do the sun and the moon constantly switch places?" a young girl asked her tutor. "Why can't they be out at the same time?" The girl pulled a flower blossom from one of the vines growing in the palace garden, studying it carefully while dismantling the bloom one petal at a time.

The blossom began to turn to ash in the girl's hand and the tutor looked down on her, reflecting back her own face in his mirrored mask. "Death does not want anything to live eternal, so it kills the sun and the moon and makes them to be reborn each day in their time."

It's later, years later, and a different robed figure in a different mask guides an older girl through some labyrinthine hallways. Through the wooden door they pass a woman screams, heart-wrenching and piercing. "Why do they always scream?" the girl asks her current tutor.

"Because they have been brought near to death through their injuries, and now must be yanked back from the claws of that jealous Goddess," the Magister answered.

And so went Jasra tutoring for years. Each week she would spend time with tutors who would show her how to be a diplomat, and an equal amount of time being shown the religion of the Silent City. This was the life of a Princess of the Silent City.

Until one day the question became, "Why do I have to leave?" and the answer was, "Because the Dune Emperor will not leave you alive if you do not flee." Since then Jasra has been running. Running until there was vast water between her and man that supposedly wanted her dead. Running until she was working for the Skal'dajans under a false name. Running until she was able to be 'liberated' by the House or Pravus.

And now Jasra is just another refugee. Another exotic face and voice clogging up the streets as she looks for a way to retake what was hers, seeking out others she's heard of that may have similar goals. But that's not enough for her mind; it's needs challenges. So she's joined the Faith as a Mirrormask, ready to put her questioning mind to use.

Name Summary
Noelle A refugee we found in the Chain, and no she serves as my protege. And serves well.