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Korka Glynn

Of course rules are flexible. It's how loopholes are made.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Information Broker
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Glynn
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 27
Birthday: 6/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Commoner
Height: 5'6
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Skintone: Tan

Description: Dark waves of ebony hair fall to the midst of her back, its shade so deep a black it carries that blue midnight gloss. The features of her heart-shaped face are well-matched to her slight, lithe athleticism. Her skin is warmed by the sun to a tanned golden, and her eyes are lively, in shade a bright, springy green. The soft bow of her lips is full and lush, with a hint of resting pout that her smile winks away in a flash of white teeth and ready humor. Stillness is rare for Korka, for her energy is a live wire of confidence, undiminished even when forced by circumstance to constraint.

Personality: Bright spontaneity and intuitive wit lurk behind the shield of a default reserve that she loosens at will. Restless and inclined to act rather than plan, Korka finds that the seat of the pants approach lends her adrenaline that heightens her native resourcefulness, which is already one of her strongest assets. Charm and humor are easily linked for her, and ready tools that she can bring to bear in most social situations, but rarely does surprise get the better of her and leave her unguarded.

Background: Korka's father and aunt, Liam and Marie, were orphans who found patronage under Laegan Telmar, which led the Glynn family to become one of the Telmar's most loyal set of servants--a tradition that was expected to be carried by Liam's twins, Korka and Adriel. But Korka...well, she always was a little different. While she has a fierce loyalty to her household as a child, her upbringing proved challenging. Always one to question and let her curiosity get the best of her, she frequently found herself deep in trouble, talking herself in and out of it as her mood suited. As she grew older, she managed to find an appropriate outlet as a scout and information collector, using her charm and sharp wit to gather intelligence on what was happening around the Marches. She was summoned to Arx to put her skills to good use for Telmar, but rather quickly--and in fact so quickly it was certainly not happenstance--talked her way into a position with the Inquisition. There she found herself flourishing in ways that even she couldn't have begun to imagine and with the Duke's blessing, parted ways with Telmar so that she could devote herself to serving the Compact as an Inquisitor. Much to the chagrin of her parents and brother.

Name Summary
Adrienne I saw this young woman at a lecure given at the Shrine of Queen of Endings. I don't know how one would put ice skates on a horse, but I agree it would make for a fascinating story.
Aethan Seems to have earned the wrath of a goose. Unfortunate.
Alessia I always appreciate it when others take an interest in mine and my sister's vocation.
Alina She implied that I had interest in leading the Archlector of Limerance astray! How impertinent!
Amari She has excellent taste in soup.
Anisha Messere Korka Glynn. She paints the picture of the storybook inquisitor, quiet and sitting in the corner, observing. Asking just the right questions, at the right times. It's a little thrilling, to be honest. And a little scary. But mostly thrilling!
Artur Since I didn't catch her the last time. She is a curious woman. One that is always questioning - always inquisitive. But she seems that she is out of sync with the sound of her own song - but it is not always a bad thing.
Ashur Sharp wit, dangerous woman. Korka's stories are terrible and I'll have to remember not to ask for one again! But her conversation is delightful and I find myself pleased to see her approach any gathering.
Aslaug Inquisitor. Well. There you go. 'Nuf said.
Austen A shrewd woman who seems fairly well aware of the minds of those around her. She sussed me out in moments.
Beatrice I could not quite put a finger on Korka Glynn. She is too conversant to be shy, too warm to be taciturn. A pleasant puzzle.
Bellamy Someone this unkind and unpleasant is not worth one's time.
Bhandn One does enjoy banter at times, and she was quite the gracious target of it, especially about the parties.
Braelynn Speaks of her past self in such ease, I would likely have lost my mind. Admirable.
Calypso Sweet summer child.
Carmen This woman's sense of humor is as dry as a desert and truth just falls out of her mouth. She's also not afraid to do what's right, instead of what's easy. She's the type of person I want at my side.
Caspian Pretty interesting to talk too. I had fun having a discussion with her.
Catalana Forthright and not one to shy away from the truth. She's refreshing.
Cerys Inquisitor Korka Glynn: Its rare that I meet an Inquisitor that I would gladly share a drink with. Rarer still to meet one I would tell stories to! That I am looking forward to doing both with this one speaks volumes to her demeanor. We'll see how long it takes after that for me to be found in the House of Questions as a 'guest' of the Inquisition. An adventure awaits either way!
Corrigan Perceptive. Laric must be proud.
Corrigan We probably shouldn't be using our power to intimidate impressionable citizens of the Compact together. Unfortunately, it's really rather fun.
Cristoph We've met a time or two. She seems inquisitive, smart and like she's watching the world around her.
Dante There's a keen intelligence to the Inquisitor and a sharp eye. I find her an excellent protege for that reason, even if I know she is picking through me for information. That's her job. A fine conversation partner and one who can appreciate the aesthetics of our home.
Delilah Certainty of perfection, radiant with wit, and able to return a deadly rejoinder as need be. She's going to be a force to be reckoned with no matter where she turns.
Dianna How lovely she is, and such striking eyes. She does love her play, though, doesn't she?
Domonico She could probably do with better company than one who is so coarse and disrespectful.
Elgana I can appreciate someone with a fondness for pastries and funny stories about Death. She doesn't mince words even around the nobility, a trait some of my peers may scoff at, but I find makes for far more interesting conversation.
Elizabetha A keen eye, blazing presence, and implaccable wit--I admire her, though I know it is not mutual.
Ember I'm not quite certain a marriage would work out between myself and the Inquisitor, largely because I'm not quite certain I could win the war that it would de-evolve into.
Emily A woman with similar views as mine and practical in a tough situation. Some decision are not easy but need to be made for the safety of all.
Esme She seems to be an interesting woman, but I feel that she is so much more complex than she is letting on.
Evaristo She's funny and forward and I like it.
Faye Plesant company and a reliable colleague when it comes to Inquisition work. There's a brightness about her enthusiasm that makes difficult work easier.
Fiora Ugh. Blah.
Fredrik Attention to detail. I bet that is why she is in inquisitor.
Gabriella I have little exposure to the Inquisition, yet I find them intriguing all the same. Moreso, though, is someone with a clever mind; it is always the most sly and dangerous of people who give away little while taking in much.
Hickson Smart, fascinating, and a little bit dangerous. Seems to rely on the head more than the heart.
Hiram A self-professed woman of the Telmarch and by that heritage it would seem she does not dispense much sweetness in her proclamations. I would not wish a bard upon her for the sake of either herself or the poor minstrel so pointed is her disposition toward rhyming. A woman of wagers, though? Color me intrigued. I take back all the coyote things I have said about her.
Ian In love with all that Inquisitor shit. I wonder if she understands what they really are.
Ilira I like the way this one owns a room. It's in the walk.
Ilvin Refreshingly straightforward when she has questions. Very much like a hedgehog made human.
Jaerith Pretty casual for an inquisitor. Not what anyone would expect, I think.
Jules A humorously blunt woman.
Jyri Sharp mind on this one, in more than one way. I best bite my tongue now and then. But, no denying she's smart.
Kastelon She has an eye for fighters, I suppose. Or perhaps more knowledge of them than I do.
Katarzyna We discussed many topics at the Murder, but I think my favorite was how some things just don't change. It brought about a sense of comfort I haven't felt in quite some time. I'd be happy to have another drink with Korka again soon.
Kritr Yup. That's another inquisitor. Do they all have such sharp tongues? Or do Inquisitors just have a longer leash than the rest of the Compact and they just say what the rest of them feel?
Laurel Quick witted to the point there was a moment of genuine ease amongst the silks. I will have to thank her for that.
Lenne The gods love terrible stories. The world seems to work on them. I've discovered this more and more. It seems silly, but I do wonder if Korka is to be my evil nemesis, instead of the Devourer. I won't complain, if I need to save a beautiful princess from her dark clutches. Followed by Korka falling off a bridge, doing something nefarious, thus ensuring there is conveniently no moral responsibility on my part.
Lora I see now why Dante chose her as his protege. She's a clever one, this inquisitor. Perceptive, discerning, and likely sharp enough to cut with.
Lucene Amusing woman. I like her dry wit, even if it's usually at the expense of someone else. Or maybe it's because it is? Huh.
Mabelle A pleasant woman with a fine taste for gemstones. I like her.
Macda Something about goats. I don't know that I ever really got it. But those crisps were brilliant!
Macda She strikes me as someone not to get on teh wrong side of. Can't say why, exactly. Just feels vaguely... threatening.
Magpie Magpie doesn't appreciate Inquisition. He appreciates them even less when they deliberately loiter in his bar. He felt like she was there to nose into things, or she was bored. Neither painted a particularly welcoming impression on the smuggler.
Martino She's an Inquisitor?! Someone mentioned that in my presence and I had not realised until then. Well, then. She is clearly a VERY good one to not get found out.
Medeia Someday I might get to know Korka, until then, I'll keep finding myself drawn to her unique blend of stoicism and humor.
Mercedes Her tongue is sharp, as is her wit. No mercy in her, perhaps, but we need that among the Inquisition. Her softness comes in the form of many pies, and does nothing to dull her impeccable edge. She will go far, into the dark and unseemly places of the world. Where her spirit is needed.
Miraj "What she does with him isn't our concern. We were enlisted to find the man, we've found him. Are you hoping perhaps he's seen the error of his ways now that his balls need to drop again and he's had his come to Jayus moment?" - Straight from her mouth. I have a better impression of the Inquisition now. It's definitely changed for the better... I think I may have more respect for it. But mostly her.
Mirari That sharp tongue of hers will let you know what she thinks of you. And I can tell she isn't at all impressed with me. Which is all well and good, for I am not impressed with a sharp tongue that is not my own.
Narcissa To cut to the quick of something, culling pleasantries of weather and titles, to nick at political discomfort that ruffles silk? Darling, I rather like you.
Nazmir I'm not sure what to make of the Inquisitor. The word blunt certainly comes to mind and while I'm certain it does not endear her to most, it was somewhat refreshing.
Norwood An interesting display of snow-man-ship at the Valardin event. He put himself very much into all of the action.
Orelia Whose side are you on, exactly?
Orrin She seems knowledgeable, but also serious and strict. While she's a good conversationalist, she might see her burden lessen as should she let it go.
Otto I dunno. She's a strange one. Deffinately something up at her. Not that it's a bad thing. It's not. Just curious is all.
Philippe I may die without ever knowing whether the events of this evening were part of a sophisticated Inquisition operation to try to get a rogue scholar to consider her fate and seek atonement, but if that were the plan, I think the young lady played her role perfectly. Our true selves appear under adversity. I hope that mine passed muster.
Piccola I didn't get as much time as I wanted to read the Inquisitor, but she seems ... well, she seems like an Inquisitor.
Porter Drinking, betting. That's my kind of fun. Too bad her first impression of me is getting my ass kicked, probably. Ah well, these things happen. Most important question, who's keeping track of the betting? FIVE SILVER! NO, FIFTY!
Qadira Smart. Funny. Probably quite dangerous. Perhaps better than any honor guard, as far as the Murder is concerned.
Ras First I thought, she's alright, but -- not gonna make the mistake of thinkin an inquisitor's my friend ever again. Best not forget that lesson. And she's one, but there's somethin else more to her. I'll look into this.
Reese A little bit impish, a little mysterious, a little bit quiet and a little talkative. She seems like fun to be around and teases her friends in the good way. Alert to what is around her.
Reigna There is a casual air about her that I believe is not entirely accurate. She watches. She watches *everything*. Her instinct is to place her back against something and face the entrance so she can see who comes in. Perhaps it is the inquisitor in her. Or perhaps that is what led her to become one. I sense something there, curious. I envy the color of her eyes.
Revell Inquisitor. I probably shouldn't get too close till I've sorted myself out, but she seems like pleasant company.
Richard Some dislike eavesdroppers. Personally, I believe it simply the cost of being in public - and when one takes advantage of their skilled ears to give advice to those headed into danger, I can feel nothing but gratitude.
Rodica Smart, thinker, and the others give her some sort of berth from fear. But I have always liked danger.
Rosalind Needs to maybe lighten up more. Have a drink? I think it's her job though. She seems to know things.
Rukhnis She seems quick-witted and more competent than most, but I distrust her seeming lack of empathy for others.
Sanya Enjoyable company with an effortless charm and certainly sharp wits.
Scarlett This fine lady reminds me just a smidge of myself when I was playing in the gutter with the other craftsfolks' brats. In a good way, of course. Mostly a good way.
Scipio An intriguing woman whom I lost a bet to over which sleigh would be the fastest. I may have had some ill fortune with the bet, but I figure that I came out quite well on the company that evening. She seems to be an interesting person to say the least, and I hope that we can become friends in the future.
Shard She was in the Murder, making bets on whether I'd hit anyone else (or the same person again). I don't know anything more about her. Not yet, anyway.
Sunaia Ever-personable; a good companion and a great Inquisitor.
Sydney Soft clothes, and a sharp tongue - my absolute favorite combination. That razor wit is quite a welcome extra.
Talwyn Smart and able to get drinks out of a barroom while holding her own. She's cunning, like most Inquisitors
Tarik He bought a couple of drinks for people in the Golden HAr, but he is not sure if she ever got any. She seems to be friends with some of the regulars that I know and don't know
Thea Strong willed. Inquisitor I think she said. Hmmm..
Thomas There's something immediately engaging about someone who does not entertain the slightest shred of small talk, though perhaps it was our surroundings that encouraged her. I appreciate the depth of her focus and experience, and hope I can some day learn more about her journey.
Valerius A rare and lovely gem. Might be a rough gem. A gem nonetheless.
Verity Momentously clever and fatefully sharp. I feel lucky that I was at least able to pry her favorite color and number from her. Next time I will strive to learn what animal she favors, or maybe which flavor of tea.
Vicente Dante is her patron and she seemed interested in having good stories about his childhood. You directed her to Dante's sister.
Vittorio The only perceptive woman in the room. Self proclaimed scary. We'll see.
Vulpiano My first Inquisitorial encounter, though it was pleasant one, with good wine and conversation. No secrets to share, alas, but I suspect she will find more before the day's done, if taverns are so rife with them.
Wash An inquisitor with a delightful sense of humor. Glad to see one that doesn't take themselves too seriously.
Wylla I see that she has a very low tolerance for nonsense, and that her work is difficult. Not that she seems the type that would wilt under any challenge. She would remain very crisp.
Zoey Indeed, a smile can be a woman's greatest weapon.