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Zyxthylum Kathrite

You cannot truly appreciate the taste of honey until you have had your mouth filled with offal.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Misunderstood Macabre Artist
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Karthrite
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 48
Birthday: 8/27
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Commoner
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skintone: pale

Description: Even hunched this man stands a few inches over six feet. Called the 'Duke of Limbs' throughout his youth for his lanky, ungainly appendages, his size is in stark contrast to his mettle. The emaciated and scarred quality of his flesh tells the story of a hard life better then any tapestry could. One of these injuries was so vicious it left one of his eyes milky and took a piece of his upper lip. Altogether a wretched looking creature, it looks as if someone has recently begun to take pity on him. Well groomed and with a freshly dyed head of hair, perhaps his luck has recently changed.

Personality: Quite friendly, Zyxthylum can be a little overenthusiastic when engaged. A life spent in seclusion gives him a plethora of ticks, some more apparent then others. People that take time to get to know him figure out he is harmless however, nearly a pacifist if you didn't count the animals. It's almost unclear if he understands gender, referring to most people as well as himself as if a homogeneous group. Like most of his behaviors, this seems to come and go however, and he does have moments of extreme clarity. Although rare, this is when he becomes unpredictable. This usually entails hysterical public rants until he is beaten by the guards or put in a cell for the night.

Background: Zyxthylum was born in the Lowers to a family that already had too many mouths to feed. Often there was no dinner and no place to sleep for the poor boy, so he took to spending his nights at the graveyard. He was also forced to hunt rats, birds, even insects in dire situations. Abuse and neglect made the boy lonely, so he started creating his own family and friends out of the remains of his dinners. At first this was simply bones assembled with fishing line. Eventually however, the boy became a man, and the man became talented. His creations began to take on a second life under his care and the strange hobby began to draw morbidly curious eyes.

Still forced to take any job people would let the odd fella do, he happened to attract a mysterious benefactor that changed the natural course of his life. Instead of scrubbing chamber pots and collecting bounties on rats, he is exploring his hobby as a legitimate trade. Business might not always be booming but he is grateful for his chance to sit indoors and work in peace.

Relationship Summary

  • Graziella - The most perfect being to even live. She saved me from dying cold and alone in the storms.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Nina - My new favorite neighbor.
  • Ripley - A generous man with a fine eye for detail.
  • Felix - Wise, connected, it is a luxury to meet such people.
  • Caprice - Is there anything she isn't capable of?
  • Orland - Lord Master Orland is our best patron.
  • Medeia - A luxury to have met someone so humble and knowledgeable.
  • Anisha - Charitable as they come. She gives a lot of people in the Lowers a chance to be happy.
  • Mabelle - Has an appreciation for doing things the old fashioned way. Brightens the shop anytime she walks over the threshold.
  • Bridget - Our most gracious client.
  • Insaya - Helping with the research at the College.
  • Samira - A talented artist helping lift other artists in the Lowers up.
  • Lianne - A pleasure to meet someone else so interested in promoting art and artisans.
  • Sophie - Another talented alchemist graciously volunteering time to help with research.
  • Savio - He sings to the fish, what isn't there to admire?
  • Zakhar - I'll have to commission one of these puzzle boxes. If I enjoy it half as much as the rum cake it will be worth every Duke.
  • Name Summary
    Aisha I'm not going to lie. When I first saw him, he startled the -- well, I was going to say something inappropriate, but you get the jist. He startled me. We'll leave it at that. HOWEVER, when he started talking? Very charming, engaging and polite. I love the simplicity of his showroom as well. Plus he made Rosco and Rosco is one of the best things I've seen in all of Arx.
    Anisha He's an odd man, that's for certain - I admit, I didn't expect him, or his friend. But I'm thrilled to see him do his best in the Wagon Run - this is the kind of man the People's Tournament is for, after all.
    Apollo I hope he learns he doesn't have to shrink.
    Cristoph They'll let anybody in here these days.
    Graziella It moves me to be able to help another artist who seems just as tortured by his own talent... if giving him the supplies to see his art come to life is the least I can do? I do it with grace and humility as I await his next masterpiece...
    Lenard I don't know whether he's simply mad or is too keen on the special herbs, but either way he should probably not be in the queensrest.
    Mabelle A man of vast knowledge in Shaman healing. I sense I will visit his shop often.
    Medeia When you have lived a nightmare, the unsettling things become a point of fascination to study instead of a thing to be feared. And perhaps my knowledge will assist in that.
    Orland It's always better to discover what between the covers of a book, than judge one by outward appearance. Oddly, I feel relaxed hanging out with Zyx. The eccentric ones always provide better company. More interesting to watch and listen to.
    Patrizio Beneath the off-putting exterior lies a craftsman who's rightfully proud of his expansive talents. A credit to our house, and may he do his patron proud.
    Remy One with an interest in healing, who takes inspiration from nature. I take inspiration from him.
    Samira I get the sense he's lived a troubled life, but still he looks to help others. I hope he can find a sense of calm and purpose in the life he carves out for himself here.
    Savio He's so odd. I love him. I simply must know more!
    Zakhar Tall and quiet. Though has a demeanor that follows him that tells me that the man is just watching for the next cog to be tossed into the equation. A very nice gentleman, the kittens liked him, thus that is all I need to know for now.