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Rebekah Culler

The more I see of silks, the more I like my dogs.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mistress of Hounds
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Culler
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 10/21
Religion: None
Vocation: Merchant
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: fair

Description: There isn't anything extraneous about this woman's appearance, no indulgent little marks of vanity, affectation, or artifice. Plain features, thin lips, a strong jaw. A thick braid of light brown hair that falls almost to her waist. A fit, but not exceptionally athletic frame. The overall effect that she conveys is compelling in its simplicity; she commands the space around herself with a certainty of who she is and what she represents. Her voice is clear and clipped; in both word and gesture, she always knows how to make her meaning perfectly understood.

Personality: Rebekkah has been let down often enough in her life to know that people, left to their own devices, are fickle, unreliable creatures, and as such, she prefers to keep a sense of control in her relationships. She makes friends easily and enjoys surrounding herself with both people and dogs, but only ever comes to trust those who, whether by her conditioning or their own natures, meet a standard of reliability that borders on absolute obedience. Though she's always the last to raise her voice and the last to lose her temper, nobody could mistake her level headedness for weakness.

Rebekkah believes that people, like dogs, require a steady , even hand and a predictable pattern of behavior to bring them to heel, and in fact that it is a kindness to exhibit this stability to the people around her. She's absolutely clear in her mind and in her behavior about what she expects from the people in her life, as well as how they will be rewarded for meeting those expectations.

Background: Rebekkah is a Culler by blood, daughter to a pair of long stalwarts of the family, and as such, she had a more stable childhood than many of her peers. Stable, but not idyllic. Her father was a hard man, her mother was ruthless and pragmatic, and neither of them were nurturing presences in their childrens' lives. Both of her brothers slipped away, one called by the sea and the other by the bottle, and her sister ran errands for anyone willing to pay, just trying to scrape together the silver to get out of the Lowers. As for Rebekkah, she saw enough of the worst that humanity had to offer that she decided she liked dogs better than people. Dogs could be trained and taught. Dogs never turned on you unless you had done something to turn them. She was a familiar sight around the docks from a young age, a small girl surrounded by a pack of street mutts, all of them bigger than she was. Anyone foolish enough to lift a hand to her learned the painful lesson that her pack of placid and well trained animals would, with a word, turn vicious and fierce.

As Rebekkah grew into a self-assured, confident woman, she began to see for the first time that people and dogs were not quite as different as her childhood self had thought them to be. In fact, many of the techniques that she'd developed to bring the half-feral dogs of the Lowers to heel worked just as well on the half-feral people of the Lowers. Her mastery over people was brought to the notice of her family (specifically Raja Culler) in the most dramatic way possible when a single sharp word from her stopped a fight right outside of the Culler den that was right on the verge of exploding into a violent brawl. Her talents were soon put to work, and she became an enforcer for her family, training the next generation of Cullers like so many dogs in her pack. Not that she would ever compare people to dogs, of course; to do so would give the people far more credit than they deserved.

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