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Prince Victus Thrax

Talk, talk, talk. Too much talk by nobles. The big questions aren't settled by the endless talk in the Assembly of Peers, but by steel in the hands of men worth a damn.

Social Rank: 2
Concept: Bastard of Maelstrom
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 41
Birthday: 08/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: tall
Hair Color: steely brown
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: tan

Titles: Prince of Maelstrom, Highlord of the Mourning Isles, The Usurper of Maelstrom

Description: An imposing and powerfully built man, Victus' hulking frame and the battle scars splashed across his handsomely chiseled visage lend him an intimidating countenance. Even those unfamiliar with the warrior's storied history can see the tales of his victories written on his face, and his powerful arms. Tall, with skin lightly tanned by time in the sun, dark brown hair and nearly-black eyes, the soldier would be hard pressed to appear approachable even if not for his perpetually unsmiling, grim features. Weighing a couple hundred pounds without an ounce of fat upon him, Victus looks like a man that could (and almost certainly did) kill with his bare hands.

Personality: Lord Victus Thrax knows full well where his talents lay, and they most certainly do not involve flowery speeches or clever schemes. A laconic warrior favoring (brutally) direct solutions to problems, Victus seems to represent the barbaric warrior stereotype that enemies of House Thrax decry. But he's not a truly bloodthirsty man; he simply sees no good reason to put his soldiers at risk by being foolishly merciful with defeated (but not helpless) enemies and his grimly simple outlook on the proper treatment of enemies colors his treatment of them off the field. A fiercely loyal soldier well aware of his own limitations, Victus knows he has neither the training nor the temperment for machiavellian political leadership or for limp-wristed diplomacy that caters to perfumed weaklings. Enemies of House Thrax have called Victus joyless or humorless, but that's not entirely true; give him a bloodied sword in hand, a vanquished enemy on the field, and the cheers of soldiers around him and Victus will be all smiles.

Since raising to his new position as Prince of the Maelstrom, Victus has shown marked change in how he deals with an everyday life. Complicated situations of rulership and those that deal with other individuals are more often handled with shockingly, a degree of diplomacy. Sometimes, even the barest hint of ‘tact’. The influence of his Valardin nee Grayson wife in encouraging leadership without an iron fist cannot be understated when it comes to matters of sovereignty.

Though that has not changed the fact that he is at his core a simple man, with no filter for softer language nor his true opinions when in the company of strangers and those he’s familiar with. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that he seems to have adopted his own sense of humor, though it’s cuttingly dry and often too blunt to be enjoyed by those who do not share its taste. Most improperly is when it spreads to making light-hearted mockery of nobility itself. He takes his responsibilities with grim seriousness and drive, but he is no stranger to indulging in the fact that his power and status allows him to say and do things of ridiculously gauche proportions without the consequence of having a head-of-house punishing such behavior.

Background: Lord Victus Thrax is the very embodiment of a warrior of House Thrax. As the illegitimate son of Prince Argus Thrax, Victus might have expected a difficult childhood, but he was nonetheless raised raised in the household of his uncle the Prince Donrai Thrax and suffered few of the hardships many bastards have come to expect. Not that he had a warm, loving environment. His famously cold and stern uncle ruthlessly cultivated the hard strength expected of a Thrax man in the young Victus as he raised him, but Victus surpassed even the unreasonable expectations set for him. During his late teens serving aboard Thrax vessels, Victus demonstrated both ferocity coupled with terrifying natural talent in skirmishes against the pirates that prey upon shipping in the Saffron Chain, earning the respect (and fear) of house soldiers. While Victus had extremely little patience for scholarly works at all and would never be accused of a keen natural intellect, he proved surprisingly alert on matters of strategy and distinguished himself in several field engagements. His uncle decided to trust the baseborn warrior with command of a full company of soldiers during the Rebellion of House Tyde which proved to be one of the better investments the high lord has made in recent times, as Victus personally slew House Tyde's lord on the field, led a charge that routed the rebel forces, and was the first one over the wall in storming the rebel redoubt. For his heroism in battle, Victus was raised up to Lord Victus of House Thrax, legitimizing him even if he still stood far down the line of succession. That suits the Lord Victus just fine, as politics bores him utterly and he has considerable mixed feelings about being sent to Arx to 'round out his rough edges' and 'culture him somewhat'. The high lord told Victus that he expects him to behave in Arx and learn how to solve problems without violence. Victus supposes there's a first time for everything for a veteran of scores of battles.

The trials and tribulations of Arx were much different than the hard and unforgiving life that Victus had grown accustomed to. Their difficulty however remained unchanged as a man with brutally simple solutions was forced to mingle with the complications of politics and social-living. Often times Lord Victus Thrax was butting heads with those of other, self-described ‘softer’ cultures and their nobility. Monotonous meetings were fortunately often broken with calls to action from Thrax as piracy across the Mourning Sea began to escalate in most peculiar (and often messy) ways.

Soon however, the course of Thrax would be changed forever in ways few would anticipate. Prince Donrai Thrax was found dead in the family’s estate within Arx, with the position of High Lord to be passed onto Prince Dagon Thrax, the rightful heir. Prince Dagon was a beacon of hope for those who wished to see Thrax’s age of cruelty and bloody warfare curtailed by a fair, just and honorable man. Those hopes were dashed by Victus’ ambition in the wake of his Uncle’s demise.

Lord Victus came forward with an unprecedented challenge for the seat of Thrax, which Prince Dagon accepted. The duel was won by Victus, leading to Dagon abdicating his inheritance and bending the knee to newly christened Prince Victus Thrax, High Lord of the Mourning Isles.

Prince Victus’ raise was respected by Thrax for his method of conquest, but met with outrage across the Compact. Much of the peerage refused to recognize Victus as the true ruler of Thrax, including those who led the other four Great Houses of Arvum. His first acts won him little popularity to discourage such views as he’d shown little in the way of maturing from a brutish warrior to bear the responsibility of his new station. Rebellion in the Isles was a palpable threat as well, but soon those who even seemed to be toeing the line of treason to their new ruler were met with swift and bloody ends.

But as days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years, Prince Victus underwent changes of his own. It wasn’t until after the Great Sinking, an event that left devastation through Thrax’s ranks as nearly all Thraxian vessels in Arx’s harbor were destroyed, did the ‘leader’ in Victus began to show through his grim visage. The tragedy was a cruel lesson that Victus was not unfamiliar with in his time growing up, perhaps marking the beginning of his understanding of this new political ‘battlefield’ he found himself in. As years since the infamous duel began to pass, the peerage’s tolerance of Victus grew. Soon, Thrax was accepting of their new High Lord as well. Polarizing acts such as the rights of Women being expanded to include them not only in inheritance but a place in Thrax’s military were drafted by his hand, as well as a reformation of Thralldom to begin eliminating exploitative practices used by Thrax for generations.

Though the future remains to be seen, Victus has shown the skills and initiative required by someone who leads their people, with even a mind toward a progression of Thrax’s society as a whole and a fairer hand than his predecessor’s. Perhaps he might leave something resembling an ‘honorable’ legacy after all. But there’s a long way yet to go.

Relationship Summary

  • Aleksei's Kid - I don't remember his name, but he tried to give me a spider and I don't care for that shit at all.
  • Ivan Helianthus - The selfish, greedy, dangerous threat to our way of life that masquerades as a traditionalist.

  • Frenemy:
  • Edain - I hope he doesn't die over there. I was supposed to die in glorious battle first.
  • Lilybelle - The Claw Of Arx - I liked this cat enough to ask the King to give her an honorary title. She doesn't care for me much. Or my wife. Or my kids.

  • Family:
  • Dagon - He didn't have to. But he did. For all that's happened, he's always pointed the Sword at our enemies instead of ourselves.
  • Leona - She cut and run from the family, but she made something of herself doing it. I respect it.
  • Astrid - My firstborn. We called her Stormborn and Kraken's Bane on her arrival. When I'm gone, she'll carry these burdens in a new world.
  • Danse - My secondborn. Quiet. Booky. He must get it from his mother. Nice hair.
  • Siggy - She's either third or fourth, depending on which twin you ask. I'm happy not to clarify, it keeps them occupied.
  • Delia - At least until they escalate fighting over eldership to hair pulling. That's a problem.
  • Eleyna Thrax - She's a small thing, a bright world hidden behind her eyes. I wonder what she'll bring into history.
  • Tyrus - Do not acknowledge the cat.
  • Jaenelle - I hope it doesn't detract from any of my cousin's numerous accomplishments to say that I'm proud of her. She's come so far, and she still has so much left to do.
  • Donella - She was there with me in those first, horribly misguided years. From when we were small to when we had a hand in the fate of thousands. Always and forever, I have her back.
  • Sorrel - Once a Wyrm, now a Serpent. She's adapted well, and her voice is a welcome light in the darkness.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Aureth - Without his wisdom, I'm not sure the conviction to abolish thralldom would have been possible.
  • Aleksei - He used to really annoy me. Still sort of annoys me, but I'm far more agreeable to his cause. I don't like his kid. His kid freaks me out.
  • Arik - I almost killed him at Brianna's thing.

  • Ally:
  • Margot - Killed her father. Glad I didn't kill her too. We've come far, haven't we?
  • Ailith - The first priest I could call 'friend'. I owe her for opening my eyes.
  • Darren - He's made Donella very happy, and very frozen.
  • Haakon - I have a thing about Prodigals. Distrustful things. But I will always count Eswynd's foremost reaver among those I trust to get a job done.
  • Carita - Lady Carita is an exceptional example of a brilliant mind that belongs with nobility.

  • Friend:
  • Magpie - Look at your little ship go!
  • Morrighan - She calls me 'rowboater'. You ford a nonexistent river through a crappy tavern once, and Marin's offspring will let you know about it forever.
  • Brianna - I almost killed someone at her wedding.
  • Leola - She brought the otter to my world. Every day, I wonder why.

  • Spouse:
  • Alarissa - I'm not sure anyone expected it to fit so well. Perhaps it's our differences that make the greater whole that much better. Call me soft, but I love this woman.

  • Deceased:
  • Donrai - Tyrannical old bastard, but he made me who and what I am.
  • Freja - Whiskey nights aren't the same.
  • Eleyna - The Lyceum is less beautiful to have one less lily.

  • Protege:
  • Sabella - Not often you see a Grayson and Thrax banding together for mutual good, eh?
  • Sparte - Bent the knee at our hour of need. Loyalty.

  • Sibling:
  • Natasha - We didn't have a very typical upbringing. Half-siblings separated by the path set out by our benefactors. Luckily, I think I got the worst of our father's temperament.

  • Rival:
  • Scarf - This goddamn otter drives me up a wall.

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - His Majesty is a leader I can be proud to call my liege. May he live long, and Arvum's enemies crushed underfoot.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan A better high lord than many.
    Agatha Not sure there's all that much to be said about the Highlord talking about paperwork and blood and orifices that hasn't been said. But at least he properly values the importance of a good wrestling match when you need to get the GRRRRs out.
    Agnarr High Lord's still more or less the same as when I'd seen him first, except don't ever recall him owning a cat before. Makes better drinking company than most silks.
    Aiden His shark mask was very fitting and made me grin at seeing it. In fact it was so unique I was incredibly impressed by it. While he curses a lot and comes off as a strong presence, I'm eager to sit down with the Thraxian Prince and converse at some point.
    Aislin The High Lord of Thrax... though I first met him during Donrai's reign, first sparring in the training center, and then again when we traveled together to search out the fate of the former Legate of Concepts. It seems since taking the throne of Thrax, he's tried to learn diplomacy, and I actually think he may be turning into quite the competent leader.
    Ajax The High Lord of Thrax, to be honest. I don't know what I was expecting. He seems like a good and honorable sort. Nothing like the rumors I heard as a boy.
    Alaric Victus' propensity for speaking his mind is well known, but what I think tends to get lost amidst other aspects of his large personality is that he absolutely refuses to quit. There is no 'give up' in the man, and if the Herald of Devastation somehow doesn't yet understand that doubtless he will in time.
    Alaric One of us appears to be a terrible lure for frightening prophetic messages. I'm beginning to think it's Victus.
    Alarie Fuck he's tall.
    Alecstazi The day he wrested the title of High Lord from Dagon, I would have told any who listened that installing that brute in as High Lord would end in disaster and ruin. He was made for war and reaving, not politics. As the years have passed I have seen him change, watched him try to tuck away the coarse soldier, to try to become something more. He still sits a bit oddly within his skin, but the years have honed him into something between the two, the Reaver and the Politician. By all the gods I hope that I was wrong. That he will lead us through the storm and not destroy the Isles with needless change and utter ruin.
    Aleksei Well, we didn't murder each other! That's a start.
    Alexis High Lord Victus Thrax. Friendlier than expected. But then, a man such as him has little to prove, and thus little reason to not be friendly, no?
    Alis I must give him credit. For a former warlord and the leader of the Thrax he has turned out to be rather easy to get along with, from what I can see. Exept for that time he beat the tar out of my brother in a Rite to Gloria. I'm having a hard time not growling at him for that one. But, Gloria.
    Amarantha The High Lord has a very cute baby. I'm sad they both witnessed my ass kicking.
    Amari He is the Salt's Champion! A bit intimidating, but it would be disappointing if he wasn't.
    Apollis The High Lord is very observant and summed Echo up pretty succinctly.
    Apollo There's something sort of mind-bogglingly quaint about finding a high lord and a king out fishing and arguing like kids on a lake.
    Arcelia That there is a man that can drink and get into a night! I met him first at my bonfire and he seemed enjoy all the wine and really get into the evening the moment I mentioned honoring Mangata.
    Ardee The man plays hard. I can't imagine what he fights like if he's actually trying to kill someone.
    Arianna A strong man who leads a strong House. Respectable in every way, some might shy away from someone so unbridled but surely they are not me. I sense potential, perhaps he knows what I know about the happenings, perhaps I will have to illuminate him. Either way surely we will be working /close/ together.
    Ariella The Prince of Thrax is not just a warlord. He's a lord of war. Though I hear he's making a go at softening his edges. Maybe.
    Auda So this is the Lord of Thrax! His dog is cute.
    Barric An interesting man. High Lord of Thrax. Yet he acts different than most Royalty. I hope we get a chance to go drinking sometime so I can get to know him better.
    Beatrice The Prince is softer in manner - kittens? really? - than I would have expected and in ways more fatalistic. But in speech he is as stolid and Thraxian as he should be.
    Bhandn The thing about hearing stories of people, is that sometimes they're simply stories and not histories. I'm rather curious to see which of each Your Grace will author.
    Bliss Bold, boisterous, proud and firm - this man is unafraid to shake up social conventions that he deems necessary to go, while at the same time holding fast to the ones that are important. Revolutionary, for a Thrax, and I have always enjoyed our conversations, few though they have been. Victus Thrax is my kind of people.
    Braith The High Lord was KNOWN to me but to see him in action and actually attempt to face off with him was an event one could say. Always remind him to keep his sword strapped at his side. For safety's sake.
    Brigida Of course he was interested in the sword. What else should I have expected?
    Caith The Highlord of Thrax! He swears a lot and has a cat that is very ill-tempered. I approve of this, of course. It makes me giggle! Well, to be honest, the cat scares me a little (ok: a lot). Victus too, I guess! They are well-suited for each other when one thinks about it.
    Calaudrin Hey, not a bad sort of guy. Took a beating by a bunch of people and didn't even really complain about it.
    Carita Though I did not get much time to really talk with Victus, I'm under the impression he's not really much for chatter. He gives two fucks, though. Seems to love his children, which was heart warming as well.
    Caspian He has to be the tallest man I've ever met. Also, he seems to be a down to earth man.
    Catalana Our highlord. He has led us through many dark times, and this will not be the last. I do however have the distinct pleasure of knowing he always gets drunk at my parties.
    Christine Well, he's nice enough, and a good drinker. Now let's see if we can make that party a thing...
    Cirroch He's my sort of man. He likes whiskey and large axes. Princess Sasha and I attended his surprise birthday party and I was happy to have met him.
    Cristoph I think I sort of like Victus. Maybe. Not sure. It was pretty funny that one time he dropped a teacup.
    Cullen Sometimes loud and profane, sometimes quite polite and civilized, always fun to be around and has the Claw of Arx! Really, I don't know how anyone could dislike this man.
    Dagon My first re-meeting with the fearsome usurper saw him playing with a kitten and saving a princess. Something seems backward here.
    Darren I said before that I thought he'd do right by the Thrax and I stand by that now. There is a noticeable change in him since the siege, but only for the better in my opinion. Wars change you .. and wars where you're responsible for the lives and deaths of so many change you that much more. He remains one of the few people left in the city that I'd like to kick back and have a drink with, and I hope our friendship carries on.
    Darrow Victus was one of the few who could best the Knight of Sorrow in combat. They trained together in his early days within Arx, and he supported him when he bested Prince Dagon to succeed the throne.
    Delilah I have only the greatest respect for a man willing to risk Alarissa's wrath by putting himself up for bid, and then warning the crowd she might curse them for purchasing him. He's a character of historical proportions and lives up to every inch of that reputation. It makes a girl wish she had several hundred thousand silver in the bank to see what fascinating outcomes might occur because of that company.
    Denica Victus has changed, all for the better. I never would have expected him to be the force of change that he has become, but I'm proud of my cousin.
    Dominic I saw him come out of his momma's hole. Have had his back ever since.
    Dominique He definitely seems to want to cause trouble.
    Domonico An impressively big man, High Lord Victus Thrax doesn't bandy around too much with words. He seems proud of his cousin Jasher's achievements and that only puts Victus in higher estimation in my mind.
    Eleanor A very large Thrax, that's what he is. But needs must, and on the bright side this situation does seem likely to require a very large response.
    Eleyna You can practically smell the scent of seawater drifting off of him and his scowls are just as fierce as have been rumored. Yet, he's far more clever than anyone gives him credit for. They hear the gruff tone, see the big blade, and let their assumptions take over as to what and who he is. I'm not sure if it's done that way on purpose, but I rather hope it is.
    Emily He may not realize but he's made a new best friend. That's right. Secret Best Friend. I won't let you down.
    Evaristo He is as impressive to see as his reputation. I would love to see him in action on the seas - tears in his wake, never at his wake.
    Evelynn He recovers remarkably well. I've noticed he has a way with words too.
    Faruq A man who has no fear of making a fool of himself. Inspired me to make rope animals at a talent show. He also cares deeply about the loss of lives for no good purpose. I understand why people follow him now. If I were Thraxian, he would have my loyalty.
    Fatima The salt runs through his veins and he is everything a Thraxian High Lord should be. I look forward to seeing him lead us to victory again, and again, and again. I am all to glad to serve him and further his ambitions.
    Fecundo Didn't mind being used as a shield for the archery contest and swings a mean hammer.
    Ferrando The shortest distance between two points is the path the High Lord takes to get from one to the other.
    Fiora The High Lord in real life. He's not as loud as I thought he would be, but maybe that's just because the world is ending.
    Freja Not exactly what I expected, but in a good way. Can keep up with the drinking of a Bear and banter to boot.
    Galen There's a reason he's the Head amongst Princes. Still much left to learn from him.
    Gian He has risen high enough to be blunt and speak plainly. If such were not improper, I'd be jealous.
    Gianna Very much as though a battleaxe was given human form.
    Gisele To see the High Lord of Thrax in a Rite to Gloria was fearsome, and impressive. To see him cuddling a cat in the days after? Quite a different facet and a mark of how the Mother of Beginnings favours more complicated souls.
    Gwenna I can't say that I know Prince Victus Thrax well, if really much at all, though have attended no few discussions and assemblies with him. What I believe, however, is that there is little he would not do for his people, even though his reputation might have once lead some to think otherwise. He is both fist and conscience, destroyer and rescuer. The world has changed and, it seems, he has learned to change with it. While I would not call us friends, I respect his leadership and martial prowess a great deal.
    Haakon Saw him first at Setarco, roaring among the battle. Saw him next playing peacemaker in Crimson Square, and not a doubt in my mind he'd prefer a dire battle every day to all this shit.
    Harald At last it seems the Highlord is growing into this new battlefield. Woe unto all enemies if the Isles are united behind him.
    Harlex I saw the High Lord cut a cake in half with an axe. Then, on our second meetin', he soberly related to the burden of command and spoke wisely on it, too. I wager he'd be a great fight, if I get the chance.
    Ian If anything, he's less comfortable in the life he's found himself in, here in Arx, than I am. But he's not hiding from it, like Duke Harald sometimes does, and he's not apologizing for who we are, like the Marquis. There's a lot to respect about that.
    Jaenelle Never as scary as he thinks he is.
    Jasher I did what I could to support your position as High Lord, however little it was. Good to see it all worked out.
    Jeffeth A prince. But didn't strike me the same as the rest of the royalty I've met. A hard sort. A good sort.
    Jordan Note to self: High Lord angered when family members are groped or have untoward things done for. Maybe even if they're unmarried. Has scary axe. Stay out of the way, be reverent.
    Joscelin So when I first met him, I thought him a prig. I did for a long time after the Hair Incident. That being said ... I believe his little wife, the lovely Alarissa, has changed him for the better. A thousand small ways, but is it not the case for small bits of snow to begin the avalanche? Many small movements in a game of war to win it all? So while I'm not going to invite him over for scones any time soon, I daresay he's a different man, a better one, and I hope that this growth in character may even lead to a friendship someday. He's close to getting my respect, so... anything is possible, yes?
    Josephine He throws a very good dart. He probably throws it even better using his dominant hand.
    Juliana Harsh, coarse and somewhat crude. A Thrax's Thrax. No doubt exactly what is needed in this day. No doubt he will do exactly what is needed.
    Kaldur I'm not sure a child is an appropriate garment. Or floor covering. Mind your brood, High Lord! (this won't come back to bite Kaldur, nope)
    Karina Despite his rank, he seems like a man given to plain speaking and blunt manners, and that makes it a tad easier for me to relate.
    Katarina Bastard of Maelstrom who carved out for himself a place upon the throne of the Isles through most interesting means, which Katarina respects as that is how she became royalty in her own lands. Two birds of a feather, perhaps, plus he has a rugged sort of charm.
    Katarina There are very few men of the Compact, let alone of the Isles, that Katarina respects more than Victus Thrax, Prince of Maelstrom. Everything he is now was achieved by his own hand, and seldom few can really say they've done the same. She considered him a friend once, perhaps more of a distant acquaintance these days. At some point, she really ought to pay him those drinks she owes him.
    Katarina I do not think that His Grace would enjoy me pointing out that in the earnest way that he says what he means and means what he says, he would perhaps have been a fine Oathlander. Edain would laugh until tears, though.
    Klaus The High Lord of Thrax looks very...Thraxish. I still live so it counts for something, yes?
    Laric However unconventional his crowning was, Victus Thrax has proven himself a capable leader for the Mourning Isles.
    Lilith My cousin and former liege back when I was Princess Lilith. It was hard to tell what sort of ruler he'd be after grandpa died - and I'll admit to being a little worried - but I've been pleasantly surprised. I think history will look back kindly on Prince Victus.
    Lore A finer dancer than he proclaims and willing to go drinking with the Artiglios.
    Lou Prince Victus is probably the person who has made every dream of Lou's /ever/ come true. Sure, there might be some responsibilities and obligations along the way, but Lou would never expect to have such dreams fulfilled without such things and she couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity or the relationship they'll be forging moving forward. She considers herself lucky to count him amongst her family.
    Luca Intense. Strong in battle. Just what he needs to be, here in the midst of all these ships.
    Luis He knows things that he should know. While that may sound entirely assinine, it is actually quite a compliment from a soldier who has seen far too much and been through far more disturbing things. Victus knows what he should know and makes a point of sharing with those whom are under him the understanding and competance that comes from being an experienced leader. Solid in conviction and conversation, one can only imagine that his skills in the battlefield are at the very least set upon a firm foundation.
    Magpie Magpie never thought he'd have a conversation with the High Lord of Thrax, let alone *like* the man. He does though. Unlike most silks, Victus keeps it real and doesn't mince words. Magpie might actually find himself trusting the man if this trend continues.
    Malesh He's a loud man, which matches his reputation. A proud man too, but I think he's either changing or perhaps that was overstated. There was reason and some humility to his toast and that was pleasing to hear.
    Maren Argus' fire and ferocity doubtless courses through his veins, or else he would not bear such scars nor sit the high lord's chair. By experience and great will and perhaps even some of Donrai's honing, surely, he seems to have greater mastery to channel it, a tale I hope that I will grow to know more. Though it grieves me to think of all that I have missed, all the suffering that I have been spared unlike those of my blood, to see how his daughter approaches him without trepidation but great security, brings both a hope and peace that I think will light my own path towards home.
    Marian He's crude...not one to stand on ceremony. He seems to gartner the respect of his people. All signs for a good leader. We haven't interested much, much of my dealings have been with Count Darkwater and Prince Dominic but seems to be a man worth knowing.
    Melinda My High Prince, seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and he found me pretty, thats always nice
    Melody Of course the Prince of Malestrom would prank people with fish.
    Mercedes His reputation precedes him; certainly he is far beyond the common prejudice scorned upon his House. In my estimation Prince Victus is a warrior true. He will be a valuable ally in the conflict to come, and I admit some eagerness to fight beside him. If he commands his armies as well as he speaks, he must be formidable indeed.
    Mikani I have to say that he might be one of the most intimidating men I have ever had to stand before. Not just because of his appearance mind but because he is a Thrax Prince. He didn't try to kill me, beat me, or otherwise assault me but I did get a bit chastised for apparently actually seeming a bit intimidated by him. All is well though and I'd like to meet him again and see more of who he is.
    Mira Terrifying! Crude! Very, very large! And I completely botched my introduction to him!
    Miranda The High Lord clearly cares for and dotes on his wife. It's nice to see - since we hear, so often, how nobles marry for reasons other than love. Such tender things are beautiful to witness.
    Mirari Dour, strong, with a lot on his shoulders. Not bad for a Thrax. For a War Lord, and *the* Thrax. Mirari rather likes him.
    Mirari I've never spent any time with the Thraxian High Lord before, but he seems to be good for his people. While he might not be the most well-spoken man I've met, he might be one of the most honest. Dunno if that's good or bad.
    Monique A woman could cut herself to pieces on those rough edges, and do it with damnable joy. He'll get me in trouble, mark my words.
    Mydas Did admirably at the game, something that seems to have taken his fellow players by surprise. Well done, could not approve more.
    Niklas The High Lord of Thrax. My brother's boss' boss. As impressive a Lord as you'd expect to be running Thrax. A hell of a fighter and carouser. Maybe can't hold his drink as much as he thinks?
    Niklas The Prince of Maelstrom is nothing if not tremendously practical.
    Nisaa He is the High Lord of Thrax. I am seeing him from across the room. He seems grumpy. I wonder if he smiles.
    Norwood He's a prince (totally did study that, oops.) He runs very well when motivated by the promise of a drink, and has a very commanding presence.
    Orelia Exceptionally tolerant, and very much in need of a break from his duties.
    Orrin A leader has to know his people, and he knows his. Whatever fame and good fortune come to him, I still think his a rather thankless lot.
    Oswyn Were I to have cause to illustrate some kind of dictionary, he would probably suit for the entry for 'intimidating'.
    Petal What I mostly now about the high lord of Thrax is that he likes rum. The Thrax nobles order alot of dresses from me, but I don't think he ever will.
    Quenia The Prince of the Maelstrom. We met at Mangata's shrine. He cares very deeply for the Mourning Isles and his people. It made me all the happier that we planned to support House Thrax with our wine tasting event.
    Raimon High Lord of Thrax. An impressive individual
    Raimon Victus. Everything you'd expect, and more. Garnished with a rather charming disregard for 'sea - rats' . . . those vile birds.
    Reese He seems like a serious man, which is possibly a good thing in a high lord. He has heard of me, which I find flattering. He talks with intelligence and control, also good things.
    Rook Swings an axe at a wedding cake made specifically for him at someone else's wedding? That's the reputation we can all aspire to. Cater for your guests. Also, yeah, he's Alarissa's hubby. I suppose he's okay. He didn't punch my teeth into my skull for taking his champagne from it as a 'fee'.
    Roxana In hearing others describe him this must be the High Lord Victus Thrax. His language would be considered 'unpolished' among Grayson and maybe among Malvici too, yet I'm sure among his own it barely warrants a blink. I'm sure he'd be interesting to speak with directly, I merely heard him speaking to others.
    Sabella My patron and an extremely intimidating man who very clearly loves his family and isn't nearly as scary as his wife!
    Sabella Highlord Victus is a very imposing looking man with a reputation that is much the same. However, I have always found him willing to listen even if he does not agree and a clear thinker that, while perhaps not born to politics, has taken well to it all the same! With his most recent announcements on ending thralldom, I have no doubt he will be remembered as one of Thrax's greatest highlords.
    Saedrus The first time I met Victus Thrax was in the Hundred Cities, long before he was High Prince of the Thrax. I cannot say a great deal has chanced other than our titles. He is a bearish man, with bearish tendencies who referred to me as not entirely pleasant things, but then I do not think I awarded him any kindness either. It is, less horrid now, and more amusing. I do not loathe the idea of seeing him now, at least.
    Samael He's a gruff man but he hosted me on his ship during the 1st Annual Compact Crew Race and that was an exciting race.
    Samantha Truth be told, we have very little to say that's complimentary about each other. I think he's a brute, he thinks I'm an imposter, but we both know the other acts in the best interest of our domains and the Compact. I'll give him this much; his taste in spouses is quite exemplary, even if his table manners aren't.
    Sameera Confident. Self assured. Has indicated she look at him directly when speakign with him. He does not take pleasure in the fact her own father forced her into thralldom by causing her to inherit her debt. He is, of sorts, what she knows just in a different way.
    Sanya I believe His Grace has done a wonderful job in his role, improving our laws, and I am grateful to have him as a liege.
    Saoirse He won the battle at Setarco and had a round of drinks on Niccolo. He was sooty.
    Sebastian The High Lord. Impressive in combat and good natured drinking conversation.
    Sebastian Not exactly what I expected, but then I only have my mother's stories and rumor to go by. You know how rumor goes... surprised to find I am looking forward to crafting a suitable sculpture for him.
    Shae Tall. Not as fat as Geralt.
    Shard The man has 'dangerous' written all over him, from head to foot, even before you start taking in the articles of station, or the small army that follows him around. He doesn't talk like I'd expect him to though. He talks like a soldier in the barracks. That doesn't make him any less dangerous, but it does make him seem more human than other nobles I've encountered. Someone to watch. Carefully.
    Silas The High Lord of Thrax is easier to understand and get along with than one would normally think. Silas discovered it is largely dependent on whether or not you're a moron.
    Skapti Reminds me more of a Bosun than a High Lord, in how he deals with people. In authority sure, and he expects to be obeyed, but he'd rather they get shit done than be a ponce and worry about how a thing is said. Oh, and he apparently beats people with other people. Can't fuckin' bloody forget that, now can we?
    Sophie High Lord Victus. He is equal parts imposing and intriguing. I should like to speak to him with his guard down some day.
    Sorrel Serious and gruff, this man is in charge, perhaps unforgetably so. He roars, and yet there's also a sense of humor that seems buried inside. I find myself inspired to respect him and maybe a little intimidated.
    Talen A bastard, turned high lord. Funny, that. Talen's life is a living example of people from all walks finding themselves on a path to something wildly different. Victus is a blunt, simple man on the surface and perhaps that's why people often misjudge his ability to manoeuver. Not that he can do it all alone, he'll have to have allies. Just like Thrax and Velenosa stand side by side, Talen imagines he'll be doing more of the same with Victus in the future. War is coming from every direction, after all.
    Tallius Wow, a High Lord of Thrax with a cat clawing up onto his shoulder? That's..interesting. I wonder if it swims.
    Tarik He likes to drink. I have drunk too much to know what he does. His cousin also arrived and she likes to drink too. He seem to be another one of the jovial nobles who likes to have a good time. If all the people of thrax enjoy a good drink like him, then we are going to have one grand party when RedRain and Thrax houses are joined in marriage
    Tescelina He believed everything I said, which I was not expecting, with a clarity that surprised me. Stern but, I see a kindness there too, and he saw me for more than my broken pieces.
    Tesha Judging him by any standard I might have seems foolish; like judging a fish for how well it can fly. He is as he needs to be for the Thrax and such is an object lesson to any who would have dealings with the family.
    Theron The current Admiral of the Compact and a man who gave us our first direct victory against the Marinites. He has stories that are of interest to me, as I seek to find ways to combat our foe in common, and prevail despite the horrors untold that they may unleash upon us. It is not fear that will stop me -- it is ignorance. And I must address that. He is a wellspring of such information in addition to being a respectable, fearsome warrior.
    Thistle A strange man but I find his blunt nature endearing. If I wouldn't be hanged for it, I might consider stealing his cat.
    Tikva I have now seen the High Lord in person. He was both grumpy and forthright and swore like a sailor, which makes sense, because he is! It must be hard for him, leveraged so high. I wonder what he sought the Lord of Love for tonight.
    Torian The man knows darts shouldn't be done sober. Probably the most welcome Silk in the Murder, if I were to tally my boys about it.
    Valdemar That visit went better than expected.
    Venturo The Highlord in the flesh and blood, at last. I'd missed his birthday, so a gift to be enjoyed later for some momentous occassion in the heir apparents life in the future. He's welcome to the brewery anytime, if he's looking for a bit of work.
    Veronica The High Lord of Thrax isn't as frightening as everyone makes him out to be. In fact, I find him quite charming... in a rough and tumble sort of way. As he put it, it is part of his "Isles charm".
    Volcica He is.. excitable. Very competitive.
    Wash He says fuck a lot. Does he do it more or less after he's drunk. I want to find out.
    Willow My thoughts on him were mixed until I saw he smuggled his cat into the assembly. I /have/ to get to know him him better.
    Yasmine I don't think he likes sharks very much.
    Zoey Were he not my own High Lord, laying eyes on him would fill me with deepest dread. Given that he is, it is instead admiration and respect with a little fear on the side. I follow him gladly.