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Lady Catalana Kennex

Wars are won and lost with words, don't let yours go to waste.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Jewel of the Saffron
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 31
Birthday: 7/09
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark gold
Eye Color: steel blue
Skintone: sunkissed fair

Description: The height, the regal cast of her sculpted face, the flowing cascade of gossamer hair: Catalina is all dark gold and honey, cream and mellow warmth. Her hair is fine and silky, a deep, burnished golden blonde. Her skin is creamy. Her golden eye makeup and the careful application of paint and fashion keep her all in the mode. Everything about her is measured and considered grace, balletic and refined. Her eyes are clear and pale blue, almost crystalline, like the clearest sea lagoon. Her voice is a low alto, honey and a whisper of smoke.

Personality: Catalana exudes a warmth that makes her easy to talk to. She has a genuine interest in people, and because of this, she's really listening when someone talks to her, regardless of subject. Warmth and attention like hers can make for a heady cocktail; it's no wonder that she does so well as a diplomat. She's also good at intuiting who she needs to be in any given situation, which helps her navigate with ease in societies that are different than hers, even those that would normally be hostile to a noblewoman.

When it comes to being herself, however, Catalana is a person who needs to be needed; filling the needs of others is the lens through which she sees who she is. She pushes herself hard not to 'let down' the people who depend on her. It's more than just putting herself second, because there is always someone who she feels she must put first, and if there isn't, she'll find one.

Background: Molded from an early age by the needs of others, Catalana has always been determined to be all things to all people. For her unconventional sister Jan, she took on the softness and the strength of a traditional Isles lady, the vessel into which her parents poured their hopes and dreams... all so that Jan would have room to be different. For her brother Evander, always on the edge of death and shunned by parents who feared the pain of losing him, she became mother and nurse. For Marquis Denholm, she became at first a personal secretary, then an advisor and a skilled diplomat as the old Marquis relied on her more and more during the last years of his life.

It was while she was representing the Marquis in negotiations in Bastion that she met Washburn Grayson. She first saw him hanging from a rope as her carriage drove in the main gate, and thought he must be an executed criminal. (In reality, he tried to climb the outer wall of Bastion on a dare, fell, and knocked himself out. Alcohol was involved.) Needless to say, that first glimpse made an impession, and she sought him out. The dramatic and often out of control Grayson prince spun her through a wild affair that lasted for three delightful months. It was with regret that she parted from him once her work in Bastion was done, but she couldn't wallow in self-indulgence forever. There were people back home who needed her.

When Washburn was discovered as a stowaway on her ship, Catalana realized that he needed her, too. The sheer depth of that need -- he completely falls apart without her -- would have overwhelmed most people, but it drew her to him. She knew as she watched him plead through tears not to be sent away from her that he would propose to her someday, and she knew when that he did, she would forsake her duty on Stormward, and join him in Bastion as a Grayson princess. What she didn't anticipate was the second part of his proposal -- he wanted to throw away his title and his name and become Wash Kennex.

Denholm's death and the gruesome return of Ford hit Catalana hard. She withdrew from public life and focused on being a wife, and later a mother. She didn't tell Wash when she was pregnant with Cirella because she knew he'd worry himself to pieces, and wound up giving birth on the ship that took her to Arx to join him. A son, Rahne, followed a couple of years later in a more conventional birth.

With the death of Ford and the rise of House Kennex, Catalana has decided that the time has come for her to step up and be the diplomat that this house full of gruff sailors so desperately needs.

Name Summary
Aethan It's good to see she hasn't changed.
Aethan Quick-witted, entertaining, capable and trusted. Just a few words to describe her, I'm glad she can keep the boat sailing when I'm off gallavanting about.
Alarissa By far, my one favourite Kennex. Possibly my only favourite Kennex.
Alecstazi The story of Catalana Kennex's love match spread far and wide through Thrax. All in all it was a fantastic match for Kennex, not so for Grayson. The woman is to be commended -- and a fine diplomat as well. If she wasn't in love with her husband, she'd be the epitome of a Thrax Lady.
Amari It's heartening to see that her time away hasn't dulled her charm in the least. She's still as lovely as ever.
Amir I'm intrigued by our neighbor across the road, and very glad that she took the opportunity to join us at brunch. There's clear intelligence in her eyes and social graces to put my cousin to shame.
Anisha Lady Kennex has a daring sense of fashion and tells wonderful stories. Delightful company!
Apollo Is it wrong to enjoy driving a woman to drink? Perhaps that's what people mean when they say I'm missing out.
Artur Lady Kennex. A naval minded woman, and someone you want on your side. I can see why my sister is interested in building relations with their house.
Aswin She seemed a little up tight at first, but once we found even footing she was easier to talk to. I will be greatly interested in learning more of her. Perhaps it will prove that we might be of use to one another.
Athaur A charming woman and a joy to speak with
Brigida Tall girl. Willing to be helpful. She reminds me of the sea.
Caspian How did Lord Wash get so lucky? If I ever marry again, I hope my wife is at least half the woman Lady Catalana is.
Caspian a utter joy to be with! Brilliant, witty, and wont take back talk from anybody... especially Wash!
Cassima Delightful, charming, and with a sense of humor that I adore. I look forward to plotting with her, now and in the future.
Cassimir Wife to Lord Wash, she seems a friendly sort. Not carrying the same loud, boisterous personality as her husband makes her far easier company.
Cecilia Lovely as any reunion has ever been and she seems like the go to should I have any questions about our politics.
Cornelius She was a wonderful young lady and she has grown into a wonderful woman, with great wiles and charm. Truly a credit to the Kennexes.
Corrigan It really /is/ the end of the world, because I've met yet /another/ noble without a stick up the you-know-what. And this is coming from a /HOOD/.
Cyril A lady of Kennex, diplomat and mother.
Dante A very tall woman who seems to be around us Lycenes often. Wise choice on her part! She's a pleasant and courteous lady who I don't run into as often as I would like.
Dariel A lovely Lady who appreciates the arts and who has a delightfully a romantic tale to tell.
Dianna Lovely and gracious. It is good to meet this extraordinary addition to the Kennex.
Domonico Unfailingly polite and I must defer to her greater knowledge and experience of young children.
Dycard Charm incarnate. Graceful, eloquent and with just the right amount of fire to her to make things interesting. A born diplomat.
Eddard Goodness. Goodness...
Ember She might not be able to last very long in a duel, but she's got more courage than the rest for knowing it and still trying.
Emilia Also a formidable opponent!
Esme The Lady Kennex is exceptionally funny and fun to be around. She seems to entertain the room with her quick wit
Estil I found Catalana Kennex to be everything people say about her, collected, kind, and diplomatic. Also beset by children.
Evander I have no doubt I wouldn't have survived to adulthood without my sister. Now that we're in Arx, she still seeks to look after me. I can't blame her, and I'll never resent her for that: I owe her my life.
Evander She is going into places I can't protect her but perhaps that is not my place and her's to discover.
Evaristo Composure and perfection in a package of beauty.
Evelynn Full of charm and warmth, but I can sense steely resilience beneath it all.
Evonleigh She must have the patience of a saint to put up with all the Kennex boys in her youth, and quite strong of mind and body to live to tell the tales.
Fairen She made me dizzy with her stunning height and striking good looks - plus so much charm! I'm going to have to learn how to swim now.
Gabriella A woman from Kennex with an interest in the Saffron Chain much like mine -- though perhaps, with different motivations. I find it fascinating. I hope she finds what it is she is looking for.
Gehenna One of the ideals of what a Lady of the Mourning Isles should be like. Shame about her progressive leanings though.
Gloriel The Lady Kennex has the glowing presence of warm candlelight.
Haakon I was ready to be impressed when I thought she'd maneuvered to have her cousin killed over the excuse of a minor slight. Turns out it was just a social thing to first blood. Pity.
Harlex She's a curious one. Kennex eyes, beautiful form. Asks the right questions.
Ian She's back. That's good. Wash was starting to get weird.
Jan Elegant as always. I can't imagine the work that goes in it. I'll get Wash back later for not tending to that baby..
Jules She's connected to Lady Zoey somehow and is looking for a protoge!
Juniper What I expect when encountering most of the nobility: eyes only for those who stand taller.
Kaia Evander's sister! She's so lovely and fashionable! I have the impression we will become really good friends!
Karina Gentle and genial, Lady Catalana exudes the respectable air of tradition with the sincerity of a gracious soul.
Korka So diplomatic I nearly mistook her for a Whisper.
Leena She seems fairly kind, interesting, and is fond of her husband but doesn't share the same passionate interests. I think they make a good pair on the surface.
Llewella Our meting was brief, but it was enough to remind me to seek out Catalana again.
Lou I finally got to meet Wash's wife, and she's every bit as much a romantic as Wash is, and good for him. I'm glad to have met her.
Lustry I enjoy chatting with her, even if she does like to eat my favorite sea creatures. I do wonder when her husband will be doing another boat trip.
Mabelle The beautiful wife of Lord Wash. Wow.
Maeve She is a fancy member of nobility! I think she should let loose and sit in the dirt.
Maja Tall lady from Kennex House. She likes to frequent the baths. Seems nice!
Martino Such a delight to be about, required saving and of course this gallant Lord did just that. Fine conversation, along with charming personality
Medeia What a presence. Any lady who saunters into a room and flicks her hair in a man's face like that is someone I like.
Miranda A quiet lady and friend of Ribbons. Sometimes it is the quiet ones you need to watch for.
Mirari Loyalty to one's protege is commendable. Whoever Lady Kennex's protege is they are lucky to have a patron who knows the worth of loyalty.
Mirk The regal lady of House Kennex, Catalana makes a formidable duo alongside her husband, and has her own collection of diverse and surprising interests. I look forward to meeting her again.
Monique A wicked wit on this one, which is nothing objectionable.
Niklas My favorite cousin since we were children. Strong enough to be voice and stand up to her marquis, wily enough to turn a prince into a lord.
Nurie An adventurous Lady indeed to venture out in winter weather when she's with child--and in remarkable spirits as well!
Orelia The pen is mightier than the sword? How cliche.
Orrin A lovely woman. I hope that she sees the contribution she's able to make eventually.
Pasquale From what little i've seen of her she seems well suited to the Kennex family.
Petal Very lovely and seems to having a fun time with life in general. Polite and welcoming too!
Porter Sometimes I team up with Catalana to raise Aethan's blood pressure, sometimes Catalana embarrasses me in front of beautiful women. Everything in life is a balance. Also, I was INNOCENT.
Quenia I'm glad to hear that she's back in the city again. Wash is always so forlorn when she's away. I'm very much looking forward to working with her on an up and coming project.
Raimon A very proper Lady of Kennex. Friendly and charming
Raimon Met at the benefit held for Healers at the Crossroads. Tall elegant diplomat with delicate sensibilities -- at least where spiders are concerned
Raja She seems like a dainty flower, but there is a different sort of strength to her.
Ras Gave me crackers and candy. Hate charity, but Jeffy liked em, and got less sore at me when I shared. Gotta admit they were tasty. Yeah, she ain't bad...
Raymesin The long-suffering wife. Seems like they've been married a while, and she's still smiling while she puts up with him so I figure they can't be doing that bad.
Reese Lovely, very tall, so good for Wash and such a charming and interesting story about how thy met. I think my cousin is very lucky and blessed.
Rosalie I have seen her before, at parties and balls. Always with a smile and always a beacon in whatever part of the room she occupies.
Rosalind She's super nice and--shiny. Can people be shiny? She asked questions and everything and was really polite!
Rysen A charming hostess and a lady of immense inner strength.
Sabella Catalana's grace, charm, and good humor are things I have always aspired to emulate, and there is no question in my mind why my cousin Wash was and continues to be so taken with her. While she might have spirited Wash away into her family, I still count her (and him!) as part of mine!
Sabella The most patient and kind and loving Kennex, certainly she must be for being my cousin Wash's wife?
Sanya Lord Wash's wife, I admire the affection they have for one another.
Savio Quite like her, someone needs to keep that Lord Wash in line after all. I have to disagree with her though. Beautiful lady like that? I am certain she could pull off spidersilk fashion any time she wanted to!
Sebastian I may not be her favorite, but I can live with the notion that I lose out in favor of my twin.
Sigurd Much to good for Wash. I jest, they are quite the couple.
Sirius A sweet, endearing woman whose kindness and attention I most certainly didn't deserve, but hope to do right by.
Sophie She caught me in a moment of vulnerability and helped me in what most would have thought was foolish. I will forever be grateful for that.
Svana I believe this is the woman that someone compared to like a whale when she got pregnant - was it Niklas or one of the Kennexes? Either way, pretty and noble.
Swift Anyone that calls her merely 'Wash's wife' is severely underestimating a formidable woman. Never underestimate a woman of the Isles, certainly not a Kennex woman.
Sylvi The Kennex lady is beautiful and kind. She was interested in what I new about the saffron chain. Unfortunately, that's next to nothing.
Talwyn Blonde locks and fine curves. Lady of the Beaches is a divine figure to spot
Tanith Well meaning and very tolerant of her husband and his torrid affair with his boats and the ocean. Also very funny! Has a thing for octopuses; prefers to cuddle them over terribly affectionate people, I think. Which is fair.
Tyrus Encountered in the Thraxian Hall of the Hall of Heroes, she proved good company while we discussed, though I was unable to stay for very long. Still, it would be good to meet this Kennex again.
Valerian She's so nice. Would it be too much to ask that she also turns out to be somebody in charge?
Vanora She is as lovely and gentle as I remembered her, and I hope she both finds and brings joy to House Kennex.
Verity She protests that she is only a lady, but making Princess Sabella very nearly shriek with joy simply by appearing is no simple trick. Well, alright, the princess is very excitable, but it still reflects well on her social reputation.
Victus Lady Catalana is an astute member of House Kennex. Serious when it is required, laid-back in times of comfort. Knowing her peers, she must have incredible patience to still be hosting parties.
Volcica She's a fox in Thrax clothing! She clearly cares, and shows it by teasing.
Wash Is it possible that I am more attracted to her at thirty than I was at seventeen? That doesn't make any sense, right?
Willow She is tall enough to be a Stahlben or a Blackram, but very lovely, and the story about her locket makes me ravenously curious. It's difficult not to direct my entire part of the conversation to asking questions about it.
Wulfrum Should never host a diplomatic banquet, her course selection for the Taste of Arx was grueling to say the least.
Zoey I may call you a cousin, but you you are more like a sister to me. I think I can trust with almost any secret of mine, and promise to keep yours too.