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Sir Preston

The commons see the grandeur of Arx and forget how how much of Arvum is wild and brutish, standing ready to smash the civilization that the Compact brings. Likewise commoners see the Faith and often think of it as the kind and soothing hand that offers comfort in our small bastions of tranquility. A templar knows better. That hand of the Faith holds a sword, and we must smash the Abandoned and the godless to keep all we hold dear safe.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Ardent Templar
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 08/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: clear blue
Skintone: tawny

Titles: Grandmaster of the Templars, Carnifex of the Faith

Description: Handsome to a fault, Preston is the kind of knight boys dream they were, and girls use as the standard to demand perfection. Wispy blonde hair is kept short about the ears, falling slightly in his eyes when he's not careful, it gives him a boyish charm that unnerves his foes. His grin is ever present, lighting up his face and his sparkling blue eyes, accented by the strong square jaw he possesses. His build is strong, without being ridiculous, and he can often be seen flexing and showing off for a gaggle of giggling girls. He's tall for his age, only adding to the visage of the perfect knight, and even when he prays in quiet repast, he smiles, and looks good doing it.

Personality: Fierce inside battle and out, Preston finds delight in every facet of every day. He might judge a furious thunderstorm as but an example of the lifegiving water the generous gods provide to nourish the land. Or an enemy's betrayal is a test the gods send as an opportunity to prove one's wit and cunning. Preston is quick to laugh, and always smiles, rarely finding himself in a rage. Devout to the point of fanaticism, bright and skilled in his studies, Preston seems to be the sort that cannot fail. He tries to be humble, he really does, since humility is a foremost virtue. But he's young, and too skilled, and too close to the faith to be entirely sweet. He makes a great show of helping those in need, from great to small, sure that the gods smile down upon him.

Background: The Holy Knights of the Temple, like most militant orders of knights, are disproportionately made up of the high born who seek to win glory and live up to the legacies of their ancestors. Even with the oaths that set their families aside and vow to serve only the crown and the Dominus of the Faith, the common born that manage to ascend higher than simple men-at-arms for the Faith and are raised up to become knights are few and far between. Preston is one of the rare exceptions. An orphan mysteriously left with the Rectory at infancy, the Dominus himself (then a legate) declared that the child was blessed by the gods and should be raised to be 'the Sword of the Faith'. Preston has done much to live up to that prophecy. Nearly carrying a sword since he could walk, Preston was taken as a squire by the Grandmaster of the Templars and groomed for command while being drilled relentlessly for combat and given training as a priest of the Faith of the Pantheon. An intense and unrelenting student of war and theology, the young man possesses a rarely matched fervent fire and begged for the opportunity to test himself against the Faith's enemies as soon as he came of age. Despite his youth, he was dispatched as the youngest man joining a company of templars on a mission of righteous retribution against a tribe of the Abandoned who had massacred pilgrims attempting to travel to Arx. In his first battle, he acquitted himself with valor and talent that won high praise from his veteran companions, relentlessly pressing enemies on the field with very little regard to his own personal safety. For his heroism, he was dubbed a full Holy Knight of the Temple by the Grandmaster of the Templars and then assigned as one of the personal guards to the Dominus of the Faith, one of the highest prestige assignments available to a templar. Despite the honor, the young ardent templar hungers for more and seeks ways to prove himself in the defense of the Faith.

Relationship Summary

  • Laric - Master of Questions - lives up to his title

  • Friend:
  • Thena - Little Sister-in-Arms
  • Ailith - My closest confident
  • Alarissa - Faithful friend of the Templars
  • Aleksei - No longer Godsworn, but still trusted.
  • Ida - A favoured smith of Gloria - beautiful work, steadfast devotion.
  • Esoka - Hopefully she will return - she was like a right hand.

  • Patron:
  • Fawkuhl - You were like a father to me...
  • Name Summary
    Agatha He seems smart, and driven, and focused and ... I find myself getting really lost about half way through the things he's saying
    Aislin A dutiful Templar, a skilled fighter. Someone who I'd be -- who I /was/ glad -- to have at my back in a fight against the abyss. For all that I'd heard about him in the past -- the rumors in conjunction with Fawkuhl -- he's proven a worthy, and valuable, ally to have in the field... and one I'd happily travel with again.
    Alaric The young Templar is an earnest and vigorous defender of the Faith's principles, extraordinarily driven to prove himself worthy of the great responsibility given for his age. I can understand the pressures put upon one in such a position.
    Alarissa He is the Templar that could. I find no fault in him, if perhaps he smiles far brighter than I. One can count on him to have your back, no matter who you are.
    Alban Every time I run into Brother Preston I am reminded of what I want to be. A Knight sworn to Gloria, with no demands except that which Gloria places upon me. Every time I see him I am reminded that I cannot. It is bitter-sweet, but I call him a most excellent Brother and role model.
    Aleksei He's a devout, zealous sort of guy. In the best sense of the words! He believes stuff. I like people who believe stuff.
    Alexis Sir Preston Godsworn, Templar Extraordinaire, and bodyguard to Domini and Legates. A devout man of stern face and firm conviction - and with a skilled hand to wield his diamondplate sword. I'm proud to have stood beside him in battle!
    Ann He looks young, but has a sharp wit - maybe a bit quick to temper. Still, respectable for one so young.
    Arn Serious young man. Good for him. Got a big head, though. Like most kids, I guess.
    Austen A deeply devout and driven man, and an excellent reminder that age and experience do not always go hand-in-hand. I very much enjoyed our conversation about faith, and I hope we will have more in the future.
    Belladonna The sort of knight little boys dream of growing up to be, indeed. Fierce and valorous, a sight to behold.
    Bliss When I was in the Oathlands, it tended to be the knights that clung to the Orthodoxy the hardest who upset me the most, whom I had the most fun in rileing up - and who things grew the most contentious with. Given that, you would think that I would have many more problems with Sir Preston. So far, I do not. This is a man who has shown he is willing to put his reputation on the line to stand up for what he believes in, and who seems to do his best to try to live by what he preaches. Do I agree with him on everything? No. But at least he has never struck me as a hypocrite, and I respect him for that.
    Caspian Sir Preston seems like a good sort. I am glad I met him to ask for his help, he was ready to give it without hesitation.
    Clara I didn't get to talk to the man much but he seems like a nice enough fellow. I hope to meet him again.
    Darren A Templar of the highest order, Sir Preston seems to be exactly what one would expect from people so dedicated to service.
    Delilah Knight-Marshall of the Templars and very closely tied to the faith, he's a good source of information and wisdom. I'll have to pick his brain in the comings days, he seems incredibly willing to share what he knows and I can only imagine he's both a good commander and warrior.
    Eleyna It takes a lot of bravery to admit when one as been wrong, especially when said person is so incredibly young. That speaks incredibly well for the character of a man that I was afraid was going to harm my family not too long ago.
    Faye An interesting man, bright and practical in his suggestions. Seems like a good man to work with, and I look forward to doing so in the future.
    Ferrando His willingness to stand up for the former Dominus Fawkuhl during the controversy at the end of his tenure speaks to a very honorable and duty-bound character, which is always very welcome to see in a Templar. His continued service to the new Dominus Aldwin seems to be in the same vein.
    Fortunato Serious young Templar, not quite as terrifyingly direct as he fears (or jokes) he is. Orazio would be a good mentor for him indeed. Some people are naturally drawn to the Sentinel's judgment and order.
    Gareth Knight Templar Marshall. A literal golden boy. Young and perhaps thinks himself a little smarter than he is, yet I have no doubt he will grow into a seasoned and wise Grandmaster.
    Harald Some templar, who struck bravely but blundered into a demon's backhand.
    Harlex Grandmaster of the Templars. Equal in measure to the others I've faced with his Grit as commendable as his Faith.
    Isolde Brave. Very brave. Hopefully next time I meet him, he won't be on fire.
    Jacque Commander of the Templars. He led their cavalry well and valiantly and there's much to be said about bravery in combat. In the end, it was an honor to have served with him, even though I think he needs to change some of his views.
    Jeffeth Marshall of the Knights Templar. He and Commander Thena seem to have a fun, bicker-y relationship. He seems to have a lot of opinions about Faith-y things. Probably best for me to just smile and nod.
    Jordan A very good priest-knight. I enjoyed the ceremony he presided over for Princess Astraea.
    Jyri His words and commands were uplifting and his tactics held true. I'd fight under him any day.
    Katarina Sir Preston, Knight Marshall of the Templars, is an undoubtedly good and well-grounded man that I'm going to someday have the honor of calling a dear friend. People should not be so quick to write him off simply because of his title and the position in the Faith he holds. He is but a young man, one who has an earnest thirst to experience life while doing good for those around him. Plus, he is devastatingly handsome.
    Khanne I haven't ever had the opportunity to speak overly much to him... since usually, when I see him, we are on some mission that takes us far away and into danger.... or possible danger. He seems to be one of those reluctant to change for progress, despite what we have come to learn. I can understand that to a point... he did, however, seem to somewhat... understand the need, maybe... perhaps...
    Killian A strange fellow, he doesn't seem to be overly fond of Frostbite..and everyone loves Frostbite. But then, he did seem exceedingly tired. Campaigns are hard upon those who have seldom been in the depths of the wilderness, which I suspect is likely the case.
    Laric Sir Preston is an exemplary knight and man of the Faith. Not that I agree with many of his views and positions - in fact, I see him being as much of a headache to the Inquisition going forward as a boon. Yet his piety and fervor cannot be mistaken, nor should it ever be diminished. He has a good heart. It'll probably get him killed.
    Lark A well-spoken and polite Templar, though the complexity of politics certainly seems to almost elude him. Or perhaps just that time erases all details.
    Leif Leader of the Templar, and all business.
    Leola A most honorable Templar, who was willing to, at a word from the faith, stand against the darkness. I thank him for this, and his staunch defence of the Legate
    Luca I can't tell if this one doesn't have a sense of humor or if it's just very well buried beneath all of his Godswornliness. I met him at Astraea's Godsworn ceremony, and he lead her vows, and I have to say, he did a fine job of it. I don't have much basis for comparison, but /I/ think he did. So that's something. He's well-spoken, too. I think we could get along. Just not humorously.
    Merek %bMerek thinks Preston is quite faithful. Sometimes, a bit too faithful, but all the same, he likes the man. Open-mindedness can be good!
    Michael A bit loose with protocol, but I've never considered that an overwhelming failing. His gumption to put sword to enemy does well to assuage my fears for the city if I am to leave.
    Mirari A genial templar with a bit of a sense of humor. Seems nice enough, but not very talkative.
    Norwood An outspoken advocate of the Faith.
    Orazio Orazio has only had a few interactions with the young Templar, but overwhelmingly, he sees a young man with the earnest passion of someone who loves the gods. A passion that O fears might spill into fanaticism if it isn't tempered, perhaps, but he has seen that Preston has a mind to go along with the heart, and that's a good thing.
    Petal A holy knight with a holy army behind him and very pretty armor. He seems very brave and very smart. I am glad he is here. I feels safer already.
    Reese He seems very brave and he follows Gloria, even more deeply than I do. I hope he can join our mission, but I will understand if the faith cannot spare him. I finally got to sit down with him. I am honored. His words are quite elegant too.
    Rook So quick to assert himself as non-noble, Rook is just as quick to remind him that it's silly to do so. Rook, a commoner-come-lord-come-prince. Anyone can be anything, if they try. A man of the Faith, perhaps he'll never take a political title, or a familial one... but a religious one? Perhaps.
    Roran I envy his bed head.
    Rymarr Knight of the Faith. He follows orders and gives sage advice, both in and beyond battle. It's no wonder the Faith prizes him so greatly. Even in our limited time together on a battlefield, I noted that I looked to him and his advice regularly.
    Sabine What one hopes for in a champion of light, that he will go down clawing for every last advantage until extinguishment.
    Shard When you first meet him, he comes across as completely insufferable--unless, I suppose, you're a templar too. Spend any time around him, or at least spend the small amount of time I have around him, and that image softens a little bit. He'll listen, in his way. He'll help, in his way. He'll praise people when he thinks they deserve it, try to bolster them where he feels they're lacking. He'll even try to comfort people if he thinks they need it. Which is to say, give him some time, and it turns out he's only mostly insufferable.
    Sparte A brave and capable templar with a background surprisingly similar to my own. If I'd been taken in by a church, we might be even more similar. Or perhaps beginnings arn't everything.
    Talen The knight of the Faith, the very man who once would challenge any to prove Fawkhul's innocence, he's a man Talen can't forgive lightly. As sworn Sword of Esera Velenosa, Archduchess of Flowers, it was Talen's role to champion against Preston. Alas, it was called off. Another time. Another time.
    Tarrant A Templar Knight, charged with guarding the Dominus, his is an exalted post. He speaks with humility, but must be a formidable opponent. Gods willing, we cross paths in tournament.
    Thena A fine fighter, but very stuck in his ways. Means well, but maybe too well. That's a Templar for you.
    Vanora A man of faith, who leads prayer with quiet reverence that inspired many.