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Princess Alis Valardin

Being kind and honorable makes me neither weak or a fool; you do not want to test me.

Social Rank: 2
Concept: Survivor
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 9/22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: short
Hair Color: snowy platinum
Eye Color: green
Skintone: fair

Titles: Champion of the West, Princess of Sanctum

Description: Shorter than most, with a compact and curvy frame, Alis is not an intimidating figure at first glance save for the boundless determination often set on her still-young countenance. Her once soft features have matured into a more athletic mien, but the remnants of less stressful times still make her look younger than she is. Her white hair of the most noble bloodlines of House Valardin is usually held up by some type of hair piece, or twisted into an informal top knot to keep out of the way. And despite her frequent boldly determined visage, her youth and appearance still make it all too easy for many to dismiss her at a glance. At least, until she turns the vivid green of her eyes onto someone who has caused her displeasure.

Personality: When she first arrived in Arx, Alis had the fervent determination of the very young, seeing matters in clear cut moral absolutes and one who holds chivalric ideals above all else. And while the now older and more experienced woman that she's grown into still holds fast to chavalric ideas, honor, duty, and faith... time, battle, betrayal, and further loss have both tempered her expectations of others and made her even more determined to uphold Oathlands ideals as a good example. That she is over-protective of her family and those under her care is well known, as is the chill of her temper when she's truly risen to anger. But, otherwise, she handles her responsibilities with an even keel, a slightly wry humor, and an eye towards preserving the traditions of her home. If she is a even more somber now than she has been in years past, it is no doubt the weight of duty that she finds herself bearing.

Background: Like every scion of House Valardin, Alis was weaned on the stories of high chivalry and heroism that have been core to the identity of the great house since time immemorial. There have been great heroic female warriors of House Valardin from history, such as the famed heroine Dame Sugan who saved the West during the Reckoning, but yet there was still a continued pervasive discouragement from young women pursuing martial careers and being expected to serve the House as diplomats or priestesses. Alis, born of short stature and a slight frame that her lord father found extremely ill-suited for the rigors of the field, found far more discouragement than most from her dreams of knighthood. But she would not be dissuaded.

As a teenager, she was the most willful of all her siblings, rebelling constantly against the lessons and continually demanding to be given the same training as a squire. Of all her siblings, she was the only one that dared to get into screaming matches with her lord father, and he once declared in exasperation that she was the most willful person in the entire Oathlands for him to deal with. Her father became resigned to her determination and gave her his extremely reluctant blessing to train as a knight. It still felt something like a punishment to be sent to Arx to do so, an exile away from her home, even if she could hardly complain about training under Dayne Valardin, the Lord Commander of the King's Own and best knight of the realm.

The training made her keenly aware of her shortcomings, but ferociously determined to make up for them. Though she'd never admit outwardly that maybe her parents had a point about her physically being better suited to non-martial service for the family, she is all-too-aware of how hard she's had to train to compensate. As she neared the end of her training and wrote to her lord father in the hope he would visit Arx and personally attend her being dubbed a knight, she read the reply in disbelief: her parents and all of her siblings save Edain had been slain fighting a barbaric tribe of Shavs.

She returned home a knight, and knows it is irrational to feel guilty that she wasn't there when her family was attacked, knows it is foolish to think one extremely young newly minted knight would have made any difference when hundreds of soldiers did not, but she can't quite help it. The deaths might have aged her in many ways, but she is still young enough where she thinks in bold absolutes. She is a princess of House Valardin, and a knight. She will protect what remains of her family and her people. That's what knights are for.

Relationship Summary

  • Edris - Lord of Elwood and a woodsman. Also does not hold back in a spar!
  • Natalia - Baroness Elwood. Formerly a Grayson princess and formerly a Whisper. I admire her for working so hard.

  • Family:
  • Katarina - Adoptive sibling to whom I hope I've been a good example.
  • Isabeau - Cousin who is the other side of the coin to me.
  • Sophie - Cousin of whom I am extreme overprotective.
  • Ellara - My firstborn and eldest who was born in 1007 AR.
  • Eirlys - My secondborn who is named for her aunt and born in 1008 AR
  • Eleni - My youngest who was born in 1013 AR and named for her maternal grandmother.
  • Kenjay - My uncle thought forever lost to his family before any of my siblings or I were born. It's wonderful to have him with us.

  • Sibling:
  • Edain - I hope we see each other again.

  • Friend:
  • Cristoph - The best of friends and most trusted advisor.
  • Kael - He lets me get away with smearing bug guts on his armor so obviously we're good friends.
  • Deva - One of my very first friends in Arx. Someone I'm proud to know.
  • Ansel - We practically grew up together and we don't even hate each other for it.
  • Tyche - Cherished and adored for what she's given my best friend.
  • Keely - My darling protegee whose numerous events I do my best to attend and show my support.
  • Sorrel - A longtime friend and protegee.
  • Ailys - A Mercy and Princess of Grayson whose sense of humor I thoroughly enjoy.

  • Spouse:
  • Fiachra - I promise our children will always remember and honor you.

  • Ally:
  • Sebastian - Unlikely? Yes. But here we are.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne My cousin with a heart larger than seems possible for her tactically-sized frame.
    Aislin I don't know Alis so well as I'd like, but I do know that Harlan was deeply fond of her -- in many ways, that's the impression which sticks with me the best. But even if we don't always agree on /what/ is best to do, I never doubt that what she's trying to do is what /she/ believes is best for the Oathlands or the Compact, rather than for herself.
    Alaric A spunkier knight I haven't seen... wait, is 'spunky' an implied diminutive? I feel like nobody ever calls tall people spunky. Titanic, then! Well, actually titanic could be construed as rather sarcastic, so... impressive! She is definitely an impressive knight and a refreshingly work-hard play-hard sort all around.
    Alban She puts much faith in the people around her, that they will follow her and hers without question. I am not sure yet if this is a strength, or a weakness... Still. She hides any weakness well, which is a strength in it's own right.
    Aleksei The first time I saw Alis was -- at a bar? In the Valardin Ward. And I was super nervous she was going to recognize me somehow as being one of /those/ Morgans. She didn't, but she clearly thought my terror at the idea was hilarious. It's funnier in hindsight.
    Alessandro I am still not sure how to take her assurances, but I am currently leaning toward 'apprehensive.' Though in a comforting way. Who knew that was possible?
    Alexis Best squire-bud ever. And now she's Voice and Champion of the West, and handing out medals and she LOOKS SO AMAZING. Gods, I wanna squee and run around following her lead all over again!
    Arn Drives me insane. Like one of my own kids, but not mine so slightly less disappointing. Shouldn't be a knight. She's going to break her brother's heart when she comes back broken and dead Mine maybe.
    Arn Too willful by half, which makes her an awful lot like my own kids. Maybe a little less disappointing, though.
    Audgrim Damn glad she is Highlord of the Oathlands. She's impressive and a solid, calm leader with lots of guts.
    Calarian She is of a more martial mind than I am, but she asks astute questions, and she listens carefully to the answers of others. She's a worthy Voice and heir to her brother.
    Caspian She seems to be the kind and graceful sort of princess. No clue why such a charming woman would sit alone.
    Corban I know his Grace simply stood and let her highness wail upon him with that flail, but she did so with such...aplomb, it makes me think that perhaps she enjoys it a little.../too/ much.
    Cristoph Alis is even shorter than I remember. She's also funny and smart. But her feet don't touch the ground. I guess we can't all be perfect. I'm glad she didn't hit me with a rock!
    Dominique Kind, strong, and a knight as well. I know that if I can be anywhere near half as good of a knight as the princess general herself, then everything will be fine.
    Ectorion I don't get to see my cousin often, but she's incredibly capable and a good leader in the field. I'm so proud of my family, and that she's part of it.
    Edain I would be lost without her. To see who she has become has just been an amazing journey. My stubborn little sister has become a brilliant general, a powerful warrior, a wise leader, and she has never lost that mischevious grin. I could not be more proud, nor mor happy for her.
    Eirlys Fierce,Independent,Loving,Kind and Loyal. Best Sister you could ever have.
    Emily I have not had a great length of time to get to know the Princess Alis but she seems the generous sort who takes the matters of her small people to heart. It is only unfortunate that we met under such circumstances.
    Evaristo She is truly impressive. Firm but also allowing for individual ideas and thinking outside the box.
    Fatima Petite, beautiful and from what I hear quite deadly. I would be loathe to piss off this princess.
    Fawkes Not quite the type one considers when thinking of a Princess, but I'll give Princess Alis this much; she is both amusing and seemingly as reckless as myself. I quite look forward to seeing more of this one. Plus, she appears to also possess a mastery of the flail. A thing which I greatly admire and praise her for.
    Fiachra More than she seemed, in all the best ways. Caught my interest as a commander, a friend, and then a lover. Light to my shadow, my home and my heart.
    Galen I must admit, I was a little unsure about the meeting...I am actually quite fond of Princess Alis.
    Gaston Her husband gave no hesitation to take an arrow meant for her. Many say they'd do such, but few actually do. That her husband feels that strongly for her is certainly in her favor.
    Georgine I'm not surprised at all that she knew what I was going for. Thank the Gods for true leaders.
    Hadrian Loyal to her House, a dependable Voice, and a delight to speak with. Princess Alis Valardin isn't nearly as stuffy as I imagined a Voice of House Valardin to be. Couple that with what I've heard of her brother from my own kin and I'm beginning to wonder if the rumors of Oathlander stifling formality isn't all an exaggeration!
    Harald She's not a complete waste of air. More tolerable than the Grayson, by far.
    Isabeau The backbone of our family, I have always admired Alis. Every time we are parted by circumstance or time, each new time seeing each other reminds me of her strength and the strength of our family.
    Isolde I wish we had more time to spend talking of pleasant matters. I miss our friendship.
    Jacque Princess Alis is my cousin, and voice of the Valardin. As I came into town she set me up with funds for armor and a nice sword. I am thankful for this, and I enjoy her sense of playfulness very much.
    Jael Full of grand ideas! We will absolutely have to spend more time together.
    Jaenelle When someone allows you to take a shield off their wall and use it to demonstrate how to row a boat, you know they have an amazing imagination about mountains and the sense of humor that a true friend should have.
    Joslyn Beautiful and dangerous? A deadly combo. I wonder if she kisses as well as she fights?
    Katarina From the first time Katarina encountered Alis all those months ago, Alis has been a serious advocate of the princess and now, she's her sister.
    Kia Ever so the embodiment of a knight. She is strong and protective. I hope that she can help me and in so doing I can repay her generosity down the line.
    Laric Note to self: small wielder or not, do not stand in path of diamondplate flail.
    Lore I expected her to be all business, and she certainly handled that part well. But she surprised and delighted me by being personable and fun, even joining in the teasing and joking!
    Margerie Fierce in defense of her high lord's time and honor, fierce in her choice of curse words, and a bright flaming sort of spirit.
    Morrighan While I don't know Princess Alis particularly well, I know that she's a good friend to Redrain, and is there to give support when things get ugly. She is fierce and noble, and I'm thankful we've got her and her family as allies.
    Pasquale It is easy to expect that a Valardin princess, champion and Knight might be zealous and somewhat holier-than-though but Alis is actually extremely reasonable.
    Petal She has very kind words for me. She carries herself well and has a quiet regalness. I don't know her hardly at all. She seems to love her brother quiet a bit and she seems to be well calm, calm in a good way.
    Quenia I have always admired how Princess Alis displays herself during adversity, having helped her one with a rather difficult case. Being the new High Lord cannot be easy for her, yet she comports herself with a measured wit and grace that's to be admired in the wake of High Lord Edain leaving everything behind and leaving her the keys to the fealty, so to speak.
    Raimon First seen at the mysterious appearance of the not-Katarina in a nondescript field in Duskshire, when she shouted the crowd into submission from aback her rearing charger. 'Calming and soothing' seem ... not her way ...
    Reese Reese first remembers Alis at the vigil for the duchess. She was curious about her, as she seemingly has some points in common with herself. She seems Alis a serious warrior and a commander worthy of respect and one of great skill. She doesn't know her well and in many ways is still in the first impression stage with her, but she would like to change that and come to know her better.
    Rinel She understands the burdens of command and leadership. I can tell she's a true Valardin.
    Ripley Gods she's small. Like, I know I'm not that tall but standing next to her I feel utterly and completely gargantuan. They must not see her coming, chopping them down at the knee's way down there. No wonder she's good on the battle field. They're all looking up, but there she is, woosh, slice, dice, dead. She's nice.
    Rook Alis's the tactical sized knight that might just kick Rook's ass if he ends up hurting her sister, so he goes out of his way to demonstrate how unlikely this is, to help reassure her.
    Rylan Refined, well-spoken and friendly. Dangerous even in a dress. She would make a glorious flying star of death.
    Sasha My beautiful cousin who helped me hire Sir Rodrick. I adore her kindness.
    Shae She is amazing, and bright and friendly! I think I could likely talk her head off, if she let me. I hope I get to spend more time with her. And yous should try her bacon trail mix, its delicious! Pretty sure she is what having a big sister would be like.
    Sorrel A tiny princess! She seems gracious and yet full of fun. I hope that I might get to know her better. She plans things, and that sounds like fun to me.
    Talen Alis, flinger of flails, tiny mini-knight. Fascinating, in her Western way, in truth. Talen Velenosa-ne-Artiglio watches with interest as she does as she does. Probably creepily, considering his sullen face, his serious attitudes. All in all, it might be out of respect.
    Tarrant Serene and keen as drawn steel upon the battlefield. Bold in action, measured of mind and manner.
    Tesha Small; so she's been spoken over and disregarded. Young; so she's had others not take her seriously. But, no, I don't think there's any bitterness in that energy about her. That is a desperate resolve.
    Valdemar She was cordial enough, given the nature of the event where I met her.
    Veronica Princess Valardin. What a fortunate turn of event to encounter her on the way to Everglen! Such a fine princess, and I can tell she is also a fine warrior. But she and her unborn child are not to be harmed... not under MY watch.
    Victus Such a sneaky lady. She makes a fine guardian angel of her brother from what I've seen.
    Zakhar knows how to throw a party, fer a nob'e
    Zoey Approachable, polite, in touch with the feelings of those whom she oversees. Likely a wise, patient leader.