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Duke Michael Bisland

So House Grayson is the greatest of the houses, and knights are the greatest of a house's vassals, and I'm one of the greatest of its knights, so it stands to reason I'm pretty sure I'm one of the greatest people in the world. I'm ninety nine percent sure that's exactly how it works, right?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Impetuous Iron Guard
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 02/13
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: ebony
Eye Color: shadowed green
Skintone: brown

Titles: Sword of Pridehall, Duke of Pridehall

Description: Tall and broad shouldered, like the heroes of old, Michael moves with intent and purpose, to make himself as unforgettable as possible. His ebony hair falls in soft curls just past his ears, delectably unkempt, contrasting with his chestnut skin and accentuating his sparkling emerald eyes. He is built like a marble statue, but his admittedly impressive musculature is nearly forgettable compared to the bright, breezy confidence bordering on arrogance often shown in his trademarked bright grins. He has the brilliant, infectious grins of a man who expects to be found charming, which can just as easily be tremendously offputting.

Personality: Michael is a cocky son of a famous warrior, determined to be even more famous. He's generally a nice guy, and makes certain everyone knows he's nice as he defines it, because nice is better than mean and cruel. He's too good looking to be a villain. Most people would agree his logic sometimes runs in circles and is more than a little flawed, but they agree with him (bless his heart), just to get him to do something. The core of Michael is a man, young and not terribly wise to the world, trying to live up to his father's name, and eventually to best him. He fiercely loves his family and House Grayson, and simply views the pressure he places on himself as a small part of how he can honor his parents. In private, he is much the same, rarely self-reflective and generally a genial person.

Background: It's not easy to be the son of one of the greatest knights in all of the Compact, a duke who once was seen as the face of House Grayson's military might, and to live in Duke Gabriel Bisland's shadow. It doesn't really bother Michael at all. The way he sees it, it's just a lively competition to beat the old man's accomplishments and to do it younger, and to hope his father doesn't keep upping the ante by performing other ridiculous acts of heroism. Michael is privately convinced that his lord father will probably still be killing shav warchiefs in single combat when he's eighty years old, so it's a high bar, but that's what makes the competition fun.

Unfortunately, after hearing terms like 'reckless' or 'impetuous' or 'careless' far too often, and quite unfairly in Michael's exquisitely humble opinion ('daring' or 'bold' is far more appropriate, of course), the young knight has been sent off to Arx to serve under some upjumped commoners in the Iron Guard of Arx to teach him 'self-restraint' and 'humility'. It's outrageous to Michael. Sure, technically humility is one of the chivalric virtues but so is honesty, and if he might be a little convinced of just how great he, House Grayson, and House Bisland all are, at least he comes by the opinion honestly.

Relationship Summary

  • Lailah - Dear Sister, the books and the brains
  • Kaia - A cousin, a dear cousin.

  • Parent:
    Name Summary
    Adalyn Seemed rather resilient, considering the astounding ability of the person he was faced with sparring. He seemed to be expecting it and still went for it - always good to see someone take a challenge.
    Adora Composed and well spoken. Didn't buy a bookcase. I don't like him.
    Agatha He has impressively surrounded himself with redheads. And he's kind of adorably focused on the one in particular. I think he's smitten! Gets quiet in crowds, though.
    Aisha Handsome. Tempting. Could be a fun aptron. Time will tell.
    Alarissa He is the model Bisland.
    Amari I can think of no better ally to have in a snowball fight, and his debate skills aren't to be dismissed out of hand either.
    Amund He argued solidly for friendships. A little bit idealistic. Friends are just allies with more common interests. Nevertheless, fair arguments. And he carries himself well. A knight, for certain.
    Ardoin First time I have met a man I've heard quite a bit about, but not had the chance to engage in conversation before. A credit to the Bisland family, and someone I ought to speak with more often. Plus, if he's with Ianna, I trust he is an upstanding sort of man.
    Avary A bit of a rogue, I think, but he was kind enough to offer me conversation and whiskey at a party. That's more than I expected. We'll see what the future brings.
    Braelynn Interesting. Quite interesting indeed. Let's see, shall we?
    Cadenza Quiet...sort of. First thing he did was offer me wine. I'll have to hang out with him more for sure.
    Echo I think he said he's the Sword of Bisland, making him likely an incredibly powerful warrior. A new sparring partner and he's good fun!
    Emily I am glad to have kept my thoughts of the lord to myself. For I have come to realize he has far more layers than previously known. And that the lord tends to worry about the people he cares for far more than himself. A good soul.
    Evonleigh The Lord Bisland is very charming and generous, if a bit roguish under that noble outer shell.
    Faruq Lord Bisland. If I recall he is a fellow Sword. Seems companionable and charming to the ladies. Always a good skill to have.
    Fiora Hmph. Undecided.
    Gareth Lord Bisland. One of these Lords who has bought into the trend of playing the lovable scoundrel. If it is an act, I do look forward to finding what is under the mask.
    Gwenna While technically second-cousins, Lord Michael Bisland is always someone I've considered family. Even if he may still hold my fashionable dressing of Sir Bunnibus the First all those years ago against me, I still maintain the feathers made him a far more regal knight! I'm probably going to have to make amends for it, though, one of these days.
    Jeffeth Did I make the man nervous? Me? He seems like a kind enough sort. Maybe I didn't see what I thought I saw.
    Jev So happy to see me. Makes me happy, too.
    Josephine Ruled bys trange women, handsome like his father.
    Kaldur It's shameful that I've been in the City so long and only recently made Lord Michael's acquaintance on a personal level. And then we talked shop. Literally. A delightful host, though.
    Klaus Another high noble I think I could like very much. Do remind me not to spar with him.
    Liara Lively and friendly, and possessed of a perhaps somewhat irreverent sense of humour.
    Macda We get along dangerously well, thus far. Except I'm unsure I want to know how many ladies misplaced all the clothes he graciously donated.
    Melody Apparently, he punched a stranger at the Assembly of Peers, fumbles at the mention of reincarnation, and is pretty good at rolling with the punches himself. I -- don't know what to think. He's interesting!
    Miranda Great humour! Enjoyed meeting him at the Gala!
    Monique Blessed Spirits, if I weren't married... he's got an attractive wit and an easy charm.
    Niklas Old friend of Sabella's. Bisland heir. Seems a decent enough fellow.
    Norwood He has no appreciation for rank, but I suppose there are worse faults for a man to have.
    Nuala For a Sword of Pridehall, he showed a light-hearted streak stronger than I would have credited a lion of Bisland for. Perhaps a reaction to his father's ironclad nature. I certainly welcome the surprise.
    Ophelia I will have to corner this one for more conversation, perhaps at the Golden Hart!
    Orathy Reckon its his type of Silk I could be bashing into a pile of mush with a cudgel 'n not feel bad for it.
    Oriana Not as humorless as Gareth. Close.
    Preston A stallwart Grayson noble - but one expects this of the Bislands. He seemed a tad concerned at some of my familiarity with my Faithly betters, but it is hard to explain to those outside that the Godsworn are as much a family as anything else. Still, he was polite and respectful, and held his drink!
    Rymarr The apple doesn't simply fall far from the tree. Sometimes it's thrown from the highest branches.
    Sabella My best friend who I don't see enough of! If I have to get married to get him to come out to a party it's going to get really complicated!
    Saya *Deep sighing.*
    Simone He is quiet, but very pleasant. I enjoyed his sense of humor.
    Sparte Lieutenant Michael seems to have a lot of things on his mind. I mean, he has good reason t be busy, but it was sort of a surprise when the stuff on his mind was stuff on my mind too. Hopefully he won't catch me reeking from hours of training next time.
    Thesarin Any sapling planted in the shadow of a great oak has a long, hard sttuggle to the light. This boy... just might have it in him.
    Traherne The Bisland Lord seems to be a good sort. He is generous, welcoming me to the city and offering to help me get my shop set up. I am grateful to have such a welcome so soon. I will be sure to not let him down.