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Alarie Harall

Nothing is ever as it seems.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Witty Seamstress
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Harall
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 3/30
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Seamstress
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Skintone: Ivory

Obituary: In the wake of interpersonal conflict with her son's father, Alarie Harall decided to take the boy and move away from Arx. She's well by all accounts.

Description: Alarie is a slender woman, only reaching a little over five feet. Her movements are graceful, willowy in appearance. Her skin is a flawless ivory tone which is contrasted by the dark raven hues of her curly hair. Her most striking feature would be her eyes. They are a crisp ice blue and seem to nearly always be twinkling with some sort of mischief.

Personality: Alarie is a witty woman, always with a mischivous smile and a hint of mischief in her eye. She is fun-loving and creative. Having an eye for business and a love for working with her hands, she enjoys her craft as a seamstress and seems to do well by it. She is a strong woman, having her own mindset despite being in a male-driven House. This at times gets her into minor trouble, but she knows how to play along and talk her way out of tricky situations.

Background: "I can barely remember the Saffron Chain. I was but a small child when my family came to the city. My father was a merchant, patriarch of the family. He sought to bring his business here to make a name for himself and the family. Unfortunately, he never quite made it as big as he had dreamed. We really cannot complain though, we have shelter and food. We do not go without our needs. Though,he had always dreamed of more.

Mother had a talent with cooking and she always seemed to enjoy providing for the family. She always did father's biding with a smile on her face. Many men envied him for the wife he had. However, she took ill and died when I was twelve. Since then, father was not the same. He drank. He lost interest in the business. The family began to suffer for it.

One thing I learned from mother was how to sew. I am actually quite good at it. The actors and actresses come to me for their costumes when putting on their plays. People around the city seek me out to make new garments for them. I have used this to help build the family back up. It all goes back to the family.

Name Summary
Aiden Confident with her abilities and that in turn, makes Aiden comfortable as well that any product won't chafe! She promises non-chafing designs. She wanted a chance to prove herself and it'll be good to see what comes of it. She's easy to work with and that makes it easy to be a client.
Aleksei She seems to be under the MISTAKEN IMPRESSION that Aureth has a better ass than me. Totally ridiculous! (She seems funny.)
Amarantha I'm a little afraid of her anger but I can't argue with the quality of her work.
Caith She is AMAZING. She has a shop and she has such a filthy mouth and talks about people needing to get their clothing let out because they ate too much. I love it. I am going to visit often.
Clara Aye, a nice enough and respectable woman. She was kind enough to let me work off a dress with her after I spent all me money on armor and weapons to do my part fer the Compact. The dress is stunnin' I can't wait to get it on.
Delilah For a clothier, she's intense. Very intense, down to the point, and... Exceptionally good at what she does. If it werent for the designs I had seen all over, I could just tell from the confidence she exudes. I can see why many recommend her.
Eleanor A bit of a prickly exterior, but she's funny! Plus, a shop and a baby, and so much talent. I admire an accomplished woman.
Gwenna Mistress Alarie is, no doubt, exceptionally skilled - as well as exceptionally blunt. It is good to meet someone of both such talent and honesty! I suspect many more visits to her shop.
Harald A skilled artisan, with suspect friends.
Joscelin Myrinda the Second. Spitfire and angst and independence. I like her. Even if she makes my hair go white.
Liara A little rough around the edges. Swore more than I'm quite accustomed to, but was efficient about her business, at least.
Magpie Magpie liked Alarie from the start, and after she nearly got in trouble with Duke Grimhall because of his antics and *still* worked out some trade deals with the sailor? Well, what's not to like? He's going to cultivate this friendship like a little flower that you grow in a pot in a window and delicately water every day and sing softly to...
Malesh A seamstress of Thrax. We did some business that was mutually beneficial and it seems she'd working on her own trade network. That kind of industriousness should be rewarded!
Mason Rough around the edges, but quick to make adjustments. Whether this was because she was trying to smooth over the bumps in the conversation or simply trying to keep her customers happy, Mason isn't sure. Still, her work is good and she made the effort to respect his request. Many would not.
Merek %bMerek thinks she is interesting. He thinks Alarie is a bit no nonsense and it seems she's a tailor! He likes garments.
Nierzen Sufficient level of subtle antagonism to make a fellow feel like home. I'd buy her a drink if I saw her in a bar somewhere.
Orazio A very talented artist, although Orazio is not certain why all talented crafters seem to need to use profanity as punctuation. She's fun to tease, and seems like a good-hearted sort.
Reese She makes beautiful clothing. I am happy to see her stocking up shop again. She is a true artist.
Talen "You break it, stain it, tear it or rip it, you bought it!" The first words ever uttered to him, in his face, by Alarie. Talen's response was a little less than polite. Something, something, rough sex. She's a clothier, but more importantly, a procurer of large feathers. Feathers Talen needs to keep his vassal, Baron de Lire, in the business of fine hattery.
Tarik She has the perfect sense of charming wit and a keen business mind. Who knew that all that could be wrapped up in such tiny beautiful package. She is pretty tiny. I might wait to speak to her again in the Spring. It is only because it might be too much of a bother dealing with the cutting feeling from the cold wind and her razor sharp wit at the same time. Also if we go out in the snow, I might lose her.
Theron I don't know what is it about Alarie that she and I got on the wrong foot and will probably stay that way for awhile; takes a few moments to tear down a bridge and years to build one anew. I guess I don't deal well with people, these days. Good thing I'm in the city, so I could learn how, anyways.
Turo I like her. When I need new clothes, I'll go to her. nice spear, too.
Victus She's so fucking tiny. Like so small. My gods.
Wash She's a very thorough seamstress. I'm quite jealous I haven't the fortune to afford her work.