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Action Id: 3852 Crisis: Participants: Martino, Valencia, Calypso, Eirene, Waldemai, Verity, Zoey, Iseulet, Miranda, Domonico, Alexio, Thea and Jules
Status: Resolved Submitted: March 17, 2020, 2:54 p.m. Public: True GM: Fabulist

Silver: 5500000
Economic Resources: 20684
Military Resources: 3060
Social Resources: 1502

Action by Martino

Let's build a really big dock in the Lyceum! Well, at very least impressively expand the size of Southport's dock.

Lord Martino Malvici will be working with others to secure their expertise and their finances to aid building a larger trading dock in Southport for the use of the Lyceum as a whole and the Malvici family. There will be additional warehouses built to store goods, as well as integrating better office facilities to ensure goods can move quicker through the port. It will be built to connect to Lady Eirene's work with the Shav's in Malvici lands (Action 3882) and Duchess Calypso's to improve the defenses (Action 3858) with the direct connections to Goldhawk Naval Base.

Ships will have more space to dock and wider access points to allow both larger ships to arrive, but also move goods on and off quicker. Ultimately accuracy and speed of loading, with ships later disembarking, will be the goal for Martino in this. High turnover of ships means higher trading profits and more tariffs coming in through the city's coffers. Shipping off more Southport Steel, Southport Spiced Red and wider Lyceum trade goods who make use of the port. As well as the warehouses.

There will also be an opportunity to recruit more fishermen to the Southport coastline, and further afield. With a larger port, there is planned to be more space to allow Clan Brass Hawk and Clan Crimson Malvicus to further integrate into Southport and help fish for the city.

Martino's own role will be to recruit those to help build this. From those within Southport to work, to the Clans outside of the City to aid in building it. To find builders from outside of the Malvici fealty and offering to them the opportunity to work on one of the biggest construction projects ever. After built, he will be travelling to Lyceum cities to make a pitch to their Ministers of Trade and staff to bring goods down to Southport to be shipped out. That, being the Southern point, will mean they see their silver return quicker than in anywhere else.

The name? Dame Arsenia Malvici's Trading Port. The Malvici who build Southport.

Action by Calypso

Calypso will provide leadership (and the occasional motivational shouting), keeping an eye on how all of the different parts of this project are moving and making sure that everyone has what they need when they need it. Running a big construction project like this isn't, after all, all THAT much different from running a war.

Action by Domonico

Improving the docks of Southport is something that Domonico readily agrees to assist with, bring his considerable naval knowledge and experience to the project.

He'll review the plans for the improved and widened docks, making sure that they indeed will work, and that the necessary facilities are there to properly and quickly secure ships in order to make sure they are as efficient as possible. He'll test the dock workers and the facilities using a variety of ships from longships, galleys and cogs up to dromonds and his caravel the Tempest (action 3706). He'll also work to plot out the best routes to use entering and leaving the harbour in order to make the operation of the dock goes smoothly and that trade can continue unimpeded.

In addition, he will make sure that the new docks take into account the new defenses that are being implemented in Southport (Action 3858) in order to best protect the Trade Port.

Action by Verity

Verity is helping as only an Oathlander among Lycene can: securing buy-in for cooperation through earnest friendliness. She'll assist Martino in convincing trade ministers by providing enthusiastic letters of recommendation and introduction to various Oathlands trading companies, banking on Chevalle's recently-obtained reputation for Lycene cooperation to bring a credible air of inter-fealty commerce. Since she has no problem speaking to her fellow commoners, she'll similarly reach out to various southern traders who will have opportunity to use the new port and attempt to convince them to begin drawing up new routing plans to make use of the soon-to-be superior facilities.

Action by Zoey

In the spirit of cooperation between the two families, and the contract being negotiated, Zoey has agreed to put her financial acumen toward helping her brother-in-law with his ambitious dock project. Much of her time dedicated to it is spent with ledgers, making sure funds are accounted for and distributed properly. She also ensures that wheat is spent is spent wisely and efficiently, stretching each bit of coin as far as it reasonably can be stretched.

Action by Eirene

Eirene, as Malvici Minister of Population (Domain Population:1) makes sure there's housing built for all the workers as well as infrastructure to handle the increase in population needed to manage the port. New sewers. Water sources. Housing that's not a slum. All those logistical things that make life run smoothly for a worker's population. She's good at bossing people around to make sure it all happens.

Action by Miranda

Miranda is going to provide a good deal of resources to Martino's project. For a change, she will build something rather than destroy. Her Malvici Cousin wants to make a dock that suits his ego, well.. who is she to say no! Nobody, that's who. (He's got his wife for that!) However, she can easily supply the resources - or some of them - to make this possible. In addition, she will supply motivation for others, encouraging them to help add their own resources because a stronger port in Southport means more money and a better Lyceum for all!

Action by Waldemai

Master craftsman Waldemai Isenhu stands ready to work on any construction project, by working himself, training apprentices to support the local community, providing and repairing tools for workers in other crafts, and organizing bands of workers for projects too large for one person.

Action by Iseulet

If there is anything Iseulet knows, it's trading. If Martino needs help with negotiating, she can do that during the building process attempting to keep the costs low and drive profits up just that little bit more. But her speciality and focus is in the long term gains for House Malvici. She begins to send word to all of her merchantile contacts throughout the Empyrean Route and ties in the Route to the new docks, bringing in plenty of goods from all over the Compact to sell and then taking Malvici goods elsewhere to sell too. It's a win for everyone!

Action by Valencia

Bringing a slightly softer yet spirited set of skills to smooth the way for success, Valencia lends her abundant charm, talents and extensive expertise in raising strong support and funds to the project.

Bringing together various leadership, workers, merchants, suppliers, the clans and communities (both in and outside of the city), the Velenosan princess works tirelessly to inspire cooperation, partnerships and passion for the project, while also securing support from various ministers of trade, merchants, traders, shipping companies and other businesses so they can forge new business opportunities and be part of what is sure to be the one of the grandest, busiest and most profitable docks in all of Avrum.

Action by Jules

Jules is helping with Martino's Southport dock project and is primarily taking on the role of helping not just to find deals but finding the largest deals possible. He's supplying 10,000 writs to assist in the process. He'll also be willing to help in any other necessary details such as haggling or interacting with people who have any need of his skills.

Action by Alexio

Being that Southport will forever be his hometown, and the root tradeyard that allowed him to prosper and gain some notorious success in the merchant business, the charming Alexio feels more than compelled to financially support the advancement and growth of his beloved city. The Dame Arsenia Malvici Trading Port certainly seems like a noteworthy investment in his eyes; significantly more when, with the promise of a certain notable Malvici lord, he has already secured a spot in it for a future merchant fleet.

Military (1k) and economic (1k) favors are claimed, and a hefty amount of coin (500k) are invested as well, by the Donatti, in order to have the project be a success.

Action by Thea

Thea is doing something out of the ordinary for her. Kinda. She will NOT be doing anything medically related, nope. It's time to get your drink on!

Thea will be getting some of the builders working on expanding the port and the warehouses to add a tavern for her to enjoy. And others as well. (She's not that selfish. Sharing is caring or whatever) She'll be chatty with them to convince them to build it while Martino isn't looking and afterwards will advertise it out to other merchants so they know - Thea's Bar is open! Who wouldn't want a place named after them?! It'll be like Cheers! Where Everybody knows your name!


It is not an easy thing to grow a duchy. Much of the focus needs to be on keeping all the plates spinning to maintain stability. Making genuine advancement and growth takes a massive amount of time, effort, and of course, money. So, so much money.

Martino works on recruiting workers from local clans, incorporating them into the populace and turning them into laborers and fishermen. Calypso develops a new method of motivational shouting to keep people energized and engaged in their tasks, while Dominico works security, both in the short and long term. Verity wheels and deals and seems to have a knack for finding the vendors willing to take a chance on a new venture, and though sometimes these conversations run long, and occasionally happen behind closed doors, they all seem rather smug and pleased with the deals made. Lady Zoey's skill with economics ensures that the venture is a resounding success, creating profits at unprecedented rate. Eirene works with the people, ensuring there is housing, food and supplies for the new citizens to streamline and ensure there are no shortages and blocks. Miranda keeps a weather eye on any potential troublemakers, assisting Domonico's efforts in security. Waldemai lends his personal experience in building and construction, while Iseulet's experiences in trade, when worked in tandem with Zoey's book smarts, contributes to those outstanding results. Alexio and Jules donate copious amounts of money, seed money for Zoey and Iseulet's efforts. Thea and Valencia make a phenomenal team, keeping morale high, culminating in the opening of a tavern, the Canted Lever, which is an instant hit and social hub of the docks, which have been named: Dame Arsenia Malvici's Trading Port.