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The best I can say of my opponent is. . .he fought with honor.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Opportunistic Champion
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Champions
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 02/16
Religion: pantheon
Vocation: Champion
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: sandy blond
Eye Color: light hazel
Skintone: sun-bronzed

Description: Dorian wears his straight, sandy hair long. Too long by half, by the measure of any proper Valardin knight. Despite how much he fits the type - lanky and agile, with a very white smile and blond good looks - Dorian is no knight, and happily dresses and grooms himself to drive that point home. He often keeps a scruff of equally-sandy stubble on his strong chin, and his darker, thick brows just provide convenient shadows for his light hazel eyes to twinkle out of when he's displaying that side-cocked smirk.

Personality: Dorian has a very 'Lady's first bad boy' vibe. His genteel upbringing and decent education culminated in a rogueish duelist dangerous enough to thrill without ever seeming truly frightening. It's a thin line but Dorian is sharp enough to keep to it. Bold and quick-witted, Dorian has a slow-burning temper and a surprising amount of patience. He might drop hints as to his underworld connections, or provoke a fight he knows he can win in style, but he's smart enough to keep in the good graces of his noble contacts - some of whom might remember him from before his disgraceful falling out with his family. It works out to his advantage, usually, as those who make the connection know at least he was raised by proper folk, and not some ruffians.

Background: Dorian shamelessly garners sympathy from noblewomen by casting himself as a victim of circumstance, but few of the women that fall prey to his charms ever realize just how willingly the rogue embraced those exact circumstances. Born the son of a knightly paragon of chivalric virtue, the rogue realized very early that unless he acted quickly he'd wind up doomed to an extremely tedious and quite possibly fatal existence as a nameless man-at-arms in some lord's service or if he tried excruciatingly hard like his father, another nameless knight to die in some backwater fighting shavs. That was not in the least bit appealing to Dorian, who realized that while fighting skills could certainly be handy, who he knew and who he could win over seemed to matter an awful lot more... especially if he became a champion. To the rakish young man, it was the perfect calling. Gorgeous (and rich) women looking for men to fight their honor against foes of questionable quality, and if he put on a show, it would just win over more. Just defeating a few louts in 'honorable combat' and duels for show gained him far more than soldiering ever would, and he hardly sees having to spend time with noblewomen over soldiers as a drawback. No, he might never be hailed at the newest and greatest knight, but if it wins over someone beautiful, well born, and willing to marry a commoner...? He'd take being a champion any day.

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