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Anisha Whisper

I'll be your mirror.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: The Mirror of Desire
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Whisper
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 21
Birthday: 6/9
Religion: Mirrormask
Vocation: Whisper
Height: average height
Hair Color: midnight
Eye Color: pale blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Legendary Truth-Teller, A Perfect Whisper, Smelling Like Roses

While her height is thoroughly average, Anisha strives to be exceptional in every other regard. Her limbs are slender and graceful, her frame shapely curves that she all but always dresses to flatter. Mercurial, her hair's shape and length - and sometimes even colour - is always changing. Her eyes are an intense pale blue, bordering on grey, and she uses make-up to great effect to accentuate that. She has been blessed with dramatic cheekbones, alongside full and sultry lips.

Anisha presents a carefully calculated image of herself to the world - from a warm and inviting voice with a love for wordplay, to her expertly applied wardrobe and accessories, she is rarely anything but sculpted towards perfection. After all, she's a Whisper. A role model. A mirror, for all the things the world wants and wants to be.

Anisha is a bright and curious thing, always eager to learn more about the people around her. Enjoying the finer things, she has a zest and passion for life that borders on (and frequently crosses into) the hedonistic. She can find enthusiasm for just about anything and tries to spread joy with her every word and action.

Background: Who is Anisha Whisper? That might depend on who and when you ask. She joined Whisper House after time as a courtier in Setarco, offering a differing story to whomever asked - though a common signifier she left in is that she's a former noble who left her family in some disgrace. The noble house is always anonymous and unnamed, though the fealty frequently changes. For now, she insists that she has found her purpose in life as a Whisper and a Mirrormask, and that it was only a matter of time before her journey led her to Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Jadara - Jadara-shizhe honours me with her patronage, and I am learning so, so much from her.
  • Reese - Kind, generous, and courageous. To have been her protege was an honour. To remain her friend is a continued joy.

  • Friend:
  • Leola - To be in her presence is to be reminded of the grace of Creation. One of my oldest friends in Arx. Sometimes it feels like we've known each other for a lifetime.
  • Lenne - Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But I'd still like her back.
  • Sydney - As long as she comes home.
  • Svana - Her heart overflows, and when I am near her, so does mine.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana I look forward to seeing her around the city.
    Abby I saw the Softest when she hosted a party for seeking patrons and hopeful proteges to be. She was a graceful and compelling host. One who took equal measures to ensure all had their fair share of attention. I hope to find her in a more private setting, where I might pick her brain when she's beyond the crowd.
    Adrienne I met Anisha, Softest Whisper, at a Pravosi festival in Arx. She justly won a storytelling contest with all of the skill her title would imply. She also demonstrated a remarkable mastery of the cultural nuances of the Jadairal. This will be an interesting acquaintance.
    Aelgar Bright, pleasant, fun. Another welcoming smile and very easy to approach. I will enjjot learning more.
    Aethan A Whisper, which would have been apparent even without introduction.
    Alaric She is a friendly Whisper with what appears to be an eye for detail and a slight streak of mischief.
    Alarissa My history of delight when it comes to members of Whisper house has almost always been lacking. Yet the Whisper Anisha proves that time and fresh blood can evoke a change of mind for the positive and the better. A culmination of grace and serenity, her smile is a beautiful as my own and I look forward to crossing paths again.
    Amanita The Softest Whisper; her name is true. She has a soft touch and it's easy to see why she's in a position of power - it's that soft touch coupled with knowing exactly what she wants and how to get it. I am blessed to call her mentor.
    Amari A very lovely host with impeccable fashion sense. I'll have to wait for the transcript before I know if her speeches are any good, but I suspect they are.
    Amund A Whisper who made a house for like-minded ladies somewhere. Seems like a peculiar place to live and to play host in.
    Apollo Perfectly happy to indulge my curiosity, even if that has limits.
    Arianna Woman of the decade. The Whispers have managed to train someone so astoundingly good at what they do and yet their background as a Mirrormask adds to the gravitas of her words. She carries herself like a woman who knows how to navigate life, who truly knows what she likes and doesn't like. There is something to appreciate about that kind of mentality, that steadfast determination to know more than you knew yesterday. It shows in how exceptional she is, even for someone of Setarcan heritage.
    Arik I've heard more than I've experienced about this Whisper. One wonders if she is more of a hermit than I or I am just very good at avoiding Whispers these days.
    Arman Elegant, beguiling. The consummate Whisper. Has the wisdom and the bearing of someone who has lived many lifetimes and remembered the lessons from each.
    Asher Someone whose creativity seems to have no limits; doesn't it get tiring after a while?
    Ashur A Whisper who introduces everyone! Generous, beautiful, courteous, and engaging. She's everything that one might expect.
    Aslaug ... I am not sure what to say of this Whisper, save that she may know me better than she ought. To have slayed my usual response before I was even able to speak it! ... Truly, she may be one to be quite careful of. One that is not so easily taken advantage of or fooled. Yes, be careful with THIS particular Whisper. She is LISTENING.
    Astrid Behind the wrapping paper of a gift you may find a pair of socks of no interest, an empty box, or something fantastic. Masks can be like that, and removing one might be the greatest thing, or the worst, in any given moment. That is the fine line of mystery that Whisper Anisha must tread. To be shiny enough that people want to unwrap the gift. I am interested in seeing how well she does it, and what's beneath.
    Athaur A whisper who is very proud of her groups work and the services that they provide. I expect she will do rather well.
    Bahiya Her voice carries well, and I am told this is something typical of Whispers. She also smells very nice, her manner refined as an Eurusi courtier.
    Bhandn I was rather interested in her statement about Whisper House and disciples of Gild, but I will need to have more discussion before I truly form an opinion on what it is we discussed that day. The mirrorsilver over the eye was an interesting choice of adornment and means of indicating who and what she is.
    Bianca An engaging and thoughtful member of the Whisper House. She has a wonderful sense of taste, a clever way with words, but most importantly, seems to go out of her way to help make people welcome. A truly valuable and precious quality.
    Bianca She is a triad. A disciple, a Whisper and a woman. All elements flow in a subtle harmony, woven within each word she speaks. A balance of faith, duty and personal sense of self. It is admirable. Perhaps I could take a note or two from her example.
    Blacktongue Riddling after gathering in the hall of heroes. Cleverly Pretty and Pretty Clever.
    Brigida Grace and Dignity combined with no small amount of modesty makes this Whisper quite the impressive woman. There's more to her and I like that. You would struggle to find a better host.
    Caith Such a beautiful woman -- a friend of Reese's and a Whisper. She confirmed to me that her life consists of brokering peace deals, taking tea with the Queen and partying all night long. What a life!
    Calista A lovely whisper who has an affinity for flowers and good fashion.
    Camilla The Softest Whisper would have been a marvelous jewel in the crown of the House of Sighs. It's a shame she chose Whisper instead, but that won't stop me from getting to know her better.
    Caprice Pleasant and poised, though I saw less of a graceful social dancer and more of a conductor in her, orchestrating complex interactions at taverns and formal events alike.
    Carita The charming and sweet Anisha Whisper, she was the most delightful creature. At least, what little I saw of her as I ran from the drinking contest. Not to throw up, to go to a meeting, very quickly, in another part of town.
    Cassandra I was pleasantly surprised at the offer of training from one of the Softest Whispers. I may not make personal use of the Whisper House often, but I can never doubt the skills and abilities of Anisha Whisper. Though our lives may be different, I am glad to call her a friend and have her abilities to lean on when dealing with delicate matters.
    Cassimir The Softest Whisper, carries quite a mysterious aura about her. I'd be interested in discussing quite a number of things with her, time - and place - permitting.
    Cassiopeia The Radiant. There is much to this word and what it means and the woman that holds it is all of it, and so much more. There is both warmth and strength about her. The ability to put someone at ease, to make the environment comfortable and make those around her feel empowered. It is a gift and I am blessed to have met her. I hope to know her more.
    Catalana The whisper could give Princess Sabella a run for knowing everyone. She is beautiful and kind. I look forward to working with her in the future.
    Celeste Hers is a name I've heard in Setarco, and did not think to find in Arx. But that's the beauty of this city isn't it?
    Cesare Whatever glowing praise one might offer of Radiant Anisha would doubtless pale in comparison to her actual presence. To put people at ease regardless of mood, station, or inclinations is a gift that few have mastered, but Anisha is a virtuoso. I can only count myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
    Constance Anisha is a credit to the Whispers, and makes it easy to see why they are so well regarded. Like the ivy of her Hushed Haven, she grows toward that which would remain still and brings them together, while looking remarkably elegant all the while. She presents herself sincerely, without quite presenting herself entirely, and that makes her all the more mystifying and intriguing. I look forward to seeing what hides behind her many masks.
    Cornelius As mysterious as she is beautiful. I made up a gaudy story about her background for the Thorn tourney, but my true thoughts are that she has simply cultivated an aura of mystery to add to her appeal.
    Dagon A curious and friendly young woman, I can tell she is one who enjoys the finer things that life has to offer. I imagine she serves as a whisper readily enough, her enthusiasm likely making her work and presence a boon to many.
    Dagon It has been a while since last we met, but I hope to place Anisha amongst those I call friend. Beautiful, intelligent, poised and intriguing.
    Damiana The softest whisper is a legend herself in the world of courtiers. Effortlessly gifted in being able to create events through a simple conversation, and setting people on the right paths to their goals. A person Damiana will seek out more to navigate the nuanced differences of Arx.
    Daria Radiant quite so, charming, delightful. I look forward to working closely with this woman
    Dariel A delight to talk to while she tried to stay mysterious. Does everyone have some animal pet? Still, hers does not make a mess and that's something.
    Desma The Softest Whisper offered to assist me in finding more charm, and that before I even met her. I was, however, fortunate enough to meet her later that very same day at an event she was holding, and she's exactly as I expected to find her. She went out of her way to put me at ease. I'll have to find a way to take those lessons.
    Desma The Radiant is just walking perfection. I could not even hope to dream at having a fraction of her elegance.
    Dimitri The Softest Whisper presents an image of subtle grace wrapped in elegance. Charming and well spoken, though one can only expect that from a Whisper, it is never-the-less a pleasant experience. One that I look forward to seeing again in the future.
    Domonico She can still manage to look dignified even in a ridiculous situation. I approve.
    Drake A graceful woman, willing to give a lesson in sermon to even an obstinate student like me.
    Drusila A member of house Whisper who appears to focus on potential positive changes of the future and reminding others that the gloom of winter isn't forever. Positivity is infectious, and Anisha is a delightful presence to be around.
    Drusila She's enthusiastic for knowledge this one, I may have to be careful or this fox might just run away with something precious. Her love of baths is a point in her favor, I will keep my eyes on this whisper and perhaps she may just help the air rise beneath my wings.
    Duarte A Whisper who speaks straight and direct. Makes transactions as simple as anyone would like them.
    Dycard Calm, well-informed and a good listener. That said, I've seen her moved to anger when someone she cares about is threatened. Not someone to cross.
    Eleanor She's about the exact thing you think of, when picturing a Whisper. Elegant and clever and sophisticated - this project couldn't be in better hands.
    Ember Fearlessness is often associated with talk of battlefields and danger to life and limb. What some forget is that there is another way to be fearless: to see the many and varied ways in which any interaction may go, pleasant or unpleasant, and face them all with open eyes and ready wits. In this way, Anisha Whisper is truly fearless.
    Emilia A wise, profound person. Although we disagree on some points, I think on the whole we agree.
    Emily The softest whisper is an a prime example of grace in regal form. She is lovely and poised. But I can see she has a love of life and when that comes in any form it is to be admired.
    Emma The Softest Whisper Anisha understands what moves a person but more than that she seeks to understand the truth. When we spoke I could feel her measuring me not for my worth but for the events in my life that have shaped me. There was a genuine interest there that went beyond the mere niceties that are so commonplace as to become utterly asinine. There is perhaps one like her in every generation of Whispers I imagine. One that truly perceives the soul of the craft.
    Ephrath I do not understand these Whispers well yet, but if they are all like Anisha: I may wish to call them friend.
    Esme Softest whisper, I appreciate her words, her ideas and her own devotion. I am sure we are to be grand friends
    Evaristo Is there a Whisper out there that isn't stunning and utterly charming? If so, it's certainly not Anisha. Maybe we'll be neighbors and throw the most OPULENT parties, so the Iron Guard must come and yell at us.
    Evelynn I really shouldn't be surprised to have met another Whisper I can't help but admire. In addition, her theological insight gives me a lot to chew on, even though she claims no expertise. I look forward to future discussions.
    Everett I'm really not sure what a Radiant is. But I am sure your smile does qualify. Thanks for stopping by our booth at the Farmers' Market, and would love to work with your kitchen staff to work out how they could best use the fresh produce
    Ezra She's a whisper and either has a very good eye-to-guess combination or she's heard rumors about you. There's a good chance of a third option because neither option really seems exactly right. She seems quick to dismiss it as just a guess but somehow it felt like more than that. Perhaps caution until you get a better feel for her.
    Fenia For someone who wears one mask and many, the warm kindness, patience, and helpfulness she shows is enough to make one really appreciate her company, and her quick wit is also quite enjoyable.
    Fianna A delightful Whisper that gets along quite nicely with stoats. I am impressed with her natural ability to charm her animal companions, and I am rather taken with that beautiful songbird of hers.
    Flora You have to respect someone willing to embrace a headache in exchange for fulfilling their profession's requirements. Anisha has my respect.
    Gabriella Captivating; she is radiant in both good grace and in the sharpness of her mind, and possess a sense of style that would make a Setarcan noble red-faced in envy. But most importantly, she understands the value in challenging the limits of our assumptions and comforts. I am eager to speak with her further.
    Gaspar /The/ Whisper, as I was told by so many. For one so lovely, it was all the more impossible to miss her serenity and grace. I've yet to 'require' her services, but I should seek her counsel all the same, even if it is strictly for selfish reasons.
    Gawain A striking woman. I don't know much about her, but I'd like to know. She keeps everyone engaged just with a few words. Or maybe it was just me. I was engaged.
    Gehenna The Whisper ideal is embodied in Anisha Whisper. I witnessed a supremely talented hostess at work, with a keen eye for the comfort of her guests, shepherding each into company with which they'd be most comfortable. She listened to everything that was said to her with obvious care and responded in kind. Her diplomacy and soft touch are an asset to Whisper House and she is well deserving of her position as Softest.
    Gerald Ah, the joys of youth. Such a pleasant sort of amusement, all in all. Delightful. Charming. And, without a doubt, dangerous.
    Gerrick I haven't met many whispers, though to know that you are capable of much more and were kind to Lucky when he attempted to steal your breakfast means much more to me than anything that could have been said to me directly.
    Giada Thank the gods for motivated people. The Mirrormasks can use it.
    Giorgio Softest Anisha has proven to be an invaluable ally since my first days in Arx. She has helped me, and for that I owe her.
    Giulio Dangerous, of course. But, she is both a Whisper and a Mirrormask, who carries herself like a Lycene. Trouble, obviously, but interesting trouble.
    Grady It's a very special kind of person who can be so poised and graceful without ever giving the sense of one's own lack of those qualities while in their presence. I suppose it's the sort of thing that a Whisper must learn, and the Radiant has mastered it.
    Haakon Mirror mask. Has a job that requires her to be contrary. Sounds like a good job.
    Hamish A Whisper with pep, but quick on her feet in an emergency.
    Harlex Charming. Beautiful. A Whisper in title and the sort of woman that lingers quietly in your thoughts, long after parting ways. Pale blue eyes, like mirrors. Must take courage to gaze into them. Worth the price.
    Hazel A very endearing Whisper full of grace and knowledge. More should be like her.
    Ian I guess she's a good Whisper.
    Ilira This young woman just granted truth to one of my childhood dreams. There's an ease in her smooth manner, and a certain grace in the way she articulates. I hope the time comes when I may call her sister, as a Whisper.
    Ilmia Softest Whisper Anisha is an experience as much as a person. She was all the charm and cunning that I had ever wanted from an encounter with a Whisper.
    Imi A delightful Whisper! Our humor is not the same, but that'll come...when I learn to laugh.
    Jaenelle As her title of Softest Whisper might suggest, Anisha is charming and poised. A woman who is easy to speak with regarding any subject. I dare you to attempt to fluster her.
    Jan I don't much trust Whispers. She does her job well though, can't help but be intrigued. I don't understand their battlefield though, best to keep my wits about me. After this drink.
    Joaquin Leading a sermon, or in true Mirrormask fashion a discussion, on the subject of weaknesses. I came in late, but found the conversation fostered better than what I expected when I walked in. So good on her!
    Josephine While one could say that the first impression left was a dour and unimpressive one, the newest setarcan trained whisper has been making great strides in redemption and is sure to be a whisper of note in the future more so than she is now.
    Jules Anisha is a whisper and so very interesting and kind. You enjoyed spending time with her.
    Juliette I really like her emerald ring. I wonder if this is an idle visit or just made to look one.
    Jyri Whispers are generally impressive, and Anisha Whisper is a tier above. Charming, so that even an old dog like I get disarmed right away, and wise and willing to share. I am glad and honored she chose to meet with me.
    Kaia A mysterious mystery! A lovely fashionable Whisper, who seems to serve our beloved Princess of Pink and Ribbons. She knows my beloved Martino, what a surprise! Not really. *chuckles* She seems quite nice! I shall have to converse more with her soon!
    Kastelon A mysterious mirrormask. I'm not certain about her, but she is certainly very courteous. The Lycene always seem to be. If it is true that she was once an Oathlander princess, perhaps she has found a place in life more suited to her wiles.
    Katarina Softest Whisper Anisha contains within her such knowledge, such wisdom, and such curiosity, which is the root of both of the others. She speaks not only well, but knowledgeably, of anything from geography to philosophy... and she is brave enough to drink tea in the way that I have it prepared for myself, which is more than I can say for some of my own family.
    Katryn A welcoming and wonderful shopkeeper, proprietor of a charming tea-shop that provided succor and high spirits to all. A blessing in the shape of cups and small sandwiches! Delightful.
    Kenjay Kind and generous, this Whisper, but she wants something from me and I am not sure what.
    Kia I have never met a whisper before. I have never seen someone so polite and seemingly reserved yet just oozing with mischief. Perhaps a kindred spirit in this foreign land?
    Korka The first Whisper I've met that actually seems to embody what they ought to be rather than what they've become.
    Kutazer A picture of elegance wrapped in charm and a breath of fresh air, especially when one is so very much used to the attitudes of Northerners. I look forward to further opportunities for pleasant conversations, even if they do involve tree climbing and height-boosting-boxes.
    Kyden Sweet without being cloying. One of the few who seem to actually understand my work: what I do, and why.
    Leena A maestro of organization and chaos. Calm, with perfection and reaction in the midst of madness - she did not even flinch. This is /the/ socialite to ulitize if you ever have a chance, and your party would be guaranteed to be a success. Professionalism, freindliness, approachability. She is a perfect unflinching hostess.
    Lenard A busy, well-spoken woman. Intelligent. Of course, such is to be expected from a woman in her position, and yet I have to wonder, what secrets hide behind that carefully crafted facade.
    Lenne I've rarely met anyone who can see right through me, as she can. And to be so charming, disarming and delightfully seductive besides. She's a dangerous woman, but exactly the sort of danger that lures you in.
    Leola Anisha Whisper embodies the virtues of her house, and the Lyceum, both. She is a fine and comforting figure, and one I trust will provide sterling comfort to the Compact
    Lianne A balance of boldness and restraint, at once forthright and gentle, engaging and well-educated. We lost good hours to a solitary conversation, and I have no regrets.
    Llewella Whisper Anisha is aboslutely delightful! A conversation with a stranger can occasionally be awkward, but she navigates the waters of social interaction with grace.
    Lora Another lovely, charming Whisper. I am most curious how she plans to distinguish herself from the others, and what sort of name she will make for herself in Arx.
    Lucene What a.. comforting individual. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to this woman. We met briefly, but she made me feel at ease within seconds in a way nobody else has before. I am well aware that a lot of the sweetness is a result of her vocation, and I am naive. But.. I truly do hope we can meet again.
    Lucien Keen Anisha Whisper is one to pay attention to. Even in chaotic environments, she remains clever and attentive.
    Lucita Charming, witty, amicable and altogether pleasant company.
    Mabelle A lovely and intriguing Whisper woman. I should like to know her better.
    Macario All what one might expect from the Softest Whisper; intelligent, disciplined, wise. The unexpected is there, but the curtain will need a tug.
    Magaen The Softest Whisper with the Softest Lips, or so her messengers claim. In person I find she's a resilient woman who does not shy away from things like my gruff exterior. She remains unflapped.
    Maharet The Softest is well titled. Of course, water and air are soft, and yet a hurricane can sink a fleet with a single breath. Should Anisha choose, she could do the same. With one whisper.
    Malcolm Whisper Anisha is very poised and serene and a little - words, ah, there's mystique. Mystery don't need a coat, you see. Seems like good people.
    Malesh Met at the Tournament of Thorns. She hasa very mysterious past, it seems, but was entertained enough by my jilted telling of a fabrication of her hystery.
    Margerie Elegant and receptive, the Softest Whisper is a benefit to all of Arx.
    Martino An utterly delectable Whisper and refreshing company to be around. Grace, charm and enthralling conversation comes as her second nature.
    Mattheu A friend of the Rivenshari as well as respect for wind, is one that I'll seek out for more engaging conversation and perhaps exchange of ideas of how to best honor the wind in what we wear.
    Medeia The Softest Whisper illuminates a room, but seems perfectly comfortable luxuriating in shadows. An ally, I hope.
    Miella Anisha gave a very thoughful sermon and has given me much to ponder. It was welcoming to have her ear when discussing the subject at hand while being a commoner amongst nobility.
    Mikani Whisper and a Mirrormask. Tehom teaches to embrace the wild reflections of life. I'm glad she's in Lenne's life. My sister could use some wild reflections.
    Mirari She certainly has amazing taste. I always do love it when I come across someone wearing Mirrorsilver. And she wears it so very, very well. And she's got a compassionate heart as well. Grace, compassion, and style.
    Mirk Whisper and Mirrormask, accompanied by her 'apprentice whisper,' the charming Evensong. She shows interest in people, and I'm sure with a little more time to work, she has people telling her their life stories.
    Miska Softwest Whisper Anisha has a way of putting people at ease. She was very courteous and explained the process of being an Apprentice and what it would mean to me with great care. She has also invested in my future which is more than many in Arvum have done so far.
    Monique A Whisper with exceptionally good ideas and a willingness to be involved that I find thoroughly refreshing. I know she will be an immeasurable addition to the Committee of the Tournament of Thorns, and I cannot wait to see her shine in her roll.
    Nadir Whisper is stimulating both visually and after a length conversation with her, mentally as well. I'll have to remember that name.
    Nijah One of the softest whispers in the organization, as beautiful as she is mysterious, she has shown a great kindness already, giving me a chance to prove myself worthy of the name whisper. She is the embodiment of everything that I was told a whisper was, I look forward to getting to know her.
    Niklas A mystery wrapped up in a riddle contained within an entirely too lovely Whisper.
    Nina I decided that I believed Anisha was born from a rose, because that is what she reminds me of. A pale flower, but one that I believe has a thorn that will bleed you if it's picked too suddenly without care.
    Nisaa It is absolutely no wonder this woman is Softest. She bears the ability to put one at ease. Speaking with her made me feel at home, the conversation like a warm, soft blanket settling over my shoulders, or like the first sip of a spiced tea and milk on a cool winters day.
    Noah Oh the beautiful Whisper. I was told to talk to them for my manners. I know how to get what I want, but she is a good basis for what's going to get me hit with a rolled paper.
    Nurie A most delightful Whisper, and mirrormask as well! So very intriguing, I hope that I will have the chance to get to know her better!
    Oddmun The Softest Whisper. A kind and gentle word from her. She knows of my family and spoke highly of them even if we have not met yet. I hope for her sincerity in looking at Sanna's horses--it would be incredible for us to have a Whisper with one.
    Ophelia A delightful Whisper that helped host the Feast of Spring gathering with Dame Leola. I would love to cross paths with her at the Lodge of Petrichor again.
    Ophne She seems to know an /awful/ lot about me, and I suspect that this is the doing of Rhea or Riagnon, although she claims it's not.
    Orchid Anisha is a Whisper. Her company is pleasant. Orchid wonders if there is some way she can work out putting her services on retainer for Grimhalls in exchange for furniture. Orchid doesn't do many social things so she doesn't need her skills personally.
    Orick Softest Whisper, you wear a stunning mask and I find the allure of its mysteries in vain to resist- do tell me again on the adhesive works? Let's talk soon, spend the moments sharing the secrets of beauty and alchemical formulas... I have just the shade of mauve for you...
    Orland It takes a particularly kind of person to host the People's Tournament, especially when not many of the nobility come out to support it. I admire what she continues to give to the city the tradition it needs to give hope to the good folk not born noble.
    Pasquale So famous that I could have sworn I already knew her, or, perhaps, she is simply that good at her role as a whisper.
    Petal Lovely, charming and great taste. She has a kindness and a thoughtness about her.
    Philippe I had never had much occasion to speak to a Whisper before, but I was surprised at how effortless they are even in busy company. I may end up bringing one on for the next county party to make sure things run smoothly. Clearly this young woman is a credit to her calling. I could only hope to ever be so polished.
    Piccola As quiet and as mysterious as a whisper should be, to the point where even //I'm// curious.
    Porter A lovely member of House Whisper that was very kind to me at an extremely troubling social moment recently. Thank goodness.
    Preston A whisper who plays around with Tehom. She seems faithful, she seems devout, and even if I do not quite hold the same views, I hope her professional skills will bring subtlety to a discipleship that can at times be contrarian in a way that invite conflict rather than debate.
    Qadira Shiny, shiny naming lady. Very grateful to her bustier. Seems supportive.
    Quenia Anisha Whisper is someone I met only very briefly during the Fire and Ice ball. I must say that the impression I most had of her was more about her most excellent gown, Seasons, which was the talk of the evening. The ball had me so distracted, that I'm afraid I didn't get a chance to know her very well. But that dress . . .
    Raimon First met the Radiant of the House of Whispers in the newly-completed Great Cathedral of the Pantheon, where I'd gone to Pray for a while in Silence. Her reputation as a Legendary Truth-Teller is completely intriguing, and her manners and courtesy attest to her training and station. I feel the gods may well have smiled on this day -- a most auspicious meeting! I shall very much look forward to both the learning and also the sharing of Truth.
    Raja Mysterious. Beautiful. Intriguing. I am captivated and want to know more about this whisper.
    Raphael An enigmatic whisper, she asked me to help with some research and offered to assist me. Difficult to read, but I think she legitimately wants to help.
    Ras She curtsied to me. Uh... guess she can recognize greatness, that's all. Yep.
    Rebecca Whispers worth their words can close just as many doors as they can open; While here in Arx I'd do well to invest in Softest Anisha both my time and attention and hope she offers me the same courtesy.
    Reese Lovely, intelligent, fascinating and a Mirrormask Whisper!
    Renata A well known and far knowing whisper who has a great dream
    Revell A generous and a staunch follower of the Faith. Not uncommon in Arx and something I will have to get used to eventually. Fortunately, her beliefs have lead her done a generous and kind path. I think I could learn a lot by simply watching her.
    Rhaesena She may not be of Nobleblood, but she is a confidant of the highest calling. A Whisper- she is all that a Lady might aspire to be and then some. She is both Rose and Thorn, she is Fire ,Flood and Flower. Though maybe I dally with my heart too much seeing on sunshine, where there are stormclouds too. She is a Whisper afterall.
    Rhue A Whisper and a Mirrormask, she exhibits an enviable sense of ease and natural social graces. An intriguing woman whom I'd like to get to know better.
    Rosalind A fun Whisperer and great drinking partner! Wait! Can I say that? Is that proper? She is regardless poised and I'm sure I can learn from her!
    Rowenova An impressive Whisper with beautiful braiding in her lovely hair who not only kindly gave Sir Floppington good pets but also gave me a generous gift 'from Gild'?
    Rowley The Softest Whisper. A patron of the arts it would seem. She paid a visit to my shop and I cannot say that I was not pleased with the kind things she had to say regarding my work. I have heard many things regarding this Whisper. She seems like a good sort, and I hope to learn more of her in the future.
    Rukhnis As gracious and bright as most Whispers seem to be, with a touch of common sense as well. Though it is a hard thing to feel entirely easy around those who wear masks, even such a one as hers.
    Ryhalt An excellent host, as expected of a Softest Whisper, but I think it is more than her being a Whisper and how she is.
    Rysen Charming and insightful, my sister is quite taken with her. It's easy to see why.
    Sabella Whisper Anisha is a woman after my own heart with the way she dotes on my little sister and how loquacious and outgoing she always is at any event she attends! I bet she's the life of the party even if there isn't a party and she's wandered into a room full of strangers!
    Sabella The Softest Whisper is gorgeous and poised and always seems to be at the very leading edge of all trends in the city. It is a thrill to know her.
    Samantha The Softest Whisper has the softest touch. Her graces are cultivated to near perfection and being in her company is a soothing balm to my weary soul. At a time like this the Compact needs more like her to speak sense into the minds and hearts of those filled with anger and war. I sincerely look forward to every encounter because it's never, ever been unpleasant. Something I wish could be said about more of my peers...
    Samira Softest Whisper Anisha is everything you'd expect of someone with her title, and more beyond. She's warm and engaging, intriguing and talented, with a keen eye for art. Her works of art are stunning and I would consider myself most fortunate to have such an accomplished, discerning mentor. There is much I could learn from her.
    Savio Perfection made manifest. How is she real?!
    Scipio Anisha Whisper. It has been too long since we have been able to speak to one another. She seems to be quite devout in her faith, and that is worth commending. Also, she seems to be a friend of my sister's. I will have to keep an eye on her. There's no telling what my sister has told her from my childhood.
    Sebastian A Setarcan trained Whisper -- so undoubtedly both the brighest jewel and the most dangerous, at that. One to watch.
    Selah Isn't it interesting, how the thing that inspires one person can be detested by another? A mystery will drive me to distraction, but finding a solution is my greatest joy; Whisper Anisha is drawn to the mystery, not the answers. How? See - people are far to difficult to solve.
    Seren Whisper Anisha was kind enough to respond to my request for tutelage. She was very thorough in laying out how that works for Whisper House and her patience in the matter is not to be underestimated. Nor are her skills as a hostess.
    Serena Softest Whisper Anisha is a wonderful woman, wrapped in mystery but with an even more out wrapping in pleasure and patience. What's an onion but with a better smell?
    Shiara The Whisper House has drawn me in already. They had such a reputation upon arriving it did me no good in waiting to find out in just whether or not it was well earned. She's smart, she's pragmatic, and she is very well versed in the art of polite conversation. Truly Captivating.
    Siegward A woman in thin silks, claiming communion with some kind of higher, intellectual power - madness. Or is it? She did just catch me sleeping between King Alaric the First's toesies. It takes one to know one, perhaps.
    Silvana She seems quite polite and gentle. I need to remember to approach her for social related things since she is a Whisper. Besides, my Papa seems to like her well enough.
    Sira The Radiant is, for lack of any better word, radiant. Poised, unapologetically fashion forward, even tempered. I suspect there is venom within her for those who would forget their place.
    Sloane A window through which to glimpse wondrous worlds unseen.
    Sudara Do the Whispers become younger with every passing year? This one is pretty, flirtatious, and eager to learn the arts attendant upon her calling.
    Sunaia Princess Reese has taken a Whisper as a protege. It seems a very useful companionship.
    Sunaia ...And a gifted artist, too. I hope she keeps up her practice with jewelry. If she can do this with larger pieces, I can already imagine where Jayus will inspire her with smaller things.
    Sunniva There is no doubt of her capability as a Whisper. She, of course, put me at ease immediately - I could expect nothing less. I have every confidence in her ability to handle our arrangement.
    Svana A gorgeous and kind Whisper; someone whom I would love to talk to more in the future, if at all possible. And she must have great taste in jewelry.
    Sydney Sociable, polite and humble. All things I'd be more inclined to believe if not for the fact that she's a Whisper. Wonder if she's the same in private as she is in public.
    Sylvi A whisper that has offered to show me the collection of books that they house. I'll certainly have to take her up on it, there's no telling what kind of secrets they're holding.
    Tanith The Radiant Whisper, rumored to be a nurturing lover and devoted friend. There's more to her than what gracefully sat in my Murder today, though she was the epitome of anything I've ever heard said of Whispers in a tone meant for gracious hostess, artful beauty, and brilliant minds. I don't know what impression I'd have of her than that; Whispers show nothing they don't want to.
    Tatienne A whisper, kind, intelligent; and knows just how to get a wealthy man to spend his resources in my shop. Appreciated on all counts.
    Teagan There have been, admittedly, few Whispers that I have gotten on well with. Anisha, however, is not in that number. Should I ever need their aid, I may call specifically upon her.
    Thea She talks an awful lot. But it was refreshing and I'm sure she does her house proud.
    Valdemar She has a way with words, every bit as much as one would expect of a Whisper. And then some. I look forward to trying to learn from her.
    Valerius A kind and wonderful person. Still confused about the specific need for a cat wrangler
    Vanora Anisha Whisper is charming company and comes highly recommended, I cannot wait to see all that we shall accomplish together.
    Vayne A woman with an impressive goal set. She seems thoughtful and comfortable with herself. She should be an asset to the Shrine, and I look forward to learning from her.
    Verity She says such nice things but knows when to prick you to keep things interesting. That's what being a Whisper must be all about, isn't it?
    Veronica Quite the clever and intriguing Whisper Anisha is. It is hard to imagine one better suited to the art of diplomacy and less dark and sinister than this woman, though I find myself made more curious by that mask she dons than repelled.
    Veronica More honest than most, in such a roundabout way that she doesn't always look like it. Maybe that's why I like her.
    Vicente You're familiar with the whispers but don't know any of them. If it hadn't been for her you would not have met Dame Leola. She seemed quite kind to Leola in making a fine introduction. A pleasant woman who put others first.
    Viviana A wonderful young Whisper, with an interesting take on things as a Mirrormask as well. I suspect she knows how to have a proper bit of fun.
    Viviana I never thought that the Radiant would want to be my protégé. Yet, here we are. Her charm, her quiet self-confidence, the way that she just -- is. With her, the possibilities seem endless.
    Wulfrum Decadence is tasteful when it's earned. Acknowledging the cost is certainly the right path. Indulgence is the same way.
    Xia I met with the Softest Whisper at Whisper House and had the joy to see the famed building from the inside. It is certain set to accomodate visitors for many activities, and talking to the Softest Makes me think she is no less ready to put on whatever hat is needed to get a task completed. She is thoughtful, a little whimsical, and a woman that seems always in control.
    Ysabel A whisper that has been so very helpful as I get re-acclimated to the city. A boon companion.
    Zoey Brightens the room with her presence, but should be mindful not to try to illuminate too much.
    Zyanya As falcons to storms we will be friends, I think. From behind her mirror she sees much that goes unnoticed by others. It will be grace and honor to see how far and how high she flies in this world.
    Zyxthylum Great hostess, she constructed a fun game. Even if I lost, I liked the wagon ride. I've not been on one before.